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Journal Article (1995) 1995
Patent (344) 344
Conference Proceeding (162) 162
Newspaper Article (119) 119
Book Review (28) 28
Book / eBook (27) 27
Report (27) 27
Book Chapter (21) 21
Web Resource (15) 15
Government Document (7) 7
Magazine Article (7) 7
Dissertation (6) 6
Publication (5) 5
Streaming Video (2) 2
Trade Publication Article (2) 2
Paper (1) 1
Reference (1) 1
Subjects Subjects
Subjects Subjects
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science & technology (1021) 1021
physics (688) 688
physical sciences (582) 582
technology (372) 372
life sciences & biomedicine (364) 364
physics, applied (337) 337
materials science (316) 316
humans (270) 270
chemistry (260) 260
exact sciences and technology (223) 223
materials science, multidisciplinary (187) 187
metallurgy (170) 170
physics, condensed matter (165) 165
engineering (158) 158
female (155) 155
fuels (147) 147
lubricants (145) 145
peat (145) 145
petroleum, gas or coke industries (145) 145
technical gases containing carbon monoxide (145) 145
male (138) 138
engineering, electrical & electronic (129) 129
animals (125) 125
biological and medical sciences (125) 125
applied sciences (99) 99
calculating (98) 98
computing (98) 98
counting (98) 98
electric digital data processing (98) 98
lubricating compositions (97) 97
use of chemical substances either alone or as lubricatingingredients in a lubricating composition (97) 97
medical sciences (92) 92
cracking hydrocarbon oils (91) 91
mineral waxes (91) 91
production of liquid hydrocarbon mixtures, e.g. by destructivehydrogenation, oligomerisation, polymerisation (91) 91
recovery of hydrocarbon oils from oil-shale, oil-sand, orgases (91) 91
refining mixtures mainly consisting of hydrocarbons (91) 91
reforming of naphtha (91) 91
electronics (84) 84
science & technology - other topics (82) 82
abridged index medicus (81) 81
adult (81) 81
drei-fünf-verbindung (81) 81
research (80) 80
analysis (75) 75
semiconductor electronics. microelectronics. optoelectronics. solid state devices (74) 74
galliumverbindung (69) 69
condensed matter (58) 58
galliumnitrid (55) 55
galliumarsenid (54) 54
molekularstrahlepitaxie (54) 54
physics, multidisciplinary (53) 53
child (52) 52
cross-disciplinary physics: materials science; rheology (50) 50
neutron scattering (50) 50
neutrons (50) 50
social sciences (50) 50
condensed matter: structure, mechanical and thermal properties (49) 49
electrochemistry (49) 49
middle aged (49) 49
multidisciplinary sciences (44) 44
astrophysics (43) 43
condensed matter: electronic structure, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties (43) 43
phonons (43) 43
transistors (43) 43
united states (43) 43
gan (42) 42
halbleiter mit grosser energielücke (42) 42
research article (41) 41
characterization and evaluation of materials (40) 40
indiumverbindung (40) 40
fundamental and applied biological sciences. psychology (39) 39
aged (38) 38
genetics & heredity (38) 38
nanoscience & nanotechnology (38) 38
adolescent (37) 37
astronomy & astrophysics (37) 37
optical and electronic materials (37) 37
electronics and microelectronics, instrumentation (36) 36
solid state physics and spectroscopy (36) 36
gravitational waves (35) 35
surgery (35) 35
aluminiumverbindung (34) 34
chemistry, physical (34) 34
condensed matter physics, superconductivity and superfluidity (34) 34
