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by Belmont, John W and Boudreau, Andrew and Leal, Suzanne M and Hardenbol, Paul and Pasternak, Shiran and Wheeler, David A and Willis, Thomas D and Yu, Fuli and Yang, Huanming and Gao, Yang and Hu, Haoran and Hu, Weitao and Li, Chaohua and Lin, Wei and Liu, Siqi and Pan, Hao and Tang, Xiaoli and Wang, Jian and Wang, Wei and Yu, Jun and Zhang, Bo and Zhang, Qingrun and Zhao, Hongbin and Zhou, Jun and Barry, Rachel and Blumenstiel, Brendan and Camargo, Amy and Defelice, Matthew and Faggart, Maura and Goyette, Mary and Gupta, Supriya and Moore, Jamie and Nguyen, Huy and Parkin, Melissa and Roy, Jessica and Stahl, Erich and Winchester, Ellen and Altshuler, David and Shen, Yan and Yao, Zhijian and Huang, Wei and Chu, Xun and He, Yungang and Jin, Li and Liu, Yangfan and Shen, Yayun and Sun, Weiwei and Wang, Haifeng and Wang, Yi and Wang, Ying and Xiong, Xiaoyan and Xu, Liang and Waye, Mary M. Y and Tsui, Stephen K. W and Xue, Hong and Wong, J. Tze-Fei and Galver, Launa M and Fan, Jian-Bing and Murray, Sarah S and Oliphant, Arnold R and Chee, Mark S and Montpetit, Alexandre and Chagnon, Fanny and Ferretti, Vincent and Leboeuf, Martin and Olivier, Jean-François and Phillips, Michael S and Roumy, Stéphanie and Sallée, Clémentine and Verner, Andrei and Hudson, Thomas J and Frazer, Kelly A and Ballinger, Dennis G and Cox, David R and Hinds, David A and Stuve, Laura L and Kwok, Pui-Yan and Cai, Dongmei and Koboldt, Daniel C and Miller, Raymond D and Pawlikowska, Ludmila and Taillon-Miller, Patricia and Xiao, Ming and Tsui, Lap-Chee and Mak, William and Sham, Pak C and Song, You Qiang and Tam, Paul K. H and Nakamura, Yusuke and Kawaguchi, Takahisa and Kitamoto, Takuya and Morizono, Takashi and Nagashima, Atsushi and Ohnishi, Yozo and Sekine, Akihiro and Tanaka, Toshihiro and Deloukas, Panos and Bird, Christine P and Delgado, Marcos and Dermitzakis, Emmanouil T and ... and Int HapMap Consortium and International HapMap Consortium and The International HapMap Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 10/2005, Volume 437, Issue 7063, pp. 1299 - 1320
Journal Article
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