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The Herald, 09/2006
His role in Scottish music extended well beyond his five years at the helm of the Festival. He was a great admirer of Sir Alexander Gibson, to the extent that... 
Newspaper Article
10/1995, Volume 136, Issue 1832
Book Review
1/1997, Volume 138, Issue 1847
Book Review
11/1995, Volume 136, Issue 1833
Book Review
7/1996, Volume 137, Issue 1841
Book Review
4/1999, Volume 140, Issue 1866
Andrew Toovey: Red icon; the silvery yesclowns tumble!are made per!form; Shining forth; The moon falls through the autumn Zoe Martlew (vlc), Jonathan Powell... 
CD Reviews | Orchestras | Modernism | Opera | Stress
Book Review
12/1998, Volume 139, Issue 1865
A quasialeatoric pizzicato passage seemed particularly piquant ten minutes from the end. [...]the last-minute orgasms burgeon, then vanish, with splendid... 
CD Reviews | Oboe music | Orchestras
Book Review
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