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by Badje, Anani and Moh, Raoul and Gabillard, Delphine and Guéhi, Calixte and Kabran, Mathieu and Ntakpé, Jean-Baptiste and Carrou, Jérôme Le and Kouame, Gérard-Menan and Kouame, Amadou-Barenson and Kouame, Gérard M and Kouame, Abo and Ouattara, Eric and Messou, Eugène and Anzian, Amani and Minga, Albert and Gnokoro, Joachim and Gouesse, Patrice and Emieme, Arlette and Toni, Thomas-d'Aquin and Rabe, Cyprien and Sidibé, Baba and Nzunetu, Gustave and Dohoun, Lambert and Yao, Abo and Kamagate, Synali and Amon, Solange and Koua, Aboli and Kouamé, Emmanuel and Kouamé, Antoine and Daligou, Marcelle and Hawerlander, Denise and Ackoundzé, Simplice and Koule, Serge and Séri, Jonas and Ani, Alex and Dembélé, Fassery and Koné, Fatoumata and Koné, Mariatou and Oyebi, Mykayila and Mbakop, Nathalie and Makaila, Oyewole and Babatunde, Carolle and Babatunde, Nathaniel and Bleoué, Gisèle and Tchoutedjem, Mireille and Kouadio, Alain-Claude and Sena, Ghislaine and Yededji, Sahinou-Yediga and Karcher, Sophie and Rouzioux, Christine and Assi, Rodrigue and Bakayoko, Alima and Domoua, Serge K and Domoua, Serge-K and Deschamps, Nina and Aka, Kakou and N'Dri-Yoman, Thérèse and Salamon, Roger and Journot, Valérie and Ahibo, Hughes and Ouassa, Timothée and Menan, Hervé and Inwoley, André and Danel, Christine and Eholié, Serge-Paul and Eholié, Serge P and Anglaret, Xavier and Le Carrou, Jérôme and Abo, Yao and Ménan, Hervé and Ndja, Ben-Ahoussi and Adou, Blandine and Kanga, Constance and Aoussi, Eba and Bissagnene, Emmanuel and Ba-Gomis, Olivier and Zike, Yves-Alain and Akakpo, Claude and Sassan-Morokro, Madeleine and Mobio, Max and Doféré, Bamba and Mesmin, Koman and Attia, Alain and Mahassadi, Alassane and Horo, Apollinaire and Oussou, Armel and Chaix, Marie-Laure and Peytavin, Gilles and N'Guessan, Kouamé and Fassassi, Raïmi and Niangoran, Serge and Desgrées-du-Loû, Annabel and Lert, France and Dray Spira, Rosemary and Jean, Kevin and Konan, Sylvie and Konan, Romuald and Bohoussou, Franck and Yao-Yapi, Cyril and N'guessan-Koffi, Larissa and ... and Temprano ANRS 12136 Study Grp and Temprano ANRS 12136 Study Group
The Lancet Global Health, ISSN 2214-109X, 11/2017, Volume 5, Issue 11, pp. e1080 - e1089
Journal Article
by Danel, Christine and Moh, Raoul and Gabillard, Delphine and Badje, Anani and Le Carrou, Jérôme and Ouassa, Timothée and Ouattara, Eric and Anzian, Amani and Ntakpé, Jean-Baptiste and Minga, Albert and Kouame, Gérard M and Bouhoussou, Franck and Emieme, Arlette and Kouamé, Antoine and Inwoley, André and Toni, Thomas-D'Aquin and Ahiboh, Hugues and Kabran, Mathieu and Rabe, Cyprien and Sidibé, Baba and Nzunetu, Gustave and Konan, Romuald and Gnokoro, Joachim and Gouesse, Patrice and Messou, Eugène and Dohoun, Lambert and Kamagate, Synali and Yao, Abo and Amon, Solange and Kouame, Amadou-Barenson and Koua, Aboli and Kouamé, Emmanuel and Ndri, Yao and Ba-Gomis, Olivier and Daligou, Marcelle and Ackoundzé, Simplice and Hawerlander, Denise and Ani, Alex and Dembéle, Fassery and Koné, Fatoumata and Guéhi, Calixte and Kanga, Constance and Koule, Serge and Séri, Jonas and Oyebi, Mykayila and Mbakop, Nathalie and Makaila, Olewole and