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by Redin, Claire and Brand, Harrison and Collins, Ryan L and Kammin, Tammy and Mitchell, Elyse and Hodge, Jennelle C and Hanscom, Carrie and Pillalamarri, Vamsee and Seabra, Catarina M and Abbott, Mary-Alice and Abdul-Rahman, Omar A and Aberg, Erika and Adley, Rhett and Alcaraz-Estrada, Sofia L and Alkuraya, Fowzan S and An, Yu and Anderson, Mary-Anne and Antolik, Caroline and Anyane-Yeboa, Kwame and Atkin, Joan F and Bartell, Tina and Bernstein, Jonathan A and Beyer, Elizabeth and Blumenthal, Ian and Bongers, Ernie M H F and Brilstra, Eva H and Brown, Chester W and Brüggenwirth, Hennie T and Callewaert, Bert and Chiang, Colby and Corning, Ken and Cox, Helen and Cuppen, Edwin and Currall, Benjamin B and Cushing, Tom and David, Dezso and Deardorff, Matthew A and Dheedene, Annelies and D'Hooghe, Marc and de Vries, Bert B A and Earl, Dawn L and Ferguson, Heather L and Fisher, Heather and FitzPatrick, David R and Gerrol, Pamela and Giachino, Daniela and Glessner, Joseph T and Gliem, Troy and Grady, Margo and Graham, Brett H and Griffis, Cristin and Gripp, Karen W and Gropman, Andrea L and Hanson-Kahn, Andrea and Harris, David J and Hayden, Mark A and Hill, Rosamund and Hochstenbach, Ron and Hoffman, Jodi D and Hopkin, Robert J and Hubshman, Monika W and Innes, A Micheil and Irons, Mira and Irving, Melita and Jacobsen, Jessie C and Janssens, Sandra and Jewett, Tamison and Johnson, John P and Jongmans, Marjolijn C and Kahler, Stephen G and Koolen, David A and Korzelius, Jerome and Kroisel, Peter M and Lacassie, Yves and Lawless, William and Lemyre, Emmanuelle and Leppig, Kathleen and Levin, Alex V and Li, Haibo and Li, Hong and Liao, Eric C and Lim, Cynthia and Lose, Edward J and Lucente, Diane and Macera, Michael J and Manavalan, Poornima and Mandrile, Giorgia and Marcelis, Carlo L and Margolin, Lauren and Mason, Tamara and Masser-Frye, Diane and McClellan, Michael W and Mendoza, Cinthya J Zepeda and Menten, Björn and Middelkamp, Sjors and Mikami, Liya R and Moe, Emily and Mohammed, Shehla and Mononen, Tarja and Mortenson, Megan E and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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by McGowan, Elisabeth C and Laptook, Abbot. R and Lowe, Jean and Peralta-Carcelen, Myriam and Chowdhury, Dhuly and Higgins, Rosemary D and Hintz, Susan R and Vohr, Betty R and Polin, Richard A and Laptook, Abbott R and Keszler, Martin and Hensman, Angelita M and Alksninis, Barbara and Basso, Kristin M and Burke, Robert and Caskey, Melinda and Johnson, Katharine and Keszler, Mary Lenore and Knoll, Andrea M and Leach, Theresa M and Little, Emilee and McGowan, Elisabeth C and Vieira, Elisa and Watson, Victoria E and Ventura, Suzy and Walsh, Michele C and Fanaroff, Avroy A and Hibbs, Anna Marie and Wilson-Costello, Deanne E and Newman, Nancy S and Payne, Allison H and Siner, Bonnie S and Bhola, Monika and Yalcinkaya, Gulgun and Friedman, Harriet G and Truog, William E and Pallotto, Eugenia K and Kilbride, Howard W and Gauldin, Cheri and Holmes, Anne and Johnson, Kathy and Knutson, Allison and Schibler, Kurt and Donovan, Edward F and Grisby, Cathy and Bridges, Kate and Alexander, Barbara and