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by Bowl, Michael R and Simon, Michelle M and Ingham, Neil J and Greenaway, Simon and Santos, Luis and Cater, Heather and Taylor, Sarah and Mason, Jeremy and Kurbatova, Natalja and Pearson, Selina and Bower, Lynette R and Clary, Dave A and Meziane, Hamid and Reilly, Patrick and Minowa, Osamu and Kelsey, Lois and Allen, Sue and Clementson-Mobbs, Sharon and Codner, Gemma and Fray, Martin and Gardiner, Wendy and Joynson, Russell and Kenyon, Janet and Loeffler, Jorik and Nell, Barbara and Parker, Andrew and Quwailid, Deen and Stewart, Michelle and Walling, Alison and Zaman, Rumana and Chen, Chao-Kung and Conte, Nathalie and Matthews, Peter and Relac, Mike and Tudose, Ilinca and Warren, Jonathan and Le Marchand, Elise and El Amri, Amal and El Fertak, Leila and Ennah, Hamid and Ali-Hadji, Dalila and Ayadi, Abdel and Wattenhofer-Donze, Marie and Moulaert, David and Jacquot, Sylvie and André, Philippe and Birling, Marie-Christine and Pavlovic, Guillaume and Lalanne, Valérie and Lux, Aline and Riet, Fabrice and Mittelhaeuser, Christophe and Bour, Raphael and Guimond, Alain and Bam'Hamed, Chaouki and Leblanc, Sophie and Vasseur, Laurent and Selloum, Mohammed and Sorg, Tania and Ayabe, Shinya and Furuse, Tamio and Kaneda, Hideki and Kobayashi, Kimio and Masuya, Hiroshi and Miura, Ikuo and Obata, Yuichi and Suzuki, Tomohiro and Tamura, Masaru and Tanaka, Nobuhiko and Yamada, Ikuko and Yoshiki, Atsushi and Berberovic, Zorana and Bubshait, Mohammed and Cabezas, Jorge and Carroll, Tracy and Clark, Greg and Clarke, Shannon and Creighton, Amie and Danisment, Ozge and Eskandarian, Mohammad and Feugas, Patricia and Gertsenstein, Marina and Guo, Ruolin and Hunter, Jane and Jacob, Elsa and Lan, Qing and Laurin, Valerie and Law, Napoleon and MacMaster, Sue and Miller, David and Morikawa, Lily and Newbigging, Susan and Owen, Celeste and Penton, Patricia and Pereira, Monica and Qu, Dawei and Shang, Xueyuan and Sleep, Gillian and Sohel, Khondoker and Tondat, Sandra and ... and Int Mouse Phenotyping Consortium and International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium and The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2017, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. 886 - 11
The developmental and physiological complexity of the auditory system is likely reflected in the underlying set of genes involved in auditory function. In... 
HAIR-CELLS | MUTAGENESIS | PROJECT | OTITIS-MEDIA | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | MOUSE | MUTATION | DISEASE | GENOME-WIDE | IMPAIRMENT | RESOURCE | Consortia | Genes | Phenotyping | Auditory system | Hearing protection | Hearing impairment | Hearing loss
Journal Article
Communications biology, ISSN 2399-3642, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 236 - 12
Despite advances in next generation sequencing technologies, determining the genetic basis of ocular disease remains a major challenge due to the limited... 
Journal Article
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