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Cellular physiology and biochemistry, ISSN 1015-8987, 10/2017, Volume 42, Issue 5, p. 2144
Journal Article
by Maeda, Takeshi and Figaji, Anthony and Rohlwink, Ursula and Kuang, Yongqin and Cheng, Jingmin and Gu, Jianwen and Yong-Qin, Kuang and Jian-Wen, Gu and Jing-Min, Cheng and Xilong, Yin and Kittiwattanagul, Warawut and Phuenpathom, Nakornchai and Lumbiganon, Pisake and Trubina, Inna and Tenedieva, Nina and Shamaeva, Hedy and Voronina, Irina and Tian, Lei and Xu, Jianya and Morganti-Kossmann, Cristina and Jing-Min, Cheng and Popovich, Phillip and Kigerl, Kristina A and Gensel, John C and Shigemori, Minoru and Cooper, D.J and Rosenfeld, J.V and Murray, L and Davies, A and D'Urso, P and Kossmann, T and Ponsford, J and Reilly, P and Seppelt, I and Wolfe, and the DECRA Trial Investigators, the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group, and the Neurosurgical Society of Australia, R and Inoue, Toru and Barber, T and Leech, R and Mondello, Stefania and Catani, Sheila and Hayes, Ronald L and Formisano, Rita and Bellomo, Rinaldo and Nichol, Alistair and MacIsaac, Christopher and Juanjuan, Li and Jianyun, Yu and Huan, Zhan and Qiao, Zhu and Ping, Li and Ponsford, Jennie and Schonberger, Michael and Burke, Richard and Rudzki, Dion and Olver, John and Parcell, Diane and Redman, Jennifer and Rajaratnam, Shantha and Kim, Junghoon and Whyte, John and Patel, Sunil and Detre, John and Notkina, Natalia and Guilfoyle, Mathew and Hutchinson, Peter J.A and Gyorgy, Andrea and Angeria, Maria and Agoston, Denes and Antoniades, C.A and Hutchinson, P.J.A and He, Daohua and Gang, Cheng and Peng, Liu and Jiang, Yong and Sun, Xiaochuan and Wu, Haitao and Gan, Chen and Wu, Xuehai and Hu, Jin and Mao, Ying and Zhang, Bo and Yu, Jing and Yang, Hongfa and Qing, Lan and Sanhu, Zhao and Liang, Shao and Roozenbeek, Bob and Perel, Pablo and Reeves, Thomas and Chen, Hao and Wang, Gan and Gao, Wen-Wei and Yan, Guo and Chen, Shi-Wei and Wei, Wei and Tian, Heng-Li and Guo, Yan and Chen, Shi-Wen and Zhang, Peng-Qi and Liu, Haibo and ...
Journal of neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 05/2011, Volume 28, Issue 5, pp. A-1 - A-96
Journal Article
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