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by Beilina, A and Rudenko, I. N and Kaganovich, A and Civiero, L and Chau, H and Kalia, S. K and Kalia, L. V and Lobbestael, E and Chia, R and Ndukwe, K and Ding, J and Nalls, M. A and Olszewski, M and Hauser, D. N and Kumaran, R and Lozano, A. M and Baekelandt, V and Greene, L. E and Taymans, J.-M and Greggio, E and Cookson, M. R and Plagnol, V and Martinez, M and Hernandez, D. G and Sharma, M and Sheerin, U.-M and Saad, M and Simon-Sanchez, J and Schulte, C and Lesage, S and Sveinbjornsdottir, S and Arepalli, S and Barker, R and Ben-Shlomo, Y and Berendse, H. W and Berg, D and Bhatia, K and de Bie, R. M. A and Biffi, A and Bloem, B and Bochdanovits, Z and Bonin, M and Bras, J. M and Brockmann, K and Brooks, J and Burn, D. J and Charlesworth, G and Chen, H and Chong, S and Clarke, C. E and Cooper, J. M and Corvol, J. C and Counsell, C and Damier, P and Dartigues, J.-F and Deloukas, P and Deuschl, G and Dexter, D. T and van Dijk, K. D and Dillman, A and Durif, F and Durr, A and Edkins, S and Evans, J. R and Foltynie, T and Gao, J and Gardner, M and Gibbs, J. R and Goate, A and Gray, E and Guerreiro, R and Gustafsson, O and Harris, C and van Hilten, J. J and Hofman, A and Hollenbeck, A and Holton, J and Hu, M and Huang, X and Huber, H and Hudson, G and Hunt, S. E and Huttenlocher, J and Illig, T and Munchen, H. Z and Jonsson, P. V and Lambert, J.-C and Langford, C and Lees, A and Lichtner, P and Limousin, P and Lopez, G and Lorenz, D and McNeill, A and Moorby, C and Moore, M and Morris, H. R and Morrison, K. E and Mudanohwo, E and O'Sullivan, S. S and ... and International Parkinson's Disease Genomics Consortium and North American Brain Expression Consortium and North Amer Brain Expression Consor and Int Parkinson's Dis Genomics Conso and International Parkinson’s Disease Genomics Consortium
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 2014, Volume 111, Issue 7, pp. 2626 - 2631
Journal Article
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