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JOURNAL OF PAIN RESEARCH, ISSN 1178-7090, 2019, Volume 12, pp. 1393 - 1398
Background: Abdominal hysterectomy is associated with marked postoperative pain and morbidity, but effective postoperative analgesia provides early recovery... 
RETROLAMINAR | PAIN | MANAGEMENT | EFFICACY | postoperative analgesia | erector spinae plane block | fentanyl consumption | total abdominal hysterectomy | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | Erector spinae plane block
Journal Article
by Kroell, Wolfgang and Metzler, Helfried and Struber, Gerd and Wegscheider, Thomas and Gombotz, Hans and Hiesmayr, Michael and Schmid, Werner and Urbanek, Bernhard and Leva, Brigitte and Damster, Sanine and Plichon, Benoit and Kahn, David and Momeni, Mona and Pospiech, Auey and Lois, Fernande and Forget, Patrice and Grosu, Irina and Poelaert, Jan and van Mossevelde, Veerle and van Malderen, Marie-Claire and Dylst, Dimitri and van Melkebeek, Jeroen and Beran, Maud and de Hert, Stefan and de Baerdemaeker, Luc and Heyse, Bjorn and van Limmen, Jurgen and Wyffels, Piet and Jacobs, Tom and Roels, Nathalie and de Bruyne, Ann and van de Velde, Stijn and Juros-Zovko, Marina and Djonoviċ-Omanoviċ, Dejana and Serpa Neto, Ary and Pernar, Selma and Zunic, Josip and Miskovic, Petar and Zilic, Antonio and Kvolik, Slavica and Ivic, Dubravka and Azenic-Venzera, Darija and Skiljic, Sonja and Vinkovic, Hrvoje and Oputric, Ivana and Juricic, Kazimir and Frkovic, Vean and Kopic, Jasminka and Mirkovic, Ivan and Karanovic, Nenad and Carev, Mladen and pulic, Natasa and Pavičić-Šarić, Jaanka and Erceg, Gorjana and Bogdanović Dvorščak, Matea and Mazul-Sunko, Branka and Pavicic, Anna Marija and Goranovic, Tanja and Maldini, Branka and Radocaj, Tomislav and Gavranovic, Zeljka and Mladic-Batinica, Inga and Sehovic, Mirna and Stourac, Petr and Harazim, Hana and Smekalova, Olga and Kosinova, Martina and Kolacek, Tomas and Hudacek, Kamil and b, Michal and Brujevic, Jan and Vitkova, Katerina and Jirmanova, Katerina and Volfova, Ivana and Dzurnakova, Paula and Liskova, Katarina and Dudas, Radovan and Filipsky, Radek and El Kafrawy, Samir and Hosny Abdelwahab, Hisham and Metwally, Tarek and Abdel-Razek, Ahmed and El-Shaarawy, Ahmed Mostafa and Fathy Hasan, Wael and Gouda Ahmed, Ahmed and Yassin, Hany and Magdy, Mohamed and Abdelhady, Mahdy and Mahran, Mohamed and Herodes, Eiko and Kivik, Peeter and Oganjan, Juri and Aun, Annika and Sormus, Alar and Sarapuu, Kaili and Mall, Merilin and Karjagin, Juri and Futier, Emmanuel and Petit, Antoine and Gerard, Adeline and ... and LAS VEGAS Investigators and LAS VEGAS investigators and The LAS VEGAS investigators and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper and Klinisk fysiologi
European journal of anaesthesiology, ISSN 0265-0215, 2017, Volume 34, Issue 8, pp. 492 - 507
Journal Article
Journal of vascular and interventional neurology, ISSN 1941-5893, 06/2018, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 68 - 72
Stroke ranks as the second leading cause of death and the leading cause of morbidity worldwide. Large intracranial arterial stenosis (ICAS) is a major cause of... 
prevalence | risk factors | TCD | stroke | ICAS
Journal Article
by Cortegiani, A and Gregoretti, C and Neto, A.S and Hemmes, S.N.T and Hemmes, S and Ball, L and Canet, J and Hiesmayr, M and Hollmann, M and Hollmann, M.W and Mills, G.H and Mills, G and Melo, M.F.V and Melo, M.V and Putensen, C and Schmid, W and Severgnini, P and Wrigge, H and Gama de Abreu, M and Schultz, M and Schultz, M.J and Pelosi, P and Kroell, W and Metzler, H and Struber, G and Wegscheider, T and Gombotz, H and Urbanek, B and Kahn, D and Momeni, M and Pospiech, A and Lois, F and Forget, P and Grosu, I and Poelaert, J and Mossevelde, V and van Malderen, M.C and Dylst, D and Melkebeek, J.V and Beran, M and Hert, S.D and Baerdemaeker, L.D and Heyse, B and Limmen, J.V and Wyffels, P and Jacobs, T and Roels, N and Bruyne, A.D and Velde, S.V.D and Marina, J.Z and Dejana, D.O and Pernar, S and Zunic, J and Miskovic, P and Zilic, A and Kvolik, S and Ivic, D and Darija, A.V and Skiljic, S and Vinkovic, H and Oputric, I and Juricic, K and Frkovic, V and Kopic, J and Mirkovic, I and Saric, J.P and Erceg, G and Dvorscak, M.B and Branka, M.S and Pavicic, A.M and Goranovic, T and Maldini, B and Radocaj, T and Gavranovic, Z and Inga, M.B and Sehovic, M and Stourac, P and Harazim, H and Smekalova, O and Kosinova, M and Kolacek, T and Hudacek, K and Drab, M and Brujevic, J and Vitkova, K and Jirmanova, K and Volfova, I and Dzurnakova, P and Liskova, K and Dudas, R and Filipsky, R and Kafrawy, S.E and Abdelwahab, H.H and Metwally, T and Ahmed, A.G and Ahmed, A.R and Ahmed Mostafa, E.S and Hasan, W.F and Yassin, H and Magdy, M and ... and PROVE Network and European Soc Anaesthesiology and LAS VEGAS Investigators and LAS VEGAS Investigators, the PROVE Network, and the Clinical Trial Network of the European Society of Anaesthesiology
British Journal of Anaesthesia, ISSN 0007-0912, 03/2019, Volume 122, Issue 3, pp. 361 - 369
The aim of this analysis of a large cohort study was to evaluate the association between night-time surgery and the occurrence of intraoperative adverse events... 
intraoperative complications | postoperative complications | pulmonary | patient safety | general anaesthesia | MORTALITY | PERFORMANCE | SLEEP-DEPRIVATION | MECHANICAL VENTILATION | TIME | STRATEGIES | ANESTHESIA | INCREASED RISK | ANESTHESIOLOGY | OUTCOMES
Journal Article
Proceedings of the 3rd IMechE Automobile Division Southern Centre Conference on: Total Vehicle Technology; Finding the Radical, Implementing the Practical, 2004, pp. 45 - 56
Conference Proceeding
Cretaceous Research, ISSN 0195-6671, 06/2017, Volume 74, pp. 120 - 136
Based on rock and fossil data from the Upper Cretaceous of the El Hassana Dome (Abu Roash, Egypt), factors controlling facies architecture and the nature of... 
North Africa | Facies associations | Biotope reconstruction | Late Mesozoic | Environmental control | WESTERN DESERT | SUCCESSION | FACIES DEVELOPMENT | SEA | PALEONTOLOGY | SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHY | EVOLUTION | GEOLOGY | CARBONATE PLATFORM | BIVALVIA | TAPHONOMY | MAGHARA NORTH SINAI | Corals | Terrigenous sediments | Tectonics (Geology)
Journal Article
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