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Journal of clinical sciences, ISSN 2468-6859, 10/2020, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp. 89 - 90
Journal Article
Journal of clinical sciences, ISSN 2468-6859, 7/2020, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp. 51 - 51
Journal Article
Journal of clinical sciences, ISSN 2468-6859, 4/2020, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp. 11 - 12
Journal Article
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 08/2020, Volume 107, Issue 9, pp. 1097 - 1103
Journal Article
The Nigerian postgraduate medical journal, ISSN 1117-1936, 01/2018, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 48 - 51
Journal Article
by Siaw‐Acheampong, Kwabena and Alameer, Ehab and Blanco‐Colino, Ruth and Keatley, James M and Radenkovic, Dejan and Tsoulfas, Georgios and Ramshorst, Gabrielle H and Vidya, Raghavan and Hoste, Eric and Huyghens, Luc and Jacobs, Rita and Lois, Fernande and Jorens, Philippe and Bauer, Zlata Šarić and Krijan, Antonija Brozović and Balenović, Igor and Marović, Zlatko and Oberhofer, Dagmar and Marija, Bego and Hansen, Bo Dilling and Leivdal, Siv and Freundlich, Morten and Kallas, Pille and Ellermaa, Jaanus and Toivonen, Juhani and Dabnell, Sandra and Saarinen, Aarne and Lauritsalo, Seppo and Rääbis, Inga and Vakkala, Merja and Loisa, Pekka and Spielvogel, Catherine and Hallel, Dan and Kieffer, Vianney and Gauzit, Remy and Pinna, Frederic and Just, Bernard and Mateu, Philippe and Rague, Philippe and Wallet, Florent and Robin, Emmanuel and Unterberg, Matthias and Ramminger, Axel and Dresden, Carus and Scholz, Lars and Borchers, Friedrich and Buettner, Christoph and Nau, Carla and Krep, Henning and Bingold, Florian and Friederich, Patrick and Kerner, John and Perez‐Platz, Ursula and Kopcke, Jens and Meyer, Andreas and Brestrich, Hartmut and Möllemann, Angela and Koraki, Eleni and Boufidis, Spyros and Moka, Eleni and Giasnetsova, Tatiana and Kremer, Ildiko and Gaál, Emánuel and Bráz, Krisztina and Kevin, Leo and Thomas, Jubil and Egan, Cara and Pescarmona, Chiara and Rapido, Francesca and Bona, Francesco and Cantarini, Eugenia and Brazzoni, Marcella and Buttera, Stefania and Vaccarisi, Enrico and Marandola, Maurizio and Petrucci, Nicola and Galla, Amerigo and Pelosi, Paolo and Garbagnati, Andrea and Golubovska, Iveta and Ragaisis, Vytautas and Leeuwarden, Medical Centre and Buhre, Wolfgang F and Zandvliet, Ria and Preckel, Benedikt and Carvalho, Maria Raquel Lopes Marques and Faria, Manuela and Mealha, Rui and Rua, Fernando and Barros, Filipa and Resende, Margarida and Blaj, Mihaela and Ristescu, Irina and Codreanu, Monica and Epure, Florina and Ungureanu, Liviu and Calin, Mitre and Kovacs, Judit and Genoveva, Vanvu and Vojinovic, Radisa and ... and COVIDSurg Collaborative
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 10/2020, Volume 107, Issue 11, pp. 1440 - 1449
Journal Article
by Alexander, Philip and Borda-Luque, Giuliano and Ingabire, JC Allen and Ismaïl, Lawani and Kojo, Anyomih Theophilus Teddy and Lilford, Richard and Morton, Dion and Adisa, Adewale O and Pinkney, Thomas and Smart, Neil and Kirby, Andrew and Søreide, Kjetil and Cornick, Jen and King, Sebastian and Firdouse, Mohammed and Rouse, Tyler and Zilinskas, Justas and Farrugia, Alexia and Gala, Tanzeela and Bratu, Matei and Ortega, Irene and Narayanan, Ragavan and Klappenbach, Roberto and Costa, Cecilia and Hamill, Daniel and Deutschmann, Peter and Nataraja, Ram and Sharpin, Claire and Ljuhar, Damir and Gray, Demi and Niranjan, Nithya and Aman, Nowrin F and Razzaque, Joyeta and Jonnalagadda, Ramesh and Filatau, Aliaksandr and Shachykava, Tatsiana and Noukpozounkou, Bruno and Imorou