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by Lichtman, Marshall A and Williams, William J. 1926- (William Joseph) and Kipps, Thomas J and Seligsohn, Uri and Kaushansky, Kenneth and Prchal Josef T and Beutler, Ernest and Abrams, Charles S and Agarwal, Archana M and Agarwal, Neeraj and Alexandrescu, Doru T and Allen, Carl E and Anaissie, Elias and Anderson, Karl E and Angtuaco, Edgardo and Arber, Daniel A and Baker, Kelty R and Barlogie, Bart and Barnes, Jeffery and Bartel, Twyla and Beer, Philip A and Bennett, Joel S and Berger, Carolina and Betts, Robert F and Beutler, Bruce and Beutler, Lisa and Beutler, Steven M and Blumberg, Neil and Borregaard, Niels and Boxer, Laurence A and Boyiadzis, Michael and Broome, H. Elizabeth and Bull, Brian S and Buxbaum, Joel N and Caro, Jaime and Carson, Dennis A and Castro, Januario E and Chabner, Bruce A and Chen, Junmei and Cleary, James and Coller, Barry S and Coppage, Myra and Crooks, Gay M and Crowther, Mark and Dale, David C and Dang, Nam H and De Groot, Philip G and Delaunay, Jean and de Moerloose, Philippe and Dhodapkar, Madhav and Diz-Kucukkaya, Reyhan and Douglas, Steven D and Dvorak, Ann M and Elstein, Deborah and Epstein, Joshua and Ershler, William B and Escobar, Miguel and Foon, Kenneth A and Francis, Charles W and Friedberg, Jonathan W and French, Deborah L and Gallagher, Patrick G and Galli, Stephen J and Gallo, Richard L and Ganz, Tomas and Gascoyne, Randy D and Geddis, Amy and Geskin, Larisa J and Ginsburg, David and Godley, Lucy A and Goodman, Oscar B and Gordon, Siamon and Gottlieb, Roberta A and Green, Anthony R and Green, Ralph and Gregg, Xylina T and Griffin, John H and Hajjar, Katherine A and Herrmann, Paul C and Hoffman, Maureane R and Horning, Sandra J and Hull, Russell D and Italiano, Joseph E and Jacobson, Daniel R and Johnsen, Jill M and Jorde, Lynn B and Kadin, Marshall E and Keating, Armand and Key, Nigel S and Koury, Mark J and Kutlar, Abdullah and Kwak, Larry W and Kyle, Robert A and Lane, Andrew and Lanier, Lewis L and Le Beau, Michelle M and Lerner, Norma B and Levi, Marcel and Liesveld, Jane L and Lisman, Ton and ...
2010, 8th edition, McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine. Clinical library, ISBN 9780071621458
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