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by Steliarova-Foucher, Eva and Colombet, Murielle and Ries, Lynn A.G and Moreno, Florencia and Dolya, Anastasia and Bray, Freddie and Hesseling, Peter and Shin, Hee Young and Stiller, Charles A and Bouzbid, S and Hamdi-Cherif, M and Hablas, A and Chirpaz, E and Buziba, N and Chesumbai, G. C and Manraj, S. S and Reynders, D and Wabinga, H. R and Chokunonga, E and Moreno, F and Lima, C. A and Asturian Laporte, C and de Oliveira, J. C and de Aquino, JA Pontes and Gallagher, SM Vargas and Uribe, C. J and Bravo, L. E and Yepez Chamorro, M. C and Torres Alvarado, G and Galán Alvarez, Y. H and Martinez Reyes, F. C and Castillo Calvas, J. C and Cueva Ayala, P and Fajardo-Gutiérrez, Arturo and Zavala Zegarra, D. E and Barrios, E and Nikiforuk, C and Woods, R and Turner, D and MacIntyre, M and Corriveau, A and Navaneelan, T and Bertrand, C and Stuart-Panko, H and Wilson, R. J and Kosary, C and Shen, X and Brockhouse, J and Yee, G. A and Mitchell, T. C and Snipes, K and West, D and Rao, C and Bolick, S and Rycroft, R. K and Mueller, L and Zheng, Y and Dosch, K and Brown, H and Vargas, A and Levin, G. M and Bayakly, R and Johnson, C and Shen, T and Ruppert, L and Lynch, C. F and Lai, S. M and Tucker, T. C and Wu, X. C and Schwenn, M and Stern, K and Gershman, S and Copeland, G and Bushhouse, S and Rogers, D. B and Jackson Thompson, J and Lemons, D and Frederick, S and Harris, J. A and Riddle, B and Stroup, A and Wiggins, C and Schymura, M. J and Giljahn, L. K and Sheikh, A and Schubert, S and Aldinger, W and Fulton, J. P and Whiteside, M and Nogueira, L and Sweeney, C and Johnson, A and Martin, J and Farley, S and Harrelson, D and Malicki, R and Espinoza, J. R and Hernandez, B. Y and IICC-3 contributors and Marcos-Gragera, Rafael
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 02/2020
Journal Article
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