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high energy physics (3) 3
instrumentation and detectors (3) 3
physical sciences (3) 3
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neutrino (2) 2
neutrino oscillation (2) 2
neutrinos (2) 2
phenomenology (2) 2
physics - instrumentation and detectors (2) 2
physics, particles & fields (2) 2
accelerator physics (1) 1
astronomy (1) 1
astronomy & astrophysics (1) 1
astrophysics (1) 1
calibration (1) 1
confidence intervals (1) 1
cp violation (1) 1
criteria (1) 1
earthquakes (1) 1
elementary particle physics (1) 1
equivalence (1) 1
experiments (1) 1
hierarchies (1) 1
high energy astrophysical phenomena (1) 1
indication (1) 1
instruments & instrumentation (1) 1
kernmodell (1) 1
light (1) 1
multi-pixel photon counter (1) 1
muons (1) 1
neutrino beams (1) 1
neutrino properties (1) 1
nuclear experiment (1) 1
nuclear science & technology (1) 1
oscillations (1) 1
oszillation (1) 1
particle physics (1) 1
physics, multidisciplinary (1) 1
physics, nuclear (1) 1
proton accelerators (1) 1
präzisionsmessung (1) 1
readout electronics (1) 1
scintillation tracking detector (1) 1
t2k (1) 1
technology (1) 1
trennleistung (1) 1
wavelength shifting fiber (1) 1
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by Aoki, S and Bentham, S.W and Berkman, S and Bhadra, S and Blaszczyk, F.D.M and Bojechko, C and Boyd, S.B and Buchanan, N and Coleman, J and Coleman, S.J and Collazuol, G and Cremonesi, L and Danko, I and Davis, S and Dealtry, T and Dennis, S.R and Ereditato, A and Giffin, S and Golan, T and Hara, T and Hastings, N.C and Himmel, A and Ieki, K and Irvine, T.J and Ives, S.J and Izmaylov, A and Jacob, A and Jamieson, B and Johnson, R.A and Jo, J.H and Joo, K.K and Jung, C.K and Kanazawa, Y and Karpikov, I and Kearns, E and Khabibullin, M and Kim, J and Kisiel, J and Korzenev, A and Koshio, Y and Kreslo, I and Kubo, H and Lawe, M and Lazos, M and Litchfield, R.P and Ludovici, L and Magaletti, L and Mahn, K and Maruyama, T and McCarthy, M and Mijakowski, P and Missert, A and Murakami, A and Nagasaki, T and Nakai, T and Nishikawa, K and O'Keeffe, H.M and Ohta, R and Oser, S.M and Owen, R.A and Perkin, J.D and Plonski, P and Poutissou, J.-M and Quilain, B and Reeves, M and Rodrigues, P.A and Rondio, E and Sakashita, K and Scholberg, K and Schwehr, J and Scott, M and Seiya, Y and Shustrov, Y and Smith, R.J and Sobel, H and Suzuki, K and Suzuki, S.Y and Suzuki, Y and Tacik, R and Tada, M and Takeda, A and Tanaka, H.K and Terri, R and Tobayama, S and Toki, W and Tsukamoto, T and Uchida, Y and Vacheret, A and Vagins, M and Wark, D and Wascko, M.O and Wilkes, R.J and Wilson, R.J and Yamamoto, K and Yanagisawa, C and Yershov, N and Yokoyama, M and Zalewska, A and Zito, M and Zmuda, J and T2K Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 11/2013, Volume 111, Issue 21, pp. 211803 - 211803
Journal Article
by Lawe, M
EPJ Web of Conferences, ISSN 2101-6275, 10/2016, Volume 125, p. 1003
Conference Proceeding
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
日本物理学会講演概要集, ISSN 2189-079X, 09/2015, Volume 70
Journal Article
by Andreopoulos, C and Aoki, S and Barbi, M and Barker, G. J and Berkman, S and Brailsford, D and Avanzini, M. Buizza and Cao, S and Cartwright, S. L and Catanesi, M. G and Chikuma, N and Clifton, A and Cremonesi, L and Dabrowska, A and Dennis, S. R and Dumarchez, J and Dytman, S and Ereditato, A and Fujii, Y and Fukuda, D and Gonin, M and Hadley, D. R and Haegel, L and Hansen, D and Hasegawa, T and Himmel, A and Hirota, S and Hogan, M and Hosomi, F and Ichikawa, A. K and Insler, J and Intonti, R. A and Iwamoto, K and Kajita, T and Karpikov, I and Koch, L and Konaka, A and Kondo, K and Kudenko, Y and Kutter, T and Larkin, E and Lasorak, P and Laveder, M and Lazos, M and Lindner, T and Li, X and Ludovici, L and Lu, X and Malek, M and Marino, A. D and Martin, J. F and Martins, P and Mavrokoridis, K and Ma, W. Y and McCarthy, M and Mezzetto, M and Mineev, O and Nakadaira, T and Nakahata, M and Nakayama, S and Nakayoshi, K and Ovsyannikova, T and Oyama, Y and Patel, N. D and Petrov, Y and Pistillo, C and Posiadala-Zezula, M and Przewlocki, P and Quilain, B and Ratoff, P. N and Redij, A and Riccio, C and Rondio, E and Rubbia, A and Sacco, R and Scantamburlo, E and Sekiguchi, T and Sgalaberna, D and Shah, R and Sorel, M and Southwell, L and Steinmann, J and Stewart, T and Suvorov, S and Suzuki, K and Suzuki, Y and Takeuchi, Y and Tanaka, H. K and Tanaka, H. A and Terhorst, D and Thompson, L. F and Tzanov, M and Uchida, Y and Vacheret, A and Vagins, M and Wachala, T and Walter, C. W and Yen, S and Yoshida, K and Zaremba, K
Physical review. D, Particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, ISSN 1550-7998, 02/2016, Volume 93, p. 112012
Journal Article
日本物理学会講演概要集, ISSN 2189-079X, 03/2016, Volume 71
Journal Article
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN 1742-6588, 09/2017, Volume 888, Issue 1
Conference Proceeding
Journal Article
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN 1742-6588, 2013, Volume 408, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 8
Conference Proceeding
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