Fischer, Estelle E and Mincey, Holly L and Hessling, Jody and Gratton, Teresa L and Jackson, Lenora and Kirker, Kristin and Muthig, Greg and Steichen, Jean J and Tepe, Stacey and Yolton, Kimberly and Goldberg, Ronald N and Cotten, C. Michael and Goldstein, Ricki F and Ashley, Patricia L and Malcolm, William F and Auten, Kathy J and Fisher, Kimberley A and Grimes, Sandra and Gustafson, Kathryn E and Lohmeyer, Melody B and Finkle, Joanne and Laughon, Matthew M and Bose, Carl L and Bernhardt, Janice and Bose, Gennie and Clark, Cindy and Manor, Linda and Warner, Diane and Wereszczak, Janice and Carlton, David P and Stoll, Barbara J and Adams-Chapman, Ira and Hale, Ellen C and Loggins, Yvonne and Archer, Stephanie Wilson and Sokol, Gregory M and Poindexter, Brenda B and Dusick, Anna M and Papile, Lu-Ann and Gunn, Susan and Hamer, Faithe and Herron, Dianne E and Hines, Abbey C and Lytle, Carolyn and Minnich, Heike M and Smiley, Lucy and Wilson, Leslie Dawn and Sanchez, Pablo J and Nelin, Leif D and Jadcherla, Sudarshan R and Luzader, Patricia and Fortney, Christine A and Besner, Gail E and ... and National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network and Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Scientific reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 5101 - 11
... Tumor-Specific Glycoforms Zhongpeng Lu1, Kalika Kamat3, Blake p. Johnson2, Catherin C. Yin3, Nathalie scholler 3 and Karen L. Abbott1 Tumor-specific glycosylation... 
Journal Article
by Kwan, Antonia and Abraham, Roshini S and Currier, Robert and Brower, Amy and Andruszewski, Karen and Abbott, Jordan K and Baker, Mei and Ballow, Mark and Bartoshesky, Louis E and Bonilla, Francisco A and Brokopp, Charles and Brooks, Edward and Caggana, Michele and Celestin, Jocelyn and Church, Joseph A and Comeau, Anne Marie and Connelly, James A and Cowan, Morton J and Cunningham-Rundles, Charlotte and Dasu, Trivikram and Dave, Nina and De La Morena, Maria T and Duffner, Ulrich and Fong, Chin-To and Forbes, Lisa and Freedenberg, Debra and Gelfand, Erwin W and Hale, Jaime E and Hanson, I. Celine and Hay, Beverly N and Hu, Diana and Infante, Anthony and Johnson, Daisy and Kapoor, Neena and Kay, Denise M and Kohn, Donald B and Lee, Rachel and Lehman, Heather and Lin, Zhili and Lorey, Fred and Abdel-Mageed, Aly and Manning, Adrienne and McGhee, Sean and Moore, Theodore B and Naides, Stanley J and Notarangelo, Luigi D and Orange, Jordan S and Pai, Sung-Yun and Porteus, Matthew and Rodriguez, Ray and Romberg, Neil and Routes, John and Ruehle, Mary and Rubenstein, Arye and Saavedra-Matiz, Carlos A and Scott, Ginger and Scott, Patricia M and Secord, Elizabeth and Seroogy, Christine and Shearer, William T and Siegel, Subhadra and Silvers, Stacy K and Stiehm, E. Richard and Sugerman, Robert W and Sullivan, John L and Tanksley, Susan and Tierce, Millard L and Verbsky, James and Vogel, Beth and Walker, Rosalyn and Walkovich, Kelly and Walter, Jolan E and Wasserman, Richard L and Watson, Michael S and Weinberg, Geoffrey A and Weiner, Leonard B and Wood, Heather and Yates, Anne B and Puck, Jennifer M
JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 08/2014, Volume 312, Issue 7, pp. 729 - 738
Journal Article