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Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2014, Volume 515, Issue 7527, pp. 371 - 375
Journal Article
by Stamatoyannopoulos, John A and Snyder, Michael and Hardison, Ross and Ren, Bing and Gingeras, Thomas and Gilbert, David M and Groudine, Mark and Bender, Michael and Kaul, Rajinder and Canfield, Theresa and Giste, Erika and Johnson, Audra and Zhang, Mia and Balasundaram, Gayathri and Byron, Rachel and Roach, Vaughan and Sabo, Peter J and Sandstrom, Richard and Stehling, A. Sandra and Thurman, Robert E and Weissman, Sherman M and Cayting, Philip and Hariharan, Manoj and Lian, Jin and Cheng, Yong and Landt, Stephen G and Ma, Zhihai and Wold, Barbara J and Dekker, Job and Crawford, Gregory E and Keller, Cheryl A and Wu, Weisheng and Morrissey, Christopher and Kumar, Swathi A and Mishra, Tejaswini and Jain, Deepti and Byrska-Bishop, Marta and Blankenberg, Daniel and Lajoie, Bryan R and Jain, Gaurav and Sanyal, Amartya and Chen, Kaun-Bei and Denas, Olgert and Taylor, James and Blobel, Gerd A and Weiss, Mitchell J and Pimkin, Max and Deng, Wulan and Marinov, Georgi K and Williams, Brian A and Fisher-Aylor, Katherine I and Desalvo, Gilberto and Kirilusha, Anthony and Trout, Diane and Amrhein, Henry and Mortazavi, Ali and Edsall, Lee and McCleary, David and Kuan, Samantha and Shen, Yin and Yue, Feng and Ye, Zhen and Davis, Carrie A and Zaleski, Chris and Jha, Sonali and Xue, Chenghai and Dobin, Alex and Lin, Wei and Fastuca, Meagan and Wang, Huaien and Guigo, Roderic and Djebali, Sarah and Lagarde, Julien and Ryba, Tyrone and Sasaki, Takayo and Malladi, Venkat S and Cline, Melissa S and Kirkup, Vanessa M and Learned, Katrina and Rosenbloom, Kate R and Kent, W. James and Feingold, Elise A and Good, Peter J and Pazin, Michael and Lowdon, Rebecca F and Adams, Leslie B and Consortium, Mouse Encode
Genome Biology, ISSN 1465-6906, 2012, p. 418
Journal Article
by Yue, Feng and Cheng, Yong and Breschi, Alessandra and Vierstra, Jeff and Wu, Weisheng and Ryba, Tyrone and Sandstrom, Richard and Ma, Zhihai and Davis, Carrie and Pope, Benjamin D and Shen, Yin and Pervouchine, Dmitri D and Djebali, Sarah and Thurman, Robert E and Kaul, Rajinder and Rynes, Eric and Kirilusha, Anthony and Marinov, Georgi K and Williams, Brian A and Trout, Diane and Amrhein, Henry and Fisher-Aylor, Katherine and Antoshechkin, Igor and DeSalvo, Gilberto and See, Lei-Hoon and Fastuca, Meagan and Drenkow, Jorg and Zaleski, Chris and Dobin, Alex and Prieto, Pablo and Lagarde, Julien and Bussotti, Giovanni and Tanzer, Andrea and Denas, Olgert and Li, Kanwei and Bender, M.A and Zhang, Miaohua and Byron, Rachel and Groudine, Mark T and McCleary, David and Pham, Long and Ye, Zhen and Kuan, Samantha and Edsall, Lee and Wu, Yi-Chieh and Rasmussen, Matthew D and Bansal, Mukul S and Kellis, Manolis and Keller, Cheryl A and Morrissey, Christapher S and Mishra, Tejaswini and Jain, Deepti and Dogan, Nergiz and Harris, Robert S and Cayting, Philip and Kawli, Trupti and Boyle, Alan P and Euskirchen, Ghia and Kundaje, Anshul and Lin, Shin and Lin, Yiing and Jansen, Camden and Malladi, Venkat S and Cline, Melissa S and Erickson, Drew T and Kirkup, Vanessa M and Learned, Katrina and Sloan, Cricket A and Rosenbloom, Kate R and De Sousa, Beatriz Lacerda and Beal, Kathryn and Pignatelli, Miguel and Flicek, Paul and Lian, Jin and Kahveci, Tamer and Lee, Dongwon and Kent, W. James and Santos, Miguel Ramalho and Herrero, Javier and Notredame, Cedric and Johnson, Audra and Vong, Shinny and Lee, Kristen and Bates, Daniel and Neri, Fidencio and Diegel, Morgan and Canfield, Theresa and Sabo, Peter J and Wilken, Matthew S and Reh, Thomas A and Giste, Erika and Shafer, Anthony and Kutyavin, Tanya and Haugen, Eric and Dunn, Douglas and Reynolds, Alex P and Neph, Shane and Humbert, Richard and Hansen, R. Scott and De Bruijn, Marella and ... and Mouse ENCODE Consortium and The Mouse ENCODE Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2014, Volume 515, Issue 7527, pp. 355 - 364
Journal Article
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