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Turkish Journal of Zoology, ISSN 1300-0179, 2002, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp. 189 - 195
Journal Article
Aim: High recurrence rate is the most common problem after the pterygium excision surgery, and the adjunctive therapies performed to reduce the recurrence rate... 
recurrence | conjunctival Z-plasty | conjunctival autografting | Primary pterygium | surgery
Web Resource
by Aksu, Funda and Topacoglu, Hakan and Arman, Candan and Atac, Aytul and Tetik, Suleyman and Hasanovic, Aida and Kulenovic, Amela and Mornjakovic, Zakira and Pikula, Branko and Sarac-Hadzihalilovic, Aida and Voljevica, Alma and Bamac, Belgin and Colak, Tuncay and Alemdar, Murat and Dundar, Gulmine and Selekler, Macit and Dincer, Ozgur and Colak, Enis and Ozbek, Aydin and Kilic, Cenk and Kamburoglu, Kivanc and Ozen, Tuncer and Kavak, Vatan and Kirici, Yalcin and Oztas, Emin and Soysal, Handan Altinkaya and Unur, Erdogan and Ekinci, Nihat and Karaca, Omur and Malakhova, Olga and Kocaoglu, Murat and Toker, Serdar and Taser, Figen and Kilincoglu, Volkan and Yurtgun, Mustafa Fahri and Dalcik, Cannur and Zeybek, Ali and Baroncini, Marc and Peltier, Johann and Jissendi, Patrice and Pruvo, Jean-Pierre and Francke, Jean-Paul and Prevot, Vincent and Kosif, Rengin and Arifoglu, Yasin and Diramali, Murat and Sarsilmaz, Mustafa and Kose, Evren and Ogeturk, Murat and Akpinar, Burhan and Kus, Ilter and Meydan, Sedat and Kara, Alev and Kurtoglu, Zeliha and Tekdemir, Ibrahim and Elhan, Alaittin and Bas, Orhan and Odaci, Ersan and Mollaoglu, Hakan and Ucok, Kagan and Kaplan, Suleyman and Senoglu, Mehmet and Nacitarhan, Vedat and Kurutas, Ergul Belge and Senoglu, Nimet and Altun, Idris and Atli, Yalcin and Ozbag, Davut and Karakas, Sacide and Bilgin, M Dincer and Tellioglu, Ayfer Metin and Ozlem, Sercin and Akcanal, Betul and Yildiz, Yuksel and Gunes, Hakki and Kose, Hayrullah and Uzum, Ibrahim and Gundogmus, Umit Naci and Caglayan, Cigdem and Pavlova, Velichka and Dimitrova, Mashenka and Georgieva, Lilia and Nikolova, Elena and Uzmansel, Deniz and Ozturk, Nail Can and Saylam, Canan Yurttas and Ozgiray, Erkin and Orhan, Mustafa and Cagli, Sedat and Zileli, Mehmet and Ozkan, Derya and Akkaya, Taylan and Comert, Ayhan and Balikci, Nilgun and Ozdemir, Esra and Gumus, Haluk and Ergul, Zafer and Kaya, Oskay and Altun, Serdar and Unlu, R Erkin and ...
