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by Feig, Denice S and Donovan, Lois E and Corcoy, Rosa and Murphy, Kellie E and Amiel, Stephanie A and Hunt, Katharine F and Asztalos, Elizabeth and Barrett, Jon F R and Sanchez, J Johanna and de Leiva, Alberto and Hod, Moshe and Jovanovic, Lