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by Kissling, E and Rose, A and Emborg, HD and Gherasim, A and Pebody, R and Pozo, F and Trebbien, R and Mazagatos, C and Whitaker, H and Valenciano, M and Filipovic, SK and Visekruna-Vucina, V and Novosel, IP and Lovric, Z and Petrovic, G and Drazenovic, V and Vince, A and Topic, A and Mihalic, JB and Huljev, E and Luksic, B and Karabuva, S and Cikes, M and Helmuth, IG and Krause, TG and Lina, B and Falchi, A and Vilcu, AM and Souty, C and Blanchon, T and Launay, T and van der Werf, S and Enouf, V and Behillil, S and Valette, M and Launay, O and Lachatre, M and Lenzi, N and L'Honneur, AS and Galtier, F and Olivier, OG and Foulongne, V and Merle, C and Vanhems, P and Laine, F and Lagathu, G and Carrat, F and Penttinen, P and Buda, S and Preuss, U and Tolksdorf, K and Biere, B and Duerrwald, R and Smallfield, M and Wedde, M and Domegan, L and Hunt, M and O'Donnell, J and Joyce, M and Levis, O and Collins, C and Dunford, L and Moran, J and Tuite, G and Connell, J and de Gascun, C and Casado, I and Fernandino, L and Martinez-Baz, I and Juanbeltz, R and Ibanez, CG and Castilla, J and Navascues, A and Aguinaga, A and Ezpeleta, C and Meijer, A and van der Hoek, W and Bagheri, M and van den Brink, S and Dijkstra, F and Goderski, G and de Lange, M and Marzec, T and Overduin, P and Poorter, E and Reukers, D and Teirlinck, AC and Wijsman, L and Donker, G and Hooiveld, M and Gomez, V and Kislaya, I and Machado, A and Nunes, B and Rodrigues, AP and Conde, P and Costa, I and Cristovao, P and Guiomar, R and Pechirra, P and ... and European IVE Grp and European IVE group
EUROSURVEILLANCE, ISSN 1560-7917, 02/2019, Volume 24, Issue 8, pp. 2 - 14
Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and A(H3N2) viruses both circulated in Europe in October 2018-January 2019. Interim results from six studies indicate that 2018/19... 
INFECTIOUS DISEASES | influenza | vaccine effectiveness | vaccines and immunisation | Rapid Communication | multicentre study | Europe | test-negative design | vaccination
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