health aspects (34) 34
materials science, coatings & films (34) 34
halbleiterepitaxialschicht (33) 33
ionenimplantation (33) 33
mice (33) 33
virology (33) 33
fremdatomzusatz (32) 32
microbiology (32) 32
strongly correlated electrons (32) 32
studies (32) 32
time factors (32) 32
gallium nitrides (31) 31
public, environmental & occupational health (31) 31
surfaces and interfaces; thin films and whiskers (31) 31
organic chemistry (30) 30
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Library Location Library Location
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Robarts - Stacks (11) 11
Gerstein Science - Stacks (4) 4
Law (Bora Laskin) - Stacks (4) 4
Collection Dvlpm't (Acquisitions) - Closed Orders (3) 3
Collection Dvlpm't (Acquisitions) - Vendor file (2) 2
Online Resources - Online (2) 2
St. Michael's College (John M. Kelly) - 2nd Floor (2) 2
St. Michael's College (John M. Kelly) - 3rd Floor (2) 2
UTL at Downsview - May be requested (2) 2
UofT at Scarborough - Stacks (2) 2
Gerstein Science - Circulation Desk (1) 1
New College (Ivey) - Stacks (1) 1
Thomas Fisher Rare Book - Rare Book (1) 1
UofT at Mississauga - Stacks (1) 1
Victoria University E.J. Pratt - Stacks (1) 1
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Language Language
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English (2710) 2710
French (48) 48
Chinese (22) 22
Portuguese (16) 16
German (15) 15
Dutch (12) 12
Russian (10) 10
Korean (3) 3
Japanese (2) 2
Spanish (2) 2
Italian (1) 1
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Journal Article
by Abadie, J and Affeldt, C and Allen, B and Araya, M.C and Barr, B and Bassiri, R and Batch, J and Black, E and Bogan, C and Burmeister, O and Campsie, P and Conte, R and Coughlin, M and Dergachev, V and DeSalvo, R and Eberle, T and Effler, A and Evans, K and Evans, M and Feldbaum, D and Fisher, R.P and Fotopoulos, N and Frede, M and Fricke, T.T and Garcia, J and Giardina, K.D and Goggin, L.M and González, G and Gorodetsky, M.L and Graef, C and Greenhalgh, R.J.S and Grunewald, S and Ha, T and Hammond, G and Husa, S and Isogai, T and Jones, D.I and Jones, G and Kawamura, S and Keresztes, Z and Kokeyama, K and Kopparapu, R and Kozak, D and Krishnamurthy, S and Lam, P.K and Leong, J.R and Leonor, I and Li, J and Lockerbie, N.A and Lormand, M and Luan, J and Mageswaran, M and Marandi, A and Mazzolo, G and McGuire, S.C and Miyakawa, O and Moe, B and Moreno, G and Mossavi, K and Murray, P.G and O'Reilly, B and Oelker, E and Oh, J.J and Oh, S.H and Oldenburg, R.G and Ottens, R.S and Page, A and Pinto, I.M and Pöld, J and Principe, M and Ramet, C.R and Rodriguez, C and Sandberg, V and Sannibale, V and Santamaría, L and Sathyaprakash, B.S and Schnabel, R and Schutz, B.F and Skelton, G and Smith, R.J.E and Stein, A.J and Stochino, A and Summerscales, T.Z and Taylor, J.R and Thomas, P and Thorne, K.A and Thorne, K.S and Traylor, G and Urbanek, K and Veltkamp, C and Wang, X and Wang, Z and Weinert, M and Wen, L and Whitcomb, S.E and Wiseman, A.G and Wooley, R and Yeaton-Massey, D and Yu, P and Zotov, N and LIGO Sci Collaboration and The LIGO Scientific Collaboration
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Journal Article
Applied physics letters, ISSN 0003-6951, 1994, Volume 65, Issue 8, pp. 992 - 994
Journal Article
