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by Vohra, R. S and Pasquali, S and Kirkham, A. J and Marriott, P and Johnstone, M and Spreadborough, P and Alderson, D and Griffiths, E. A and Fenwick, S and Elmasry, M and Nunes, Q and Kennedy, D and Basit Khan, R and Khan, M. A. S and Magee, C. J and Jones, S. M and Mason, D and Parappally, C. P and Mathur, P and Saunders, M and Jamel, S and Ul Haque, S and Zafar, S and Shiwani, M. H and Samuel, N and Dar, F and Jackson, A and Lovett, B and Dindyal, S and Winter, H and Fletcher, T and Rahman, S and Wheatley, K and Nieto, T and Ayaani, S and Youssef, H and Nijjar, R. S and Watkin, H and Naumann, D and Emeshi, S and Sarmah, P. B and Lee, K and Joji, N and Heath, J and Teasdale, R. L and Weerasinghe, C and Needham, P. J and Welbourn, H and Forster, L and Finch, D and Blazeby, J. M and Robb, W and McNair, A. G. K and Hrycaiczuk, A and Charalabopoulos, A and Kadirkamanathan, S and Tang, C.‐B and Jayanthi, N. V. G and Noor, N and Dobbins, B and Cockbain, A. J and Nilsen‐Nunn, A and Siqueira, J and Pellen, M and Cowley, J. B and Ho, W.‐M and Miu, V and White, T. J and Hodgkins, K. A and Kinghorn, A and Tutton, M. G and Al‐Abed, Y. A and Menzies, D and Ahmad, A and Reed, J and Khan, S and Monk, D and Vitone, L. J and Murtaza, G and Joel, A and Brennan, S and Shier, D and Zhang, C and Yoganathan, T and Robinson, S. J and McCallum, I. J. D and Jones, M. J and Elsayed, M and Tuck, L and Wayman, J and Carney, K and Aroori, S and Hosie, K. B and Kimble, A and Bunting, D. M and Fawole, A. S and Basheer, M and Dave, R. V and Sarveswaran, J and Jones, E and ... and CholeS Study Grp and West Midlands Res Collaborative and CholeS Study Group, West Midlands Research Collaborative
British Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 11/2016, Volume 103, Issue 12, pp. 1704 - 1715
Journal Article
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