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abo blood-group system - genetics (1) 1
abo blood-group system; genetics, adolescent, adult, aged, aged; 80 and over, blood coagulation; genetics, brain ischemia; diagnosis/epidemiology/genetics, cohort studies, europe; epidemiology, female, genetic loci; genetics, genetic predisposition to disease; epidemiology/genetics, genetic variation; genetics, genome-wide association study; methods, humans, male, middle aged, polymorphism; single nucleotide; genetics, stroke; diagnosis/epidemiology/genetics, young adult (1) 1
adolescent (1) 1
adult (1) 1
aged (1) 1
aged, 80 and over (1) 1
atrial-fibrillation (1) 1
blood coagulation - genetics (1) 1
blood-groups (1) 1
brain ischemia - diagnosis (1) 1
brain ischemia - epidemiology (1) 1
brain ischemia - genetics (1) 1
clinical medicine (1) 1
clinical neurology (1) 1
cohort studies (1) 1
coronary-artery-disease (1) 1
europe - epidemiology (1) 1
factor-vii (1) 1
female (1) 1
genetic loci - genetics (1) 1
genetic predisposition to disease - epidemiology (1) 1
genetic predisposition to disease - genetics (1) 1
genetic variation - genetics (1) 1
genome-wide association (1) 1
genome-wide association study - methods (1) 1
healthy families (1) 1
heritability (1) 1
humans (1) 1
index medicus (1) 1
klinisk medicin (1) 1
male (1) 1
medical and health sciences (1) 1
medicin och hälsovetenskap (1) 1
middle aged (1) 1
neurologi (1) 1
neurology (1) 1
neurosciences (1) 1
plasma-levels (1) 1
polymorphism, single nucleotide - genetics (1) 1
rapid communication (1) 1
risk-factors (1) 1
stroke - diagnosis (1) 1
stroke - epidemiology (1) 1
stroke - genetics (1) 1
susceptibility (1) 1
young adult (1) 1
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by Williams, Frances M K and Carter, Angela M and Hysi, Pirro G and Surdulescu, Gabriela and Hodgkiss, Dylan and Soranzo, Nicole and Traylor, Matthew and Bevan, Steve and Dichgans, Martin and Rothwell, Peter M W and Sudlow, Cathie and Farrall, Martin and Silander, Kaisa and Kaunisto, Mari and Wagner, Peter and Saarela, Olli and Kuulasmaa, Kari and Virtamo, Jarmo and Salomaa, Veikko and Amouyel, Philippe and Arveiler, Dominique and Ferrieres, Jean and Wiklund, Per-Gunnar and Ikram, M Arfan and Hofman, Albert and Boncoraglio, Giorgio B and Parati, Eugenio A and Helgadottir, Anna and Gretarsdottir, Solveig and Thorsteinsdottir, Unnur and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Stefansson, Kari and Seshadri, Sudha and DeStefano, Anita and Gschwendtner, Andreas and Psaty, Bruce and Longstreth, Will and Mitchell, Braxton D and Cheng, Yu-Ching and Clarke, Robert and Ferrario, Marco and Bis, Joshua C and Levi, Christopher and Attia, John and Holliday, Elizabeth G and Scott, Rodney J and Fornage, Myriam and Sharma, Pankaj and Furie, Karen L and Rosand, Jonathan and Nalls, Mike and Meschia, James and Mosely, Thomas H and Evans, Alun and Palotie, Aarno and Markus, Hugh S and Grant, Peter J and Spector, Tim D and EuroCLOT Investigators, Investigators and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2, Trust Case Control Consortium 2 and MOnica Risk, Genetics, Archiving and Monograph, Risk, Genetics, Archiving and Monograph and MetaStroke, MetaStroke and International Stroke Genetics Consortium, Stroke Genetics Consortium and EuroCLOT Investigators and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consor and Int Stroke Genetics Consortium and MOnica Risk, Genetics, Archiving and Monograph and MetaStroke and International Stroke Genetics Consortium and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2 and Medicinska fakulteten and Institutionen för folkhälsa och klinisk medicin and Umeå universitet and Medicin
Annals of neurology, ISSN 0364-5134, 2013, Volume 73, Issue 1, pp. 16 - 31
Journal Article
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