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Journal Article
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, ISSN 0885-6230, 12/2018, Volume 33, Issue 12, pp. 1556 - 1561
Objectives: The aim of this article was to examine relationships between the neurological events that were the immediate cause of the death of Queen Victoria... 
clinical practice | dementia | depression | end of life care | PSYCHIATRY | HYPOTHESIS | GERONTOLOGY | LATE-LIFE DEPRESSION | GERIATRICS & GERONTOLOGY | Palliative treatment | Dementia | Neuroimaging | Queens | Death | Etiology | Risk factors
Journal Article
by Browning, DJ and Glassman, AR and Aiello, LP and Beck, RW and Brown, DM and Fong, DS and Bressler, NM and Danis, RP and Kinyoun, JL and Nguyen, QD and Bhavsar, AR and Gottlieb, J and Pieramici, DJ and Rauser, ME and Apte, RS and Lim, JI and Miskala, PH and Solomon, SD and Bressler, S and Finkelstein, D and Gehlbach, PL and Sung, JU and Zimmer-Galler, I and Doll, W and Donohue, D and Jurao, R and Sheehan, SE and Belt, J and Sharuk, GS and Arrigg, PG and Schlossman, DK and Shah, ST and Kopple, A and Stockman, ME and Bestourous, L and Calderon, RM and Cavallerano, JD and Chau, T and Cavicchi, RW and Strong, J and Wells, JA and Clark, L and Bearden, RT and Taylor, MM and Spivey, R and Evans, MA and Stone, ML and Gardner, TW and Neely, KA and Chobanoff, SM and Frawley, ML and Ringenbach, KC and Rodriguez, E and Bennett, TJ and Kokame, GT and Shen, J and Chamian, SM and Yuen, A and Callanan, DG and Solley, WA and Elmore, GJ and Boleman, B and Creighton, J and Gray, K and Martinez, JA and Dooner, JW and Harper, CA and Montesclaros, CA and Odean, CE and Cadena, I and Sabo, RA and Berger, BB and Rodriguez, M and Rathman, J and Gallia, B and Ostrander, B and Elman, MJ and Raden, RZ and Sloan, MD and Starr, J and Salfer-Firestone, D and Cain, T and Sotirakos, P and Chew, EY and Coleman, HR and Lerner, R and Short, GL and Cunningham, D and Foster, GE and Kuehl, EM and Palmer, M and Antoszyk, AN and Helms, JV and Price, AK and Chatari, LB and Murphy, HL and Bowen, RM and Lutman, B and McOwen, MD and Gross, JG and ... and Diabet Retinopathy Clinical Res Ne and Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 2007, Volume 114, Issue 3, pp. 525 - 536
Journal Article
by Shen, JK and Tryon, DN and Myklak, KC and Alsyouf, MM and Peplinski, BS and Conceicao, C and Ruckle, HC and Baldwin, DD and Liu, LZQ and Johnson, LJ and Davenport, DL and Venkatesh, R and Soria, F and Morcillo, E and De la Cruz, J and Serrano, A and Rioja, J and Budia, A and Fernandez, T and Fernandez, I and Bachiller, J and Sanchez, FM and Lee, BR and Callaghan, C and Mandava, SH and Peralta, D and Bouljihad, M and Dash, SD and Liu, JL and Tarr, MT and Maddox, MM and Lai, WL and Jordão, RJ and Bandeira, RAST and Leite, KR and Miranda, EP and Srougi, M Miguel and Tefik, T and Seitz, C and Brehmer, M and Osther, P and Giusti, G and Rassweiler, JR and Grasso, MG and Preminger, GP and Pearle, MP and Traxer, OT and Lee, JW and Lee, MY and Oh, TH and Kwon, WA and Park, SC and Jeong, H J and Seo, I Y and Patankar, SBP and Smith, YS and Yallappa, S and Polson, P and Subramonian, K and Fukai, YF and Ishii, T and Igarashi, T and Lamb, BW and Lettin, J and Cook, J and Malik, S and Graham, S and Elhage, O and Sakellariou, C and Smith, Ra and Galustian, C and Dasgupta, P and Olweny, E and Zhang, Z and Haimovich, B and Kwon, YS and Lu, T and Fyfe-Kirschner, BFK and Kim, DSK and Choi, T and Yoo, KH and Jeon, S and Shahrour, K and Keck, R and Jankun, J and Ball, MW and Readal, NT and Gorin, MA and Pierorazio, PM and Allaf, ME and Kallidonis, P and Vasilas, M and Panagopoulos, VP and Amanatides, LA and Kyriazis, IK and Vrettos, T and Fligkou, F and Liatsikos, E and Lovegrove, CE and Novara, G and ...
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 10/2015, Volume 29, Issue S1, pp. P1 - A457
Journal Article
Groundwater, ISSN 0017-467X, 01/2018, Volume 56, Issue 1, pp. 8 - 17
Journal Article
by Bevan, A J and Golob, B and Mannel, Th and Prell, S and Yabsley, B D and Aihara, H and Anulli, F and Arnaud, N and Aushev, T and Beneke, M and Beringer, J and Bianchi, F and Bigi, I I and Bona, M and Brambilla, N and Brodzicka, J and Chang, P and Charles, M J and Cheng, C H and Cheng, H.-Y and Chistov, R and Colangelo, P and Coleman, J P and Drutskoy, A and Druzhinin, V P and Eidelman, S and Eigen, G and Eisner, A M and Faccini, R and Flood, K T and Gambino, P and Gaz, A and Gradl, W and Hayashii, H and Higuchi, T and Hulsbergen, W D and Hurth, T and Iijima, T and Itoh, R and Jackson, P D and Kass, R and Kolomensky, Yu G and Kou, E and Križan, P and Kronfeld, A and Kumano, S and Kwon, Y J and Latham, T E and Leith, D W. G. S and Lüth, V and Martinez-Vidal, F and Meadows, B T and Mussa, R and Nakao, M and Nishida, S and Ocariz, J and Olsen, S L and Pakhlov, P and Pakhlova, G and Palano, A and Pich, A and Playfer, S and Poluektov, A and Porter, F C and Robertson, S H and Roney, J M and Roodman, A and Sakai, Y and Schwanda, C and Schwartz, A J and Seidl, R and Sekula, S J and Steinhauser, M and Sumisawa, K and Swanson, E S and Tackmann, F and Trabelsi, K and Uehara, S and Uno, S and van de Water, R and Vasseur, G and Verkerke, W and Waldi, R and Wang, M Z and Wilson, F F and Zupan, J and Zupanc, A and Adachi, I and Albert, J and Banerjee, Sw and Bellis, M and Ben-Haim, E and Biassoni, P and Cahn, R N and Cartaro, C and Chauveau, J and Chen, C and Chiang, C C and Cowan, R and Dalseno, J and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
The European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 11/2014, Volume 74, Issue 11, pp. 1 - 928
Journal Article