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, ISSN 0930-1038, 9/2009, Volume 31, Issue S1, pp. 95 - 229
Journal Article
by Ötünçtemur, Alper and Çakır, Süleyman Sami and Dursun, Murat and Polat, Emre Can and Somay, Adnan and Somay, Adnan and Özbay, Nurver and Özbay, Nurver and Çekmen, Mustafa and Lee, Ming Chak and Brooks, Andrew and Drummond, Malcolm and Lau, Howard and Patel, Manish and Wang, Audrey and Woo, Henry and Kim, Hyun Jin and Averch, Timothy D and Averch, Timothy D and Kim, Hyung and Yildirim, Ibrahim and Tapan, Serkan and Aydur, Emin and Tahmaz, Lutfu and Dayanc, Murat and Olweny, Ephrem O and Faddegon, Stephen and Faddegon, Stephen and Best, Sara L and Jackson, Neil and Wehner, Eleanor F and Tan, Yung K and Tan, Yung K and Zuzak, Karel J and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Tan, Yung Khan and Olweny, Ephrem O and Liu, Zhou Wei and Kapur, Payal and Faddegon, Steve and Yin, Gang and Cadeddu, Jeffrey and Park, Jane Hyeon and Castillo, Josefino Cortez and Morales Jr, Marcelino Lopeztan and Colli, Janet and Wang, Zijun and Keel, Christopher and Lee, Benjamin R and Dilli, Alper and Zengin, Kürşad and Yalçınkaya, Fatih and Yiğitbaşı, Orhan and Sertçelik, Memduh Nurettin and Arıdoğan, Ibrahim Atilla and Izol, Volkan and Acıkalın, Arbil and Abat, Deniz and Tuli, Abdullah and Bayazıt, Yıldırım and Resorlu, Berkan and Unsal, Ali and Saitz, Theodore and Grossman, Leah and Dorsey, Philip and Pedersen, Ditte and Lund, Martin and Marcussen, Niels and Lund, Lars and Graversen, Joseph A and Wikenheiser, Jamie and Kerkoutian, Susan and Abdelshehid, Corollos and Abdelshehid, Corollos and Alipanah, Reza and Quach, Stephen and Zarraga, Jerome P and Gerbatsch, Isabelle and Huang, Jiaoti and Landman, Jaime and Landman, Jaime and Kyriazis, Iason and Kagadis, George and Loudos, George and Kallidonis, Panagiotis and Kallidonis, Panagiotis and Georgiopoulos, Ioannis and Liourdi, Despoina and Apostolopoulos, Dimitris and Nikiforidis, George and Liatsikos, Evangelos and Liatsikos, Evangelos and Fishman, Andrew and Dorai, Thambi and Dorai, Thambi and Ding, Cheng and Haberle, Ines Batinic and Grasso, Michael and ...
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 09/2012, Volume 26, Issue S1, pp. P1 - A572
Journal Article
Cranial nerve VI (abducens nerve) innervates the lateral rectus muscle. Acquired isolated abducens nerve palsy in infants and children is a rare condition. A... 
Abducens nerve palsy | Paralytic strabismus | Diplopia | Abdusens siniri felci, çift görme, paralitik şaşılık
Web Resource
2009, 1th ed., Liberal education series, ISBN 9789757747819, Volume 1, 79 pages
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 04/2018, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp. e0196159 - e0196159
Journal Article
Turk Kardiyoloji Dernegi Arsivi-Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology, ISSN 1016-5169, 2017
Journal Article
Turk Kardiyoloji Dernegi Arsivi, ISSN 1016-5169, 01/2017, Volume 45, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 4
Journal Article
Applied Organometallic Chemistry, ISSN 0268-2605, 07/2018, Volume 32, Issue 7, p. e4399