by Addesso, P and Affeldt, C and Ballmer, S and Barsuglia, M and Biswas, R and Bondu, F and Brady, P R and Cadonati, L and Camp, J B and Cella, G and Chassande-Mottin, E and Chen, X and Chen, Y and Coulon, J-P and Cunningham, L and Cutler, R M and Daudert, B and Dent, T and Dhurandhar, S and Fiore, L Di and Evans, M and Finn, L S and Fisher, R P and Foley, S and Frasconi, F and Fujimoto, M-K and Gammaitoni, L and Genin, E and Gennai, A and Ghosh, S and Goetz, E and Gorodetsky, M L and Grunewald, S and Gupta, R and Hallam, J M and Hayama, K and Hayau, J-F and Heurs, M and Hough, J and Jang, Y J and Jaranowski, P and Jonker, R J G and Kalmus, P and Kandhasamy, S and Kasprzack, M and Kaufer, H and Kim, C and Kissel, J S and Letendre, N and Logue, J and Lough, J and Mailand, K and Markosyan, A and Melissinos, A C and Michel, C and Mitselmakher, G and Mosca, S and Mours, B and Mueller, C L and Mukherjee, S and Mullavey, A and Munch, J and Murphy, D and Passaquieti, R and Perreca, A and Phelps, M and Piergiovanni, F and Poggiani, R and Puppo, P and Quitzow-James, R and Rabeling, D S and Reitze, D H and Ryan, K and Schutz, B F and Shoemaker, D H and Sidery, T L and Simakov, D and Smith-Lefebvre, N D and Sperandio, L and Sturani, R and Swinkels, B and Talukder, D and Tanner, D B and Tarabrin, S P and Thrane, E and Tomlinson, C and van den Brand, J F J and van der Putten, S and Vedovato, G and Veitch, P J and Verkindt, D and Vetrano, F and Wade, M and Wan, Y and Weiss, R and Westphal, T and Yakushin, I and Yang, H and Zhang, F and Zhang, L
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Journal Article
Physical review. B, Condensed matter and materials physics, ISSN 1098-0121, 03/2015, Volume 91, Issue 9
Journal Article
by Abbott, B P and Abernathy, M and Ceron, E Amador and Aronsson, M and Atkinson, D E and Baker, P and Barnum, S and Barone, F and Barr, B and Beyersdorf, P T and Bigotta, S and Blom, M and Boccara, C and Bosi, L and Boyle, M and Braccini, S and Brinkmann, M and Cagnoli, G and Carbognani, F and Cavalieri, R and Chalkley, E and Clark, D and Culter, R M and DeBra, D and DeRosa, R and Douglas, E S D and Engel, R and Etzel, T and Fairhurst, S and Fan, Y and Foley, S and Frasca, S and Freise, A and Frey, R and Fricke, T T and Granata, M and Greenhalgh, R J S and Gretarsson, A M and Hallam, J M and Harms, J and Heitmann, H and Hild, S and Hoak, D and Holt, K and Husa, S and Isogai, T and Jaranowski, P and Johnson, W W and Kawazoe, F and Kim, H and Krause, T and Lantz, B and Leong, J and Luan, J and Lubinski, M and Lucianetti, A and Martelli, F and Matone, L and McKechan, D J A and Meshkov, S and Michel, C and Mitra, S and Mohapatra, S R P and Morgado, N and Moscatelli, V and MowLowry, C and Nash, T and Nelson, J and O'Dell, J and Ogin, G H and Osthelder, C and Pekowsky, L and Poggiani, R and Puppo, P and Raab, F J and Röver, C and Rolland, L and Sakosky, M and Sassolas, B and Scott, S M and Slutsky, J and Sorazu, B and Stein, A J and Steinlechner, S and Thorne, K A and Trias, M and Tseng, K and Ugolini, D and Urbanek, K and Vajente, G and Vecchio, A and Veltkamp, C and Vetrano, F and Vocca, H and Wen, S and Wette, K and Willems, P A and Woan, G and Yamamoto, K and Zhang, Z and LIGO Sci Collaboration & Virgo and The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration
Classical and quantum gravity, ISSN 0264-9381, 09/2010, Volume 27, Issue 17, p. 173001
Journal Article