Souaibou, Yacoubou and Keke, Kpèmahouton René and Ahounou, Ernest Yemalin Stephane and Ahlonsou, Germain and Barendegere, Venerand and Choi, Philip and Jamal, Luai and Azzie, Georges and Yip, Chingwan and Sierra, Sebastian and Mendoza Arango, Maria Clara and Karlo, Robert and Youssef, Mohamed and Elfeki, Hossam and Mostafa, Mohamed and Omar, Muhammad Fathi Waleed and Ghanem, Ahmed and Emara, Eman and Rashad, Eman and Khafagy, Toqa and Ibrahim, Eman and Morsy Farahat, Mahitab and Gamal, Esraa and Gamal, Heba and Kandil, Hend and Gamal, Dina and Salah, Asmaa and Mohamed, Mazed and Assal, Abdelrahman and Sleem, Mohamed and Adam, Nourhan and Mowafy, Bassant and Allam, Meran and Halim El Gendy, Noran and Shalaby, Mahmoud and Adel Elsharkawy, Aya and Omar, Mohammad Elsayed and Arafa, Omar and Salem, Menatalla and Elsabbagh, Nourhan and Abdelhady, Samar and Soliman, Nourhan and Ezzat, Eslam and Mohammed, Sara and Reda, Aya and Abdalmageed Kasem, Esraa and Mohammed, Ahmed Rabeih and Hassaan, Amr and Magdy, Mohamed and Ahmed, Hussien and Abdelbadeai, Kholoud and Abozed Abdullah, Mohamed and Adelshone, Abdelrahman and Bin Hasnan, Muhammad and Shaharuddin, Shahadatul and Amreia, Mahmoud and Salma, Mahmoud and Ata, Aya Yehia and Rezq, Asmaa and Sheta, Ahmed and Darwish, Abdelrhman KZ and Zohair, Ahmed and Moussa, Omar and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative
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Journal Article
by Wright, Naomi and Jensen, Guy and St-Louis, Etienne and Grabski, David and Yousef, Yasmine and Kaseje, Neema and Goodman, Laura and Anderson, Jamie and Ameh, Emmanuel and Banu, Tahmina and Bickler, Stephen and Butler, Marilyn and Cooper, Michael and Gathuya, Zipporah and Kamalo, Patrick and Ki, Bertille and Kumar, Rashmi and Madhuri, Vrisha and Oldham, Keith and Ozgediz, Doruk and Poenaru, Dan and Sekabira, John and Saldaña Gallo, Lily and Siddiqui, Sabina and Yapo, Benjamin and Abantanga, Francis A and Abdelmalak, Mohamed and Abdulraheem, Nurudeen and Ade-Ajayi, Niyi and Ismail, Edna Adan and Ademuyiwa, Adesoji and Ahmed, Eltayeb and Ajike, Sunday and Akintububo, Olugbemi Benedict and Alakaloko, Felix and Allen, Brendan and Amado, Vanda and Anbuselvan, Shanthi and Anyomih, Theophilus Teddy Kojo and Asakpa, Leopold and Assegie, Gudeta and Axt, Jason and Ayala, Ruben and Ayele, Frehun and Bal, Harshjeet Singh and Bankole, Rouma and Beacon, Tim and Bokhari, Zaitun and Borah, Hiranya Kumar and Borgstein, Eric and Boyd, Nick and Brill, Jason and Budde-Schwartzman, Britta and Bulamba, Fred and Bvulani, Bruce and Cairo, Sarah and Campos Rodezno, Juan Francisco and Caputo, Massimo and Chitnis, Milind and Cheung, Maija and Cigliano, Bruno and Clarke, Damian and Concepcion, Tessa and Corlew, Scott and Cunningham, David and D’Agostino, Sergio and Dahir, Shukri and Deal, Bailey and Derbew, Miliard and Dhungel, Sushil and Drake, David and Drum, Elizabeth and Edem, Bassey and Eguma, Stella and Elebute, Olumide and Espineda, Beda R and Espinoza, Samuel and Evans, Faye and Faboya, Omolara and Fadhili Bake, Jacques and Fazecas, Tatiana and Fazli, Mohammad Rafi and Fieggen, Graham and Figaji, Anthony and Fils, Jean Louis and Fitzgerald, Tamara and Flick, Randall and Fossi, Gacelle and Galiwango, George and Ganey, Mike and Adel, Maryam Ghavami and Sabagh, Vafa Ghorban and Gibikote, Sridhar and Gohil, Hetal and Greenberg, Sarah and Gruen, Russell and Hagander, Lars and Hamid, Rahimullah and Hansen, Erik and Harkness, William and ... and Global Initiative Childrens Surg and Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery
World journal of surgery, ISSN 0364-2313, 6/2019, Volume 43, Issue 6, pp. 1416 - 1425
Journal Article