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Journal Article
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Journal Article
by Wang, Guan-Ying and Wang, Guan-Ying and Zhang, Sa-Li and Zhang, Sa-Li and Wang, Xiu-Ru and Wang, Xiu-Ru and Feng, Min and Feng, Min and Li, Chun and Li, Chun and An, Yuan and An, Yuan and Li, Xiao Feng and Li, Xiao Feng and Wang, Li-Zhi and Wang, Li-Zhi and Wang, Cai-Hong and Wang, Cai-Hong and Wang, Yong-Fu and Wang, Yong-Fu and Yang, Rong and Yang, Rong and Yan, Hui-Ming and Yan, Hui-Ming and Wang, Guo-Chun and Wang, Guo-Chun and Lu, Xin and Lu, Xin and Liu, Xia and Liu, Xia and Zhu, Ping and Zhu, Ping and Chen, Li-Na and Chen, Li-Na and Jin, Hong-Tao and Jin, Hong-Tao and Liu, Jin-Ting and Liu, Jin-Ting and Guo, Hui-Fang and Guo, Hui-Fang and Chen, Hai-Ying and Chen, Hai-Ying and Xie, Jian-Li and Xie, Jian-Li and Wei, Ping and Wei, Ping and Wang, Jun-Xiang and Wang, Jun-Xiang and Liu, Xiang-Yuan and Liu, Xiang-Yuan and Sun, Lin and Sun, Lin and Cui, Liu-Fu and Cui, Liu-Fu and Shu, Rong and Shu, Rong and Liu, Bai-Lu and Liu, Bai-Lu and Yu, Ping and Yu, Ping and Zhang, Zhuo-Li and Zhang, Zhuo-Li and Li, Guang-Tao and Li, Guang-Tao and Li, Zhen-Bin and Li, Zhen-Bin and Yang, Jing and Yang, Jing and Li, Jun-Fang and Li, Jun-Fang and Jia, Bin and Jia, Bin and Zhang, Feng-Xiao and Zhang, Feng-Xiao and Tao, Jie-Mei and Tao, Jie-Mei and Lin, Jin-Ying and Lin, Jin-Ying and Wei, Mei-Qiu and Wei, Mei-Qiu and Liu, Xiao-Min and Liu, Xiao-Min and Ke, Dan and Ke, Dan and Hu, Shao-Xian and Hu, Shao-Xian and Ye, Cong and Ye, Cong and Han, Shu-Ling and Han, Shu-Ling and Yang, Xiu-Yan and Yang, Xiu-Yan and Li, Hao and Li, Hao and Huang, Ci-Bo and Huang, Ci-Bo and Gao, Ming and Gao, Ming and Lai, Bei and Lai, Bei and ...
Clinical Rheumatology, ISSN 0770-3198, 2/2015, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp. 221 - 230
Journal Article
Journal Article
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