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by Bai, X and Bi, B. Y and Bi, X. J and Cao, Z and Chen, S. Z and Chen, Y and Chiavassa, A and Cui, X. H and Dai, Z. G and della Volpe, D and Di Girolamo, T and Di Sciascio, Giuseppe and 11), Y. Z. Fan and (12), J. Giacalone and (1), Y. Q. Guo and (1), H. H. He and (5), T. L. He and (7), M. Heller and (13), D. Huang and (6), Y. F. Huang and (13), H. Jia and (14), L. T. Ksenofontov and (15), D. Leahy and (11), F. Li and (16, Z. Li and 17) and (18), E. W. Liang and (19), P. Lipari and (3), R. Y. Liu and (20), Y. Liu and (11), S. Liu and (1), X. Ma and (21), O. Martineau-Huynh and (1), D. Martraire and (7), T. Montaruli and (22), D. Ruffolo and (23, Y. V. Stenkin and 24) and (5), H. Q. Su and (25), T. Tam and (26), Q. W. Tang and (5), W. W. Tian and (27, P. Vallania and 28) and (29), S. Vernetto and (28, C. Vigorito and 30) and (31), J. . C. Wang and (5), L. Z. Wang and (32), X. Wang and (3, X. Y. Wang and 6) and (13), X. J. Wang and (33), Z. X. Wang and (11), D. M. Wei and (11), J. J. Wei and (5), D. Wu and (1), H. R. Wu and (11), X. F. Wu and (31), D. H. Yan and (5), A. Y. Yang and (34), R. Z. Yang and (1), Z. G. Yao and (1), L. Q. Yin and (11), Q. Yuan and (35, B. Zhang and 36 and (5), B. Zhang and (37), L. Zhang and (5), M. F. Zhang and (1), S. S. Zhang and (3), X. Zhang and (1, Y. Zhao and 38) and (13), X. X. Zhou and (38), F. R. Zhu and (, H. Zhu and Astrophysics, Key Laboratory of Particle and Physics, Institute of High Energy and CAS and Beijing and China and Corpusculaire, Département de Physique Nucléaire et and de Genève, Université and Genève and Switzerland and Department, Physics and Mines, South Dakota School of and Technology and City, Rapid and SD and di Astrofisica, Istituto Nazionale and OATO and Torino and Italy and di Fisica, Dipartimento and di Torino, Università degli Studi and Observatories, National Astronomical and Astronomy, School of and Sciences, Space and ...
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