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by Feikin, Daniel R and Kagucia, Eunice W and Loo, Jennifer D and Link-Gelles, Ruth and Puhan, Milo A and Cherian, Thomas and Levine, Orin S and Whitney, Cynthia G and O'Brien, Katherine L and Moore, Matthew R and Adegbola, Claire A and Agocs, Mary and Ampofo, Krow and Anews, Nick and Barton, Theresa and Benito, Javier and Broome, Claire V and Bruce, Michael G and Bulkow, Lisa R and Byington, Carrie L and Camou, Teresa and Cook, Heather and Cotter, Suzanne and Dagan, Ron and de Wals, Philippe and Deceuninck, Geneviève and Denham, Barbara and Edwards, Giles and Eskola, Juhani and Fitzgerald, Margaret and Galanakis, Emmanouil and Garcia-Gabarrot, Gabriela and Garcia-Garcia, Juan J and Gene, Amadeu and Gomez, Borja and Heffernan, Helen and Hennessy, Thomas W and Heuberger, Sigrid and Hilty, Markus and Ingels, Helene and Jayasinghe, Sanjay and Kellner, James D and Klein, Nicola P and Kormann-Klement, Anea and Kozakova, Jana and Krause, Vicki and Kriz, Paula and Lambertsen, Lotte and Lepoutre, Agnès and Lipsitch, Marc and Lopez-Vega, Mariana and Lovgren, Marguerite and Maraki, Sofia and Mason, Edward O and McIntyre, Peter B and Menzies, Robert and Messina, Allison and Miller, Elizabeth and Mintegi, Santiago and Motlova, Jitka and Moulton, Lawrence H and Mühlemann, Kathrin and Muñoz-Almagro, Carmen and Murdoch, David R and Park, Daniel E and Reingold, Arthur L and Sa-Leao, Raquel and Sanyal, Abanti and Smith, Peter G and Spanjaard, Lodewijk and Techasaensiri, Chonnamet and Thompson, Richard E and Thoon, Koh C and Tyrrell, Gregory J and Valentiner-Branth, Palle and van der Ende, Arie and Vanderkooi, Otto G and van der Linden, Mark P. G and Varon, Emmanuelle and Verhaegen, Jan and Vestrheim, Diik F and Vickers, Imelda and von Gottberg, Anne and von Kries, Rüdiger and Waight, Pauline and Weatherholtz, Robert and Weiss, Susanne and Yee, Arnold and Zaidi, Anita K. M and Serotype Replacement Study Grp and Serotype Replacement Study Group and the Serotype Replacement Study Group
PLoS medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 2013, Volume 10, Issue 9, p. e1001517
Journal Article
PLoS Medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 09/2013, Volume 10, Issue 9
  Background Vaccine-serotype (VT) invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) rates declined substantially following introduction of 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate... 
Studies | Low income groups | Pneumonia | Disease | Vaccines | Streptococcus infections
Journal Article
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