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by Tado, Masahiro and Maeda, Takeshi and Tahara, Junichi and Fukushima, Masamichi and Mori, Tatsuro and Katayama, Yoichi and Figaji, Anthony and Rohlwink, Ursula and Padayachy, Llewellyn and Fieggen, Graham and Yang, Wentao and Kuang, Yongqin and Cheng, Jingmin and Gu, Jianwen and Yong-Qin, Kuang and Jian-Wen, Gu and Jing-Min, Cheng and Xiaofeng, Shi and Xilong, Yin and Zhisong, Jiu and Yutthakasemsunt, Surakrant and Kittiwattanagul, Warawut and Piyavechvirat, Parnumas and Phuenpathom, Nakornchai and Thinkhamrop, Bandit and Lumbiganon, Pisake and Tenedieva, Valeriya and Sichev, Alexander and Alexandrova, Evgenia and Trubina, Inna and Tenedieva, Nina and Shamaeva, Hedy and Zaharova, Natalia and Voronina, Irina and Potapov, Alexander and Wang, Xiaoliang and de Rivero Vaccari, Juan Pablo and Wang, Handong and Keane, Robert W and Mao, Lei and Liao, Hong and Zhao, Xianzhong and Tian, Lei and Xu, Jianya and Hellewell, Sarah and Yan, Edwin and Bye, Nicole and Morganti-Kossmann, Cristina and Jing-Min, Cheng and Jian-Wen, Gu and Popovich, Phillip and Kigerl, Kristina A and Gensel, John C and Minoru, Shigemori and Shigemori, Minoru and Cooper, D.J and Rosenfeld, J.V and Murray, L and Arabi, Y and Davies, A and D'Urso, P and Kossmann, T and Ponsford, J and Reilly, P and Seppelt, I and Wolfe, and the DECRA Trial Investigators, the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group, and the Neurosurgical Society of Australia, R and Xin-Yan, Zhang and Shigemori, Yutaka and Uchida, Ryo and Ooshiro, Shinya and Inoue, Toru and Ham, T and Bonnelle, V and Barber, T and Leech, R and Kinnunen, K.M and Beckmann, C.F and De Boissezon, X and Greenwood, R.J and Sharp, D.J and Mondello, Stefania and Bullock, Ross and Buki, Andras and Jeromin, Andreas and Papa, Linda and Tortella, Frank and Schmidt, Kara and Wang, Kevin K and Hayes, Ronald L and Gabrielli, Andrea and Catani, Sheila and D'Ippolito, Mariagrazia and Hayes, Ronald L and Formisano, Rita and Moore, Elizabeth and Bellomo, Rinaldo and Nichol, Alistair and Harley, Nerina and MacIsaac, Christopher and Cooper, D. James and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 05/2011, Volume 28, Issue 5, pp. A-1 - A-96
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