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Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 03/2017, Volume 34, Issue 6, pp. 1164 - 1174
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Public Health Research, ISSN 2050-4381, 11/2018, Volume 6, Issue 13, pp. 1 - 162
Background Food insecurity (FI) is a multifaceted, socioeconomic problem involving difficulties accessing sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet people’s... 
Journal Article
Experimental Neurology, ISSN 0014-4886, 10/2019, Volume 320, p. 112969
In previous studies we have shown that approximately 1/3 of male Sprague Dawley rats develop symptoms of depression following a spinal cord injury (SCI). Using... 
Journal Article
Bone, ISSN 8756-3282, 03/2019, Volume 120, pp. 465 - 475
Journal Article
Bone, 12/2018
Profound bone loss occurs following spinal cord injury (SCI) resulting in a high incidence of fractures. While likely caused in part by loss of weight-bearing,... 
Journal Article
by Khazaei, Mohamad and Baig, Sara and Merchant, Jainetri and Chan, Priscilla and Fehlings, Michael and Fehlings, Michael and Fehlings, Michael and Giudice, J. Sebastian and Forman, Jason and Panzer, Matthew B and Dalton, Jay and Mauria, Rohit and Chapple, Kristina and Cook, Alan and Turner, Jay and McCrea, Michael A and Nelson, Lindsay D and Tummala, Shanti and Meaney, David and Hawryluk, Gregory and Nielson, Jessica and Huie, J. Russell and Zimmermann, Lara and Saigal, Rajiv and Ding, Quan and Ferguson, Adam and Manley, Geoffrey and Lee, Stephanie and Gajavelli, Shyam and Gajavelli, Shyam and Gajavelli, Shyam and Spurlock, Markus and Spurlock, Markus and Rivera, Karla and Rivera, Karla and Rivera, Karla and Androni, Cody and de Rivero Vaccari, Juan Pablo and de Rivero Vaccari, Juan Pablo and Keane, Robert and Bulock, Ross and Dietrich, Dalton and Meeker, Kole and Bullock, Kristin and Banks, William and Cook, David and Main, Bevan and Villapol, Sonia and Barton, David and Sloley, Stephanie and Stefos, Kathryn and Burns, Mark and Swanson, Randel and Johnson, Victoria and Parker, Andrew and Elliott, Mark and Weber, Maura and Acharya, Nimish and Cognetti, John and Cullen, Kacy and Verma, Ragini and Smith, Douglas and Pat, Betty and Pat, Betty and McAllister, Sean and Floyd, Candace and Floyd, Candace and Harris, Neil G and Reynolds, Joshua and Turtle, Joel and Leal, Gizelle and Huang, Yung-Jen and Strain, Misty and Grau, James and Greco, Tiffany and Giza, Christopher and Prins, Mayumi and Folkerts, Michael and Russo, Robin and Koch, Paul and Koch, Paul and Adam, Christopher and Weber, Maura and Johnson, Victoria and Johnson, Victoria and Wolf, John and Wolf, John and Cai, Yan and Perigo, Shauna and Bhaduri, Srija and Rosenbaum, Philip and Harris, Neil G and Giza, Christopher C and Kumar, Raj and Kumar, Raj and Ranganathan, Prerna and Ranganathan, Prerna and Ranganathan, Prerna and Oh, Byung-Mo and Wagner, Amy and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 07/2017, Volume 34, Issue 13, pp. A-1 - A-163
Journal Article