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Baykara, Nur and Akalin, Halis and Arslantaş, Mustafa Kemal and Hanci, Volkan and Çağlayan, Çiğdem and Kahveci, Ferda and Demirağ, Kubilay and Baydemir, Canan and Ünal, Necmettin and Özdemir, Pinar and Ulusoy, Hülya and Memis, Dilek and Arar, Cavidan and Yilmaz, Elif and Çelik, Melek and Cinel, Ismail and Temur, Sibel and Yasar, Mehmet Akif and Çulha, Hamdiye Tutan and Balci, Canan and San, Sultan and Salbes, Asena and Özkan, Elçin and Palabiyik, Onur and Çelik, Jale and Yosunkaya, Alper and Çiçekçi, Faruk and Özkoçak, Isil and Kati, Ismail and Basar, Hülya and Turan, Sema and Ünver, Süheyla and Büyükkoçak, Ünase and Akin, Aynur and Gürsoy, Sinan and Tok, Demet and Serin, Simay and Kiter, Seda Dursun and Dogan, Hakan and Oruç, Abdülkadir and Balaban, Onur and Tüfek, Dilara and Kurt, Ibrahim and Bilgi, Murat and Tuna, Verda and Özkök, Aysegül and Sen, Ahmet and Tas, Nilay and Ayoglu, Hilal and Ugur, Berna Kaya and Kaya, Sedat and Kahraman, Mustafa and Doganay, Zahide and Soykam, Gökalp and Köse, Isil and Yelken, Birgül and Ekinci, Osman and Kavak, Gönül Ölmez and Göktas, Ugur and Togal, Türkan and Dogan, Nazim and Gündüz, Murat and Turhanoglu, Selim and Ramazanoglu, Atilla and Eroglu, Füsun and Yalçin, Saban and Yagmurdur, Hatice and Tutak, Atilla and Altunkan, Ali Aydin and Kuyrukluyildiz, Ufuk and Hergünsel, Gülsüm Oya and Erkalp, Kerem and Gökmen, Necati and Aksun, Murat and Sayan, Erkan and Özlü, Onur and Demiraran, Yavuz and Sentürk, Evren and Gençay, Isin and Öksüz, Hafize and Yapici, Nihan and Pirat, Aras and Utku, Tughan and Gedik, Ender and Behret, Orhan and Idin, Kadir and Daskaya, Hayrettin and Ethemoglu, Filiz Banu and Alagöz, Ali and Izdes, Seval and Bayar, Mustafa Kemal and Girgin, Nermin Kelebek and Karabiyik, Lale and Koca, Ugur and Çubukçu, Nurcan and ülger, Fatma and Özgünay, Seyda Efsun and Özcan, Perihan Ergin and Erdivanli, Basar and Tomruk, Senay Göksu and ... and Sepsis Study Grp and Sepsis Study Group
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 04/2018, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp. 93 - 93
Background: The prevalence and mortality of sepsis are largely unknown in Turkey, a country with high antibiotic resistance. A national, multicenter,... 
Sepsis | Intensive care | Point prevalence | Turkey | Carbapenem resistance | HOSPITAL MORTALITY | PATIENT MORTALITY | STATES | RISK-FACTORS | TRENDS | ORGANISMS | DEFINITIONS | SEPTIC SHOCK | INFECTION | OUTCOMES | CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE | Intensive care units | Services | Drug resistance in microorganisms | Patient outcomes | Mortality | Analysis | Statistics | Index Medicus
Journal Article
Turk Kardiyoloji Dernegi arsivi : Turk Kardiyoloji Derneginin yayin organidir, 09/2017, Volume 45, Issue Suppl 4, p. III
Journal Article
Turk Kardiyoloji Dernegi arsivi : Turk Kardiyoloji Derneginin yayin organidir, 09/2017, Volume 45, p. III
Journal Article
Turk Kardiyoloji Dernegi arsivi : Turk Kardiyoloji Derneginin yayin organidir, 09/2017, Volume 45, Issue Suppl 4, p. 10
The approach to patients with an indication for oral anticoagulation (OAC) for atrial fibrillation (AF) who undergo coronary stenting and thus need dual... 
Atrial Fibrillation - drug therapy | Humans | Anticoagulants - therapeutic use | Atrial Fibrillation - surgery | Stents
Journal Article
Turk Kardiyoloji Dernegi arsivi : Turk Kardiyoloji Derneginin yayin organidir, 09/2017, Volume 45, pp. 10 - 14
Journal Article
Chinese Journal of Chemistry, ISSN 1001-604X, 09/2018, Volume 36, Issue 9, pp. 837 - 844
Herein, we report that a series of novel palladium(II)‐NHC complexes (NHC= N ‐heterocyclic carbene) were synthesized. The structures of all novel complexes... 
palladium | direct C—H bond activation | heterocyclic carbene | benzoazoles | benzimidazolium bromide | N-heterocyclic carbene | Palladium catalysts | Palladium | Chemical tests and reagents | Heterocyclic compounds | Analysis | Infrared spectroscopy | Nuclear magnetic resonance--NMR | Hydrogen bonds | Catalysts | Aromatic compounds | Benzothiazole | Reagents | Bromides | Activation | Catalysis
Journal Article
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