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by Nuzzo, Alexandre and Maggiori, Leon and Paugam-Burtz, Catherine and Cazals-Hatem, Dominique and Ronot, Maxime and Huguet, Audrey and Becq, Aymeric and Castier, Yves and Weiss, Emmanuel and Plessier, Aurélie and Tran-Dinh, Alexy and Joly, Francisca and Panis, Yves and Bouhnik, Yoram and Gault, Nathalie and Corcos, Olivier and Bouhnik, Yoram and Corcos, Olivier and Nuzzo, Alexandre and Huguet, Audrey and Stefanescu, Carmen and Treton, Xavier and Joly, Francisca and Billiauws, Lore and Panis, Yves and Maggiori, Leon and Denise, Justine Prost À la and Tribillon, Ecoline and Chau, Amélie and Couturier, Mathilde and Orville, Marion and Sibert, Annie and Ronot, Maxime and Copin, Pauline and Zappa, Magaly and Garcia-Alba, Carmela and Burgio, Marco Dioguardi and Vilgrain, Valérie and Bertin, Caroline and Kerbaol, Anne and Allaham, Wassim and Roche, Vincent and Pommier, Romain and Castier, Yves and Pellenc, Quentin and Roussel, Arnaud and Cerceau, Pierre and Ben Abdallah, Iannis and Girault, Antoine and Mordant, Pierre and Deblic, Romain and Paugam, Catherine and Weiss, Emmanuel and Abback, Paer-Selim and Enriquez, Isabelle and Janny, Sylvie and Toussaint, Amélie and Bout, Helene and Giabicani, Mikhael and Achouf, Marina and Grigoresco, Bénédicte and Ear, Linda Koy and Curac, Sonja and Cachier, Agnès and Plessier, Aurelie and Rautou, Pierre-Emmanuel and Valla, Dominique and Payancé, Audrey and Soubrane, Olivier and Sauvanet, Alain and Dokmak, Safi and Dondero, Federica and Sepulveda, Ailton and Farges, Olivier and Aussilhou, Beatrice and Palazzo, Maxime and Jais, Bénédicte and Cazals-Hatem, Dominique and De Raucourt, Emmanuelle and Boudaoud, Larbi and Trichet, Catherine and Peoc’h, Katell and Puy, Herve and Pons-Kerjean, Nathalie and Stocco, Jeanick and Bataille, Julie and Bouton, Valérie and Gault, Nathalie and Montravers, Philippe and Augustin, Pascal and Jacob, Brice Lortat and Dinh, Alexy Tran and SURVI Grp
American Journal of Gastroenterology, ISSN 0002-9270, 2018, Volume 114, Issue 2, pp. 348 - 351
Journal Article
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