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by Bansal, Mukesh and Yang, Jichen and Karan, Charles and Menden, Michael P and Costello, James C and Tang, Hao and Xiao, Guanghua and Li, Yajuan and Allen, Jeffrey and Zhong, Rui and Chen, Beibei and Kim, Minsoo and Wang, Tao and Heiser, Laura M and Realubit, Ronald and Mattioli, Michela and Alvarez, Mariano J and Shen, Yao and Gallahan, Daniel and Singer, Dinah and Saez-Rodriguez, Julio and Xie, Yang and Stolovitzky, Gustavo and Califano, Andrea and Abbuehl, Jean-Paul and Altman, Russ B and Balcome, Shawn and Bell, Ana and Bender, Andreas and Berger, Bonnie and Bernard, Jonathan and Bieberich, Andrew A and Borboudakis, Giorgos and Chan, Christina and Chen, Ting-Huei and Choi, Jaejoon and Coelho, Luis Pedro and Creighton, Chad J and Dampier, Will and Davisson, V. Jo and Deshpande, Raamesh and Diao, Lixia and Di Camillo, Barbara and Dundar, Murat and Ertel, Adam and Goswami, Chirayu P and Gottlieb, Assaf and Gould, Michael N and Goya, Jonathan and Grau, Michael and Gray, Joe W and Hejase, Hussein A and Hoffmann, Michael F and Homicsko, Krisztian and Homilius, Max and Hwang, Woochang and Ijzerman, Adriaan P and Kallioniemi, Olli and Karacali, Bilge and Kaski, Samuel and Kim, Junho and Krishnan, Arjun and Lee, Junehawk and Lee, Young-Suk and Lenselink, Eelke B and Lenz, Peter and Li, Lang and Li, Jun and Liang, Han and Mpindi, John-Patrick and Myers, Chad L and Newton, Michael A and Overington, John P and Parkkinen, Juuso and Prill, Robert J and Peng, Jian and Pestell, Richard and Qiu, Peng and Rajwa, Bartek and Sadanandam, Anguraj and Sambo, Francesco and Sridhar, Arvind and Sun, Wei and Toffolo, Gianna M and Tozeren, Aydin and Troyanskaya, Olga G and Tsamardinos, Ioannis and Van Vlijmen, Herman W. T and Wang, Wen and Wegner, Joerg K and Wennerberg, Krister and Van Westen, Gerard J. P and Xia, Tian and Yang, Yang and Yao, Victoria and Yuan, Yuan and Zeng, Haoyang and Zhang, Shihua and Zhao, Junfei and Zhou, Jian and NCI-DREAM Community and Cellworks Group
Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 12/2014, Volume 32, Issue 12, pp. 1213 - 1222
Recent therapeutic successes have renewed interest in drug combinations, but experimental screening approaches are costly and often identify only small numbers... 
DRUG-COMBINATIONS | NETWORK | THERAPY | INHIBITION | MODELS | BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY | RESISTANCE | CANCER | EXPRESSION | CHEMOTHERAPY | SYSTEMS BIOLOGY | Drug Synergism | B-Lymphocytes - drug effects | Algorithms | Computer Simulation | Humans | Drug Combinations | Pharmaceutical research | Drug therapy, Combination | Research | Computers | Drug therapy | Predictions
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