Babatunde, Carole and Babatounde, Nathanael and Bleoué, Gisèle and Tchoutedjem, Mireille and Kouadio, Alain-Claude and Sena, Ghislaine and Yededji, Sahinou-Yediga and Assi, Rodrigue and Bakayoko, Alima and Mahassadi, Alassane and Attia, Alain and Oussou, Armel and Mobio, Max and Bamba, Doféré and Koman, Mesmin and Horo, Apollinaire and Deschamps, Nina and Chenal, Henri and Sassan-Morokro, Madeleine and Konate, Seidou and Aka, Kakou and Aoussi, Eba and Journot, Valérie and Nchot, Célestin and Karcher, Sophie and Chaix, Marie-Laure and Rouzioux, Christine and Sow, Papa-Salif and Perronne, Christian and Girard, Pierre-Marie and Menan, Hervé and Bissagnene, Emmanuel and Kadio, Auguste and Ettiegne-Traore, Virginie and Moh-Semdé, Corinne and Kouame, Abo and Massumbuko, Jean-Marie and Chêne, Geneviève and Dosso, Mireille and Domoua, Serge K and N'Dri-Yoman, Thérèse and Salamon, Roger and Eholié, Serge P and Anglaret, Xavier and The TEMPRANO ANRS 12136 Study Group and TEMPRANO ANRS 12136 Study Group
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 08/2015, Volume 373, Issue 9, pp. 808 - 822
Journal Article
by Ekouevi, Didier K and Balestre, Eric and Coffie, Patrick A and Minta, Daouda and Messou, Eugene and Sawadogo, Adrien and Minga, Albert and Sow, Papa Salif and Bissagnene, Emmanuel and Eholie, Serge P and Gottlieb, Geoffrey S and Dabis, François and Zannou, Djimon Marcel and Ahouada, Carin and Akakpo, Jocelyn and Ahomadegbé, Christelle and Bashi, Jules and Gougounon-Houéto, Alice and Azon-Kouanou, Angèle and Houngbé, Fabien and Koumakpaï, Sikiratou and Alihonou, Florence and D'Almeida, Marcelline and Hodonou, Irvine and Hounhoui, Ghislaine and Sagbo, Gracien and Tossa-Bagnan, Leïla and Adjide, Herman and Drabo, Joseph and Bognounou, René and Dienderé, Arnaud and Traore, Eliezer and Zoungrana, Lassane and Zerbo, Béatrice and Sawadogo, Adrien Bruno and Zoungrana, Jacques and Héma, Arsène and Soré, Ibrahim and Bado, Guillaume and Tapsoba, Achille and Yé, Diarra and Kouéta, Fla and Ouedraogo, Sylvie and Ouédraogo, Rasmata and Hiembo, William and Gansonré, Mady and Messou, Eugene and Gnokoro, Joachim Charles and Koné, Mamadou and Kouakou, Guillaume Martial and Bosse, Clarisse Amani and Brou, Kouakou and Assi, Achi Isidore and Chenal, Henri and Hawerlander, Denise and Soppi, Franck and Abo, Yao and Bomisso, Germain and Eholie, Serge P and Amego, Mensah Deborah Noelly and Andavi, Viviane and Diallo, Zelica and Ello, Frédéric and Tanon, Aristophane Koffi and Koule, Serge Olivier and Anzan, Koffi Charles and Guehi, Calixte and Aka, Edmond Addi and Issouf, Koffi Ladji and Kouakou, Jean-Claude and N'Gbeche, Marie-Sylvie and Touré, Pety and Avit-Edi, Divine and Kouakou, Kouadio and Moh, Magloire and Yao, Valérie Andoblé and Folquet, Madeleine Amorissani and Dainguy, Marie-Evelyne and Kouakou, Cyrille and Méa-Assande, Véronique Tanoh and Oka-Berete, Gladys and Zobo, Nathalie and Acquah, Patrick and Kokora, Marie-Berthe and Eboua, Tanoh François and Timité-Konan, Marguerite and Ahoussou, Lucrèce Diecket and Assouan, Julie Kebé and Sami, Mabéa Flora and Kouadio, Clémence and Renner, Lorna and Goka, Bamenla and Welbeck, Jennifer and Sackey, Adziri and Owiafe, Seth Ntiri and Wejse, Christian and Da Silva, Zacarias José and Paulo, Joao and Rodrigues, Amabelia and Da Silva, David and ... and IeDEA West Africa Collaboration and IeDEA West Africa collaboration
