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数学课堂;三维目标;情境活动;实践活动;自主探究 (1) 1
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读写算(教师版):素质教育论坛, ISSN 1002-7661, 2017, Issue 26, pp. 32 - 32
Journal Article
碩士 國立宜蘭大學 多媒體網路通訊數位學習碩士在職專班 103 Arduino is the most popular programmable Chip programming, which is based Creative CC (Creative Commons) open source schematic... 
碩士 國立臺北大學 企業管理學系 101 The world is moving towards using less paper and electronic records, especially financial records. Sooner or later, people can get and... 
碩士 國立中正大學 財務金融研究所 102   This paper examines whether adjusting the characteristics of corporate governance to cope with the global financial crisis has a... 
碩士 中華大學 機械工程學系碩士班 97 Chaos has been intensively studied in the past half century, but the research on the fractional-order systems is very less. This thesis... 
碩士 國立中正大學 化學工程所 94 Abstract Lactate is one of the major fermented products from lactic acid bacteria. Furthermore, diacetyl is a small amount of valuable... 
碩士 元智大學 商學碩士班(財務金融學程) 102 We investigate the causes and consequences of 147 privately negotiated share repurchases in the years 1994–2011 of S P 500 firms.... 
중국연구, ISSN 1225-8695, 2019, Volume 81, p. 343
With the rapid development of enterprises as an organizational form, more and more social problems are brought about by purely pursuing economic interests.... 
Corporate philanthropic donations | Corporate social responsibility | Corporate governance structure
Journal Article
한국폐기물자원순환학회 추계학술발표논문집, 2019, Volume 2019, p. 9
전자산업의 지속적인 성장에 따라 금속재료 사용량과 이를 가공하는 과정에서 생성되는 폐액의 양이 증가하고 있다. 이 중 구리는 알루미늄에 이어 두 번째로 수요가 많으나 한정된 자원이므로 회수와 재활용의 필요성이 증대되고 있다. 특히, 전자기기에 사용되는 구리는 99.99%(4N) 이상의... 
도금폐수 | 4N(99.99%) 고순도 구리 | 구리 회수 | 전해추출
Journal Article
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