by Ahmadi, Emad and Namati, Jacqueline and Blair, Parry and Padole, Atul and Chico-Calero, Isabel and Lev, Michael and Lee, Jarone and Hamblin, Michael and Vakoc, Benjamin and Yung, Lok and Romero, Angelica and Santiago, Tiffany and Guber, Kenneth and Kastuar, Shivani and Nguyen, Nhuquynh and Wu, Yu-Kuang and Carmel, Jason and Spungen, Ann and Bauman, William and Ziebell, Jenna and Harrison, Jordan and Law, Matthew and Adelson, David and Lifshitz, Jonathan and Kulich, Danielle and Austin, Scarlett and Kranz, Victoria and Houle, John and Mountney, Andrea and Mendelev, Natalia and Mendelev, Natalia and Ge, Yongchao and Shear, Deborah and Haghighi, Fatemeh and Ichkova, Aleksandra and Bessy, Thomas and Bertrand, Sandrine and Badaut, Jerome and Kurpad, Shekar and Schmit, Brian and Muftuler, L. Tugan and Budde, Matthew and Mullah, Saad and Mullah, Saad and Lashof-Sullivan, Margaret and Mehalick, Melissa and Mehalick, Melissa and Shaughness, Michael and Mccarron, Richard and Ahlers, Stephen and Ahlers, Stephen and Ahlers, Stephen and Benner, Brooke and Muccigrosso, Megan and McKim, Daniel and Fenn, Ashley and Lifshitz, Jonathan and Eiferman, Daniel and Godbout, Jonathan and Holmes, Gregory and Aceves, Miriam and Okoreeh, Andre and Okoreeh, Andre and Terminel, Mabel N and Aceves, Alejandro R and Hook, Michelle A and VanRooyen, Jenna and Patel, Samir and Patel, Samir and Mashburn, Charles and Eldahan, Khalid and Cox, David and Sullivan, Patrick and Rabchevsky, Alexander and Rabchevsky, Alexander and Dixit, Shilpi and Boon, Wah Chin and O'Brien, Terence and O'Brien, Terence and Furones, Concepcion and Gurney, Mark and Dietrich, W. Dalton and Dietrich, W. Dalton and Atkins, Coleen and Adewole, Dayo and Browne, Kevin and Browne, Kevin and Petrov, Dmitriy and Struzyna, Laura and Struzyna, Laura and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Oh, Byung-Mo and Wang, Zhensheng and Conley, Yvette and Failla, Michelle and Kumar, Raj and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 07/2016, Volume 33, Issue 13, pp. A-1 - A-139
Journal Article
by Montijo-Barrios, Ericka and López-Ugalde, Martha Verónica and Ramírez-Mayans, Jaime and Anaya-Flórez, María Salomé and Arredondo-García, José Luis and Azevedo-Tenorio, Isaac and Bacarreza-Nogales, Dante and Bautista-Silva, Miriam G and Cáceres-Cano, Pablo Andrés and Cáceres-Mendoza, César Augusto and Cadena-León, José Francisco and Cadranel, Samy and Carbajal-Rodríguez, Luis and Castillo-de-León, Yolanda A and Cázares-Méndez, Josefina Monserrat and Cervantes-Bustamante, Roberto and Colindres-C, Ediltrudys and Cossío-Ochoa, Enna Alicia and Chanis-Águila, Ricardo and Chávez-Barrera, José Antonio and Escobar-Castro, Héctor and Fernández-Aragón, Marlon and Fernández-Carrocera, Luis Alberto and Flores, Alejandro and Flores-Calderón, Judith and Galaz-Pantoja, Manuel Enrique and García-Dávila, Marycruz and Heller-Rouassant, Solange and Hernández-Bautista, Víctor Manuel and Higuera-Benítez, Jorge and Huerta-Hernández, Rosa Elena and Huerta-López, José G and Jovel-Banegas, Luis Enrique and Larrosa-Haro, Alfredo and Leal-Quevedo, Francisco Javier and León-Ramírez, Carlos and Limón-Rojas, Ana Elena and Lozano-Sáenz, José Santos and Mariño-Forero, Álvaro Eduardo and Márquez-Aguirre, Martha Patricia and Maruy-Saito, Aldo and Méndez-Nieto, Carlos Mario and Menéndez-Sandoval, José Fernando and Merlos-Fernández, Ivonne Guadalupe and Michel-Aceves, Reynaldo de Jesús and Michel-Penichet, Fernando and Munguía-Venegas, Pedro and Murillo-Márquez, Pedro