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Fluids (Basel), ISSN 2311-5521, 01/2020, Volume 5, Issue 1, p. 15
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Abbas Jibrin, Abubakar and Adams, E. Eric and Alberello, Alberto and Ali, Samim and Aliyu, Aliyu and Alvarado, Jose and Anselmet, Fabien and Apollonio, Ciro and Arastoopour, Hamid and Arrigo, Rossella and Arwatz, Gilad and Arzani, Amirhossein and Askari, Radwin and Atencia, Javier and Aytac, Zeynep and Azaroual, Mohammed and Babaei, Mahnoush and Baboolal, Thomas and Badin, Gualtiero and Balachandar, Ram and Balk, Alexander M and Baltazar, Luís Gonçalo Correia and Baltus, Ruth and Bandilla, Karl W and Bao, Jiming and Barati, Reza and Bartzis, John and Basha, Omar and Basse, Nils T and Beatus, Tsevi and Beckingham, Lauren E and Benilov, Eugene and Benim, Ali Cemal and Benni, Stefano and Besagni, Giorgio and Besharat, Mohsen and Bianchini, Cosimo and Biancolini, Marco Evangelos and Biferale, Luca and Blacker, Thomas and Bolmatov, Dima and Bonn, Daniel and Borazjani, Iman and Borrego, Carlos and Bostwick, Joshua and Bouchet, Gilles and Braun, Dieter and Breitsamter, Christian and Brilliantov, Nikolai and Brkić, Dejan and Brooks, Caleb and Brujan, Emil-Alexandru and Burgreen, Greg and Bus, James S and Bykov, Viatcheslav and Carton, Xavier and Carvalho, Rita and Casals Terre, Jasmina and Chang, Shyy-Woei and Charmet, Jerome and Cheng, Bo and Chertovskih, Roman and Chiappini, Daniele and Chiva, Sergio and Choi, Jung-Il and Climent, Eric and Collins, David J and Concli, Franco and Cordier, Laurent and Crawshaw, John and Dalmoro, Annalisa and Dashtian, Hassan and Davide, Astolfi and De Luca, Luigi and Delfs, Jens-Olaf and Deng, Hai-Yao and Devendran, Citsabehsan and Dimakopoulos, Yannis and Dimitrakopoulos, Georgios and Dinis, Maria Alzira Pimenta and Dinis Gaspar, Pedro and Discetti, Stefano and Doinikov, Alexander and Dokhani, Vahid and Domenici, Valentina and Doostmohammadi, Amin and Dorne, Jean-Lou and Drapaca, Corina and Drikakis, Dimitris and Dritschel, David G and Dritselis, Chris and Duchemin, Laurent and Dudzinski, David M and Einstein, Daniel R and Emami-Meybodi, Hamid and Engles, Thomas and Eslam-Panah, Azar and Espinoza, Nicolas and Estelle, Patrice and Ettema, Robert and ... and Fluids Editorial Office
Fluids (Basel), ISSN 2311-5521, 03/2019, Volume 4, Issue 1, p. 9
Journal Article
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