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by McCarthy, S and Das, S and Kretzschmar, W and Delaneau, O and Wood, A.R and Teumer, A and Kang, H.M and Fuchsberger, C and Danecek, P and Sharp, K and Luo, Y and Sidore, C and Kwong, A and Timpson, N.J and Koskinen, S and Vrieze, S and Scott, L.J and Zhang, H and Mahajan, A and Veldink, J and Peters, U and Pato, C and van Duijn, C.M and Gillies, C.E and Gandin, I and Mezzavilla, M and Gilly, A and Cocca, M and Traglia, M and Angius, A and Barrett, J.C and Boomsma, D.I and Branham, K and Breen, G and Brummett, C.M and Busonero, F and Campbell, H and Chan, A and Chen, S and Chew, E and Collins, F.S and Corbin, L.J and Davey Smith, G and Dedoussis, G and Dorr, M and Farmaki, A.-E and Ferrucci, L and Forer, L and Fraser, R.M and Gabriel, S and Levy, S and Groop, L and Harrison, T and Hattersley, A and Holmen, O.L and Hveem, K and Kretzler, M and Lee, J.C and McGue, M and Meitinger, T and Melzer, D and Min, J.L and Mohlke, K.L and Vincent, J.B and Nauck, M and Nickerson, D and Palotie, A and Pato, M and Pirastu, N and McInnis, M.G and Brent Richards, J and Sala, C and Salomaa, V and Schlessinger, D and Schoenherr, S and Slagboom, P.E and Small, K and Spector, T and Stambolian, D and Tuke, M and Tuomilehto, J and Van den Berg, L.H and van Rheenen, W and Volker, U and Wijmenga, C and Toniolo, D and Zeggini, E and Gasparini, P and Sampson, M.G and Wilson, J.F and Frayling, T.M and Bakker, P.I.W and Swertz, M.A and McCarroll, S and Kooperberg, C and Dekker, A and Altshuler, D and Willer, C.J and Iacono, W.G and Ripatti, S and ...
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2016, Volume 48, Issue 10, pp. 1279 - 1283
We describe a reference panel of 64,976 human haplotypes at 39,235,157 SNPs constructed using whole-genome sequence data from 20 studies of predominantly... 
Haplotype Reference Consortium | Haplotypes | Genome-Wide Association Study | Humans | Alleles | Genotype | Reference Values | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide | Internet | Genetic Techniques
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