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by Nubé, Menso J and Peters, Sanne A E and Blankestijn, Peter J and Canaud, Bernard and Davenport, Anew and Grooteman, Muriel P C and Asci, Gulay and Locatelli, Francesco and Maduell, Francisco and Morena, Marion and Ok, Ercan and Torres, Ferran and Bots, Michiel L and Moreso, Francesc and Pons, Mercedes and Ramos, Rosa and Mora-Macià, Josep and Carreras, Jordi and Soler, Jordi and Campistol, Josep M and Martinez-Castelao, Alberto and Insensé, B and Perez, C and Feliz, T and Barbetta, M and Soto, C and Mora, J and Juan, A and Ibrik, O and Foraster, A and Nin, J and Fernández, A and Arruche, M and Sánchez, C and Vidiella, J and Barbosa, F and Chiné, M and Hurtado, S and Llibre, J and Ruiz, A and Serra, M and Salvó, M and Poyuelo, T and Maduell, F and Carrera, M and Fontseré, N and Arias, M and Merín, A and Ribera, L and Galceran, J. M and Mòdol, J and Moliner, E and Ramirez, A and Aguilera, J and Alvarez, M and De La Torre, B and Molera, M and Casellas, J and Martín, G and Anes, E and Coll, E and Valles, M and Martínez, C and Castellote, E and Casals, J. M and Gabàs, J and Romero, M and Martinez-Castelao, A and Fulladosa, X and Ramirez-Arellano, M and Fulquet, M and Pelegrí, A and El Manouari, M and Ramos, N and Bartolomé, J and Sans, R and Fernández, E and Sarró, F and Compte, T and Marco, F and Mauri, R and Bronsoms, J and Arnaiz, J. A and Beleta, H and Pejenaute, A and Ríos, J and Lara, J and Ter Wee, P. M and Van Den Dorpel, M. A and Dorval, M and Lévesque, R and Koopman, M. G and Konings, C. J A M and Haanstra, W. P and Kooistra, M and Van Jaarsveld, B and Noordzij, T and Feith, G. W and Peltenburg, H. G and Van Buren, M and ... and HDF Pooling Project Investigators and HDF Pooling Project investigators and on behalf of the HDF Pooling Project investigators
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 03/2017, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp. 548 - 555
Journal Article
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