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altitude (1) 1
altitude sickness - genetics (1) 1
biological sciences (1) 1
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edema (1) 1
environmental aspects (1) 1
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gene expression (1) 1
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genes (1) 1
genetic analysis (1) 1
genetic aspects (1) 1
genetic variation (1) 1
genetics (1) 1
genome, human (1) 1
genomes (1) 1
genotype & phenotype (1) 1
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high-altitude pulmonary edema (1) 1
human genetics (1) 1
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polymorphism, genetic (1) 1
population genetics (1) 1
prakriti (1) 1
procollagen-proline dioxygenase - genetics (1) 1
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pulmonary edema - genetics (1) 1
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by Aggarwal, S and Negi, S and Jha, P and Singh, P. K and Stobdan, T and Pasha, M. A. Q and Ghosh, S and Agrawal, A and Prasher, B and Mukerji, M and Brahmachari, S. K and Majumder, P. P and Habib, S and Dash, D and Ray, K and Bahl, S and Singh, L and Sharma, A and Roychoudhury, S and Chandak, G. R and Thangaraj, K and Parmar, D and Sengupta, S and Bharadwaj, D and Rath, S. K and Singh, J and Jha, G. N and Virdi, K and Rao, V. R and Sinha, S and Singh, A and Mitra, A. K and Mishra, S. K and Pasha, Q and Sivasubbu, S and Pandey, R and Baral, A and Kumar, J and Bhasin, Y and Chauhan, C and Hussain, A and Sundaramoorthy, E and Singh, S. P and Bandyopadhyay, A and Dasgupta, K and Reddy, A. K and Spurgeon, C. J and Idris, M. M and Khanna, V and Dhawan, A and Anand, M and Shankar, R and Bharti, R. S and Singh, M and Singh, A. P and Khan, A. J and Shah, P. P and Pant, A. B and Kaur, R and Bisht, K. K and Kumar, A and Rajamanickam, V and Wilson, E and Thangadurai, A and Jha, P. K and Maulik, M and Makhija, N and Rahim, A and Sharma, S and Chopra, R and Rana, P and Chidambaram, M and Maitra, A and Chawla, R and Soni, S and Khurana, P and Khan, M. N and Sutar, S. D and Tuteja, A and Narayansamy, K and Shukla, R and Prakash, S and Mahurkar, S and Mani, K. R and Hemavathi, J and Bhaskar, S and Khanna, P and Ramalakshmi, G. S and Tripathi, S. M and Thakur, N and Ghosh, B and Kukreti, R and Madan, T and Verma, R and Sudheer, G and Mahajan, A and Chavali, S and Tabassum, R and Grover, S and Gupta, M and ... and The Indian Genome Variation Consortium is composed of the following additional members and Indian Genome Variation Consortium
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 10/2010, Volume 107, Issue 44, pp. 18961 - 18966
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