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1998, ISBN 9780765603265, xi, 217
This volume reviews the goals, operation, and history of American antidumping laws coupled with a strategy for using those laws to promote U.S. trade policy... 
Antidumping duties | Economic aspects | Law and legislation | Laws of Other Jurisdictions & General Law | History of Economic Thought
Chicago Tribune, ISSN 1085-6706, 07/1998
Since the rancorous GM strike began some weeks ago, Jim Mateja, the Tribune's auto writer, has amply demonstrated his tenuous grasp of the automobile industry.... 
Letters to the editor | Labor negotiations | Strikes
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 04/1999
After more than a year of being vilified for failing to foresee and then forestall the march of Asia's financial crisis, the IMF can now point to a nascent... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 04/1999
During the steel import crisis, many possible solutions, including application of anti-dumping duties and quotas on imported steel, have been explored.... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 03/1999
In anticipation of the visit of China's Premier Zhu Rongji to the United States in April, a flurry of activity focusing on China's World Trade Organization... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 08/1998
Both the Congressional Budget Office and the staff of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have issued papers that trot out the same old tired attacks on... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 10/1998
With the implementation of the Canadian government's latest rules to support domestic magazine publishers at the expense of possible U.S. competitors drawing... 
Newspaper Article
New York Times, ISSN 0362-4331, 04/1991
America's trade deficit with Japan often serves as a rallying point against adversarial Japanese trade practices, but because of the gulf war, the Commerce... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 03/2000
The recent decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission not to impose duties on cold-rolled steel from Japan and Brazil undermines the American steel... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 03/2000
The fiasco during the World Trade Organization conference in Seattle in December has scarred both the WTO and the prospects for further trade talks to open... 
Newspaper Article
Newsday, 07/1993
  Vietnam has not yet approved Mitsubishi's plan. It understands the hazards of dealing exclusively with the Japanese and would like a big American - and... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 03/1999
Recent polls indicate that the already fragile support for free trade and globalization in this country is eroding further -- bad news for the new round of... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 02/1999
After a long downward trend of declining long-term interest rates, the bond market has backed up significantly in recent days, with the yield on the 30-year... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 01/1999
The United States and China have just concluded another round of failed trade negotiations. Most of the blame for failure lies with China; Beijing has not been... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 11/1998
The U.S. steel industry is once again playing the leading role on the U.S. trade-policy stage. So far, the drama seems to be a replay of the debate played out... 
Newspaper Article
Journal of Commerce, 10/1998
More debate on anti-dumping laws has been set off by the U.S. steel industry's recent announcement that it has filed anti-dumping cases against several... 
Newspaper Article
Newsday, 07/1998
  NEWS REPORTS last week repeated a litany of names unfamiliar to many Western ears: [Keizo] Obuchi, [Seiroku] Kajiyama, Koizumi, Miyazawa and [Yohei] Kono.... 
Newspaper Article
Newsday, 07/1995
  DESPITE STRONG congressional and popular opposition, American military involvement in Bosnia continues to expand incrementally. U.S. warplanes periodically... 
Newspaper Article
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