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by BICEP/Keck and Collaborations, SPTpol and : and Ahmed, Z and Amiri, M and Anderson, A. J and Austermann, J. E and Avva, J. S and Barkats, D and Thakur, R. Basu and Bender, A. N and Benson, B. A and Bianchini, F and Bischoff, C. A and Bleem, L. E and Bock, J. J and Boenish, H and Bullock, E and Buza, V and Chang, C. L and CheshireIV, J. R and Chiang, H. C and Chou, T-L and Citron, R and Connors, J and Moran, C. Corbett and Cornelison, J and Crawford, T. M and Crites, A. T and Cukierman, A and de Haan, T and Dierickx, M and Everett, W and Fatigoni, S and Fliescher, S and Gallicchio, J and George, E. M and Germaine, T. St and Grayson, J and Gupta, N and Halverson, N. W and Harrison, S and Henderson, S and Henning, J. W and Hildebrandt, S. R and Hilton, G. C and Holzapfel, W. L and Huang, N and Hubmayr, J and Hui, H and Irwin, K. D and Kang, J and Karkare, K. S and Kefeli, S and Knox, L and Lau, K and Leitch, E. M and Manzotti, A and Megerian, K. G and Moncelsi, L and Nadolski, A and Natoli, T and Netterfield, C. B and Nguyen, H. T and Noble, G and Novosad, V and O'Brient, R and OgburnIV, R. W and Omori, Y and Padin, S and Palladino, S and Patil, S and Prouve, T and Pryke, C and Racine, B and Reintsema, C. D and Richter, S and Ruhl, J. E and Schaffer, K. K and Schillaci, A and Schmitt, B. L and Schwarz, R and Smecher, G and Stark, A. A and Sudiwala, R. V and Thompson, K. L and Tucker, C and Vieira, J. D and Wandui, A and Wang, G and Whitehorn, N and Willmert, J and Wong, C. L and Yang, H and Yefremenko, V and Yoon, K. W and Young, E and Yu, C and Zeng, L and Zhang, C
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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