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 06/2013, Volume 8, Issue 6, p. e66135
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Charles, M. Katherine and Lindegren, Mary Lou and Wester, C. William and Blevins, Meridith and Sterling, Timothy R and Dung, Nguyen Thi and Dusingize, Jean Claude and Avit-Edi, Divine and Durier, Nicolas and Castelnuovo, Barbara and Nakigozi, Gertrude and Cortes, Claudia P and Ballif, Marie and Fenner, Lukas and Ajayi, Samuel and Anastos, Kathryn and Bashi, Jules and Bishai, William and Boulle, Andrew and Braitstein, Paula and Carriquiry, Gabriela and Carter, Jane E and Cegielski, Peter and Chimbetete, Cleophas and Davies, Mary-Ann and Diero, Lameck and Duda, Stephany and Egger, Matthias and Eboua, Tanoh François and Gasser, Adrian and Geng, Elvin and Gnokori, Joachim Charles and Hardwicke, Laura and Hoffmann, Christopher and Huebner, Robin and Kancheya, Nzali and Kiertiburanakul, Sasisopin and Kim, Peter and Lameck, Diero and Leroy, Valériane and Lewden, Charlotte and Mandalakas, Anna and Maskew, Mhairi and McKaig, Rosemary and Mofenson, Lynne and Mpoudi-Etame, Mireille and Okwara, Benson and Phiri, Sam and Prasitsuebsai, Wasana and Petit, April and Prozesky, Hans and Reid, Stewart E and Renner, Lorna and Reubenson, Gary and Sohn, Annette and Vo, Quynh and Walker, Dana and Wehbe, Firas and Wejse, Christian and Williams, Carolyn and Wood, Robin and Wools-Kaloustian, Kara and Yao, Zhang and Yunihastuti, Evy and Zhang, F.J and Zhao, H.X and Han, N and Merati, T.P and Wirawan, D.N and Yuliana, F and Ditangco, R and Uy, E and Bantique, R and Phanuphak, P and Ruxrungtham, K and Avihingsanon, A and Khongphattanayothin, M and Sungkanuparph, S and Sanmeema, N and Chaiwarith, R and Sirisanthana, T and Kotarathititum, W and Pham, T.T and Cuong, D.D and Ha, H.L and Nguyen, V.K and Bui, V.H and Nguyen, T.D and Sohn, A.H and Petersen, B and Cooper, D.A and Law, M.G and Jiamsakul, A and Boettiger, D.C and Wati, D.K and Atmikasari, L.P.P and Malino, I.Y and Nallusamy, R and Chan, K.C and Lumbiganon, P and ... and International epidemiology Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) Collaboration
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 04/2016, Volume 11, Issue 4, p. e0153243
Journal Article
Journal Article
Surface and Interface Analysis, ISSN 0142-2421, 12/2014, Volume 46, Issue 12-13, pp. 1192 - 1195
An analysis technique for an ultra shallow junction in shrunk semiconductor devices was developed using medium energy ion scattering (MEIS) time‐of‐flight... 
medium energy ion scattering (MEIS) | elastic recoil detection analysis (ERDA) | ultra shallow junction | time‐of‐flight (TOF) | SPIKE LAMP | IMPLANTATION | SPREADING RESISTANCE MICROSCOPY | CHEMISTRY, PHYSICAL | time-of-flight (TOF) | DOPANT PROFILES | COMBINATION | Energy use | Energy resolution | Ion scattering | Elastic scattering | Implantation | Recoil | Foils | Silicon
Journal Article
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 3/2012, Volume 54, Issue 5, pp. 714 - 723
Journal Article