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by Felix, Janine F and Joubert, Bonnie R and Baccarelli, Andrea A and Sharp, Gemma C and Almqvist, Catarina and Annesi-Maesano, Isabella and Arshad, Hasan and Baiz, Nour and Bakermans-Kranenburg, Marian J and Bakulski, Kelly M and Binder, Elisabeth B and Schoeters, Greet and Wang, Pei and Schwartz, David A and Taylor, Jack A and Yousefi, Paul and Sebert, Sylvain and Snieder, Harold and Sorensen, Thorkild I. A and Starling, Anne P and Ullemar, Vilhelmina and Zhang, Weiming and Vafeiadi, Marina and Bouchard, Luigi and Van Ijzendoorn, Marinus H and Vonk, Judith M and Vriens, Annette and Vrijheid, Martine and Wiemels, Joseph L and Brunekreef, Bert and Wilcox, Allen J and Zhang, Hongmei and Czamara, Darina and Wright, Rosalind J and Xu, Cheng-Jian and Xu, Zongli and Yang, Ivana V and Zhao, Shanshan and Breton, Carrie V and Everson, Todd M and Agha, Golareh and Relton, Caroline L and Jaddoe, Vincent W and London, Stephanie J and Brunst, Kelly J and Fallin, M. Daniele and Burchard, Esteban G and Dabelea, Dana and Bustamante Pineda, Mariona and Chatzi, Leda and Cheng Munthe-Kaas, Monica and Corpeleijn, Eva and Davey Smith, George and Gonseth, Semira and De Boever, Patrick and Falahi, Fahimeh and Holloway, John W and Duijts, Liesbeth and Dwyer, Terence and Eng, Celeste and Eskenazi, Brenda and Farchi, Sara and Fernandez, Mariana F and Karagas, Margaret R and Gao, Lu and Gaunt, Tom R and Ghantous, Akram and Gillman, Matthew W and Grote, Veit and Karmaus, Wilfried and Gruzieva, Olena and Hoyo, Cathrine and Haberg, Siri E and Herceg, Zdenko and Hivert, Marie-France and Holland, Nina and Hu, Donglei and Ladd-Acosta, Christine and Huang, Rae-Chi and Karlsson, Robert and Magnus, Per and Huen, Karen and Jarvelin, Marjo-Riitta and Jima, Dereje D and Just, Allan C and Kechris, Katerina J and Kere, Juha and Nistico, Lorenza and Kogevinas, Manolis and Koletzko, Berthold and Koppelman, Gerard H and Kupers, Leanne K and Lahti, Jari and Nordlund, Bjorn and Lambrechts, Nathalie and Maguire, Rachel L and Langie, Sabine A. S and Lie, Rolv T and Liu, Andrew H and Magnus, Maria C and ...
ISSN 0300-5771, 09/2017
Epigenetics refers to mitotically heritable changes to the DNA, which do not affect the DNA sequence, but can influence its function. Currently, DNA... 
Pregnancy | Epigenetics | Epigenètica | Embaràs
Journal Article
by Sharp, Gemma C and Salas, Lucas A and Poppelaars-Monnereau, Claire and Allard, Catherine and Yousefi, Paul and Everson, T.M and Bohlin, Jon and Xu, Zongli and Huang, R.-C and Reese, Sarah E and Xu, Cheng-Jian and Baïz, Nour and Hoyo, C and Agha, G and Roy, R and Holloway, John and Ghantous, A and Merid, Simon Kebede and Bakulski, Kelly M and Küpers, Marlijn and Zhang, H and Richmond, Rebecca C and Page, C.M and Duijts, L and Lie, R.T and Melton, P.E and Vonk, Judith and Nohr, Christian and Williams-DeVane, C and Huen, Karen and Rifas-Shiman, Sheryl and Ruiz-Arenas, C and Gonseth, S and Rezwan, F.I and Herceg, Zdenko and Ekström, S and Croen, L and Falahi, Fahimeh and Perron, P and Karagas, Margaret and Quraishi, Bilal M and Suderman, Matthew J and Magnus, M.C and Jaddoe, Vincent and Taylor, J.A and Anderson, Denise and Zhao, S and Smit, Henriëtte and Josey, M.J and Bradman, A and Baccarelli, Anea and Bustamante, Mariona and Håberg, Siri E and Pershagen, Göran and Hertz-Picciotto, Irva and Newschaffer, C and Corpeleijn, Willemijn and Bouchard, Luigi and Lawlor, D.A and Maguire, R.L and Barcellos, Lisa and Smith, G.D and Eskenazi, B and Karmaus, W and Marsit, C.J and Hivert, Marie-France and Snieder, Harold and Fallin, M.D and Melén, E and Munthe-Kaas, Monica Cheng and Arshad, Hasan and Wiemels, Joseph and Annesi-Maesano, Isabella and Vrijheid, Martine and Oken, Emily and Holland, N and Murphy, S.K and Sørensen, Thorkild and Koppelman, Gerard and Newnham, John and Wilcox, Allen and Nystad, Wenche and London, Stephanie J and Felix, Janine and Relton, Caroline
Human Molecular Genetics, ISSN 0964-6906, 10/2017, Volume 26, Issue 20, pp. 4067 - 4085
Journal Article
The Clinical Teacher, ISSN 1743-4971, 06/2007, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp. 82 - 86
Journal Article
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