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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 07/2015, Volume 112, Issue 28, pp. 8696 - 8701
Journal Article
by Grasby, K.L and Jahanshad, N and Painter, J.N and Coloo-Conde, L and Bralten, J and Hibar, D.P and Lind, P.A and Pizzagalli, F and Ching, C.R and McMahon, M.A and Shatokhina, N and Zsembik, L.C.P and Thomopoulos, S.I and Zhu, A.H and Strike, L.T and Agartz, I and Alhusaini, S and Almeida, M.A. de and Alnaes, D and Amlien, I.K and Andersson, M and Ard, T and Armstrong, N.J and Ashley-Koch, A and Atkins, J.R and Bernard, M and Brouwer, R.M and Buimer, E.E.L and Bulow, R and Burger, C and Cannon, D.M and Chakravarty, M and Chen, Q and Cheung, J.W and Couvy-Duchesne, B and Dale, A.M and Dalvie, S and Araujo, T.K. de and Zubicaray, G.I. de and Zwarte, S.M.C. de and Braber, A and Doan, N.T and Dohm, K and Ehrlich, S and Engelbrecht, H.R and Erk, S and Fan, C.C and Fedko, I.O and Foley, S.F and Ford, J.M and Fukunaga, M and Garrett, M.E and Ge, T and Giddaluru, S and Goldman, A.L and Green, M.J and Groenewold, N.A and Grotegerd, D and Gurholt, T.P and Gutman, B.A and Hansell, N.K and Harris, Mark F and Harrison, M.B and Haswell, C.C and Hauser, M and Herms, S and Heslenfeld, D.J and Ho, N.F and Hoehn, D and Hoffmann, P and Holleran, L and Hoogman, M and Hottenga, J.J and Ikeda, M and Janowitz, D and Jansen, I.E and Jia, T and Jockwitz, C and Kanai, R and Karama, S and Kasperaviciute, D and Kaufmann, T and Kelly, S and Kikuchi, M and Klein, M and Knapp, M and Knodt, A.R and Kramer, B and Lam, M and Lancaster, T.M and Lee, P.H and Lett, T.A and Lewis, L.B and Lopes-Cendes, I and Luciano, M and Macciardi, F and Marquand, A.F and Mathias, S.R and Melzer, T.R and Milaneschi, Y and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 2020, Volume 367
The cerebral cortex underlies our complex cognitive capabilities, yet little is known about the specific genetic loci that influence human cortical structure.... 
Journal Article
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