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by Venturelli, PM and Li, X and Middleton, S and Watkins, C and Lavados, PM and Olavarria, VV and Pontes-Neto, O and Santos, TEG and Arima, H and Billot, L and Hackett, ML and Song, L and Robinson, T and Mead, G and Hackett, M and Watkins, CL and Robinson, TG and De Silva, HA and Lin, RT and Lee, TH and Cui, L and Pontes-Neto, OM and Boaden, E and Herbert, R and Chen, CPLH and Forster, A and Woodward, M and Rogers, K and Scaria, A and Lim, JY and Espinosa, N and Blackburn, L and Richtering, SS and You, S and Ladwig, S and Merritt, GP and Thomsen, B and Jenson, K and Gordon, P and Nguyen, DR and Quan, WW and Lo, TPY and Lim, J and Goh, S and Liu, L and Singh, R and Donnelly, P and Armenis, M and Smith, P and Zhou, F and Lei, L and Zhang, T and Peng, Y and Feng, LL and Ye, Z and Gregory, P and Portales, B and Rimoli, B and Braga, M and Hoffmeister, L and Vidal, C and Rivas, RJ and Carvallo, L and Carvallo, P and Miranda, R and Pileggi, B and de Silva, HA and Jeevarajah, T and Ranasinghe, D and Nandadeva, N and Nawarathna, S and Yin, JH and Yeh, SJ and Ma, RJ and Whiteley, G and Forshaw, D and Lightbody, CE and Cox, J and Byfield, H and Finley, S and Tyrer, HE and Bruce, C and Gibbon, A and Siracusa, E and Gowda, K and Cowans, S and Forman, B and Jacob, S and Caprecho, K and Khatri, R and Wan, PY and Bleeker, W and Ireland, M and Jala, S and Day, S and Krause, M and Passer, M and Giaccari, S and Burkolter, N and Braithwaite, M and ... and HEADPOST Head Positioning In Acute and HEADPOST (Head Positioning in Acute Stroke Trial) Investigators
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, ISSN 2047-9980, 07/2019, Volume 8, Issue 13, p. e012640
Background-The uptake of proven stroke treatments varies widely. We aimed to determine the association of evidence-based processes of care for acute ischemic... 
Journal Article
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