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Gynecologic oncology, 10/2020
OBJECTIVEAdenocarcinoma in situ (AIS) of the cervix is a precursor to cervical adenocarcinoma. When AIS is detected by cervical screening an excision biopsy is... 
Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Cortegiani, A and Gregoretti, C and Neto, A.S and Hemmes, S.N.T and Ball, L and Canet, J and Hiesmayr, M and Hollmann, M.W and Mills, G.H and Putensen, C and Schmid, W and Severgnini, P and Wrigge, H and Gama de Abreu, M and Schultz, M.J and Pelosi, P and Kroell, W and Metzler, H and Struber, G and Wegscheider, T and Gombotz, H and Hiesmayr, M and Schmid, W and Urbanek, B and Kahn, D and Momeni, M and Pospiech, A and Lois, F and Forget, P and Grosu, I and Poelaert, J and Mossevelde, V and van Malderen, M.C and Dylst, D and Melkebeek, J.V and Beran, M and Hert, S.D and Baerdemaeker, L.D and Heyse, B and Limmen, J.V and Wyffels, P and Jacobs, T and Roels, N and Bruyne, A.D and Velde, S.V.D and Marina, J.Z and Dejana, D.O and Pernar, S and Zunic, J and Miskovic, P and Zilic, A and Kvolik, S and Ivic, D and Darija, A.V and Skiljic, S and Vinkovic, H and Oputric, I and Juricic, K and Frkovic, V and Kopic, J and Mirkovic, I and Saric, J.P and Erceg, G and Dvorscak, M.B and Branka, M.S and Pavicic, A.M and Goranovic, T and Maldini, B and Radocaj, T and Gavranovic, Z and Inga, M.B and Sehovic, M and Stourac, P and Harazim, H and Smekalova, O and Kosinova, M and Kolacek, T and Hudacek, K and Drab, M and Brujevic, J and Vitkova, K and Jirmanova, K and Volfova, I and Dzurnakova, P and Liskova, K and Dudas, R and Filipsky, R and Kafrawy, S.E and Abdelwahab, H.H and Metwally, T and Ahmed, A.R and Ahmed Mostafa, E.S and Hasan, W.F and Ahmed, A.G and Yassin, H and Magdy, M and Abdelhady, M and Mahran, M and Herodes, E and Kivik, P and ... and LAS VEGAS Investigators, the PROVE Network, and the Clinical Trial Network of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and PROVE Network and European Soc Anaesthesiology and LAS VEGAS Investigators
British journal of anaesthesia : BJA, ISSN 0007-0912, 03/2019, Volume 122, Issue 3, pp. 361 - 369
Journal Article
New Straits times, 03/2007
... are expected to continue doing well, thus flattering the overall picture, said [Paul Donovan]. Donovan said the current situation in Malaysia, where the average man... 
Donovan, Paul
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  Going forward, the index is also likely to trend lower on the back of regional weakness from a bout of profit-taking on uncertainties surrounding US Federal... 
Stock exchanges | Investment policy | Investments
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  "Net profit improved on the back of higher non-interest income and improved operating efficiencies," group managing director and chief executive Datuk Yvonne... 
Financial performance | Branch banking | Banks
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  Maybank's business momentum is expected to continue this year on the back of improved loans growth, higher non-interest income as a result of a "healthy"... 
Financial performance | Profits | Islamic financing
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  RBS noted that the ringgit's performance has remained strong due to continued foreign interest in domestic bonds, robust terms of trade arising from elevated... 
Terms of trade | Banking | Interest rates
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  In 2011, Malaysia's investment arm Khazanah and its Singapore counterpart Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd formed two property alliances - M+S Pte Ltd and Pulau... 
Joint ventures | Alliances | Acquisitions & mergers
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  [...]Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said about two weeks ago that economic growth for 2012 would probably reach five per cent or more,... 
Gross Domestic Product--GDP | Economic growth
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  "On the Malaysian banking industry landcape, intense competition for both loans and deposits market share is expected to continue to erode net interest... 
Loans | Financial performance | Banking industry | Bank earnings
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  PARAMOUNT Corp Bhd, a property development and education group, inked two private bond programmes worth RM550 million in a bid to raise funds for its... 
Institutional investments | Banks | Bond issues | International finance | College campuses
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  "Demand for housing and commercial property loans is likely to remain firm, while business lending could still surprise positively, given that as of... 
Loans | Banking industry | Banks | Alliances
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 02/2013
  TRADING in the local stock market is expected to be subdued this week, with chances of a pre-Chinese New Year rally looking slim. 
Stock exchanges | Investments | Volatility
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 01/2013
  Affin Holdings is controlled by armed forces fund Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera. "Since our transformation programme, the AUM has also grown, albeit... 
Unit investment trusts | Appointments & personnel changes
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 01/2013
"Given the sustained pace of expansion expected in the next few years, with gross domestic product growth for 2013 alone estimated at six per cent to seven per... 
Gross Domestic Product--GDP | Investments | Economic growth | Banking industry
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 01/2013
"At this stage, RHB Capital Bhd (RHBCap) is still drafting its acquisition plans for Bank Mestika, and will resubmit the proposals to Bank Indonesia in the... 
Bank acquisitions & mergers | Investments | Equity stake
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 01/2013
  Citibank Bhd plans to deploy more of its next-generation automated teller machines (ATM), known as Citibank Express, in the country over the next two to... 
Retail banking | Banking industry | Banks
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 01/2013
  BRITISH American Tobacco Malaysia Bhd (BAT) says it is too early to tell if the government's move to make the cigarette industry reduce tar and nicotine... 
Cigarette industry | Tobacco industry | Nicotine
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 01/2013
  The fast-growing low-cost airline, the region's biggest, will take delivery of 33 new aircraft this year. Besides its home market of Malaysia, it has airline... 
Corporate profiles | Airlines
Newspaper Article
New Straits times, 01/2013
  At the third-quarter financial results briefing to analysts last year, the banking group's management had hinted at the possibility of a one-off DRS as an... 
Dividends | Capital requirements | Banking industry | Earnings per share | Banks
Newspaper Article
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