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South China Morning Post (1946-Current), ISSN 1021-6731, 01/1956, p. 15
  Sir,--Apparently your correspondent "Fairness First" is under a misapprehension as to what the words "World Gala... 
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South China Morning Post (1946-Current), ISSN 1021-6731, 02/1947, p. 5
  Sir,--Why all this waste of good space on "Standing Eggs?" Years ago my Company produced a short film as an "expose" on... 
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South China Morning Post (1903-1941), 07/1938, p. 8
  Sir,--With reference to "Boxing Eve's" letter in your correspondence column to-day, in regard to the Louis-Schmeling Fight Film, we are... 
Newspaper Article
New York Times (1923-Current file), ISSN 0362-4331, 04/1947, p. X5
DURING the good old days when I had nothing on my mind except the problem of convincing the stubborn producer that I was right about my script and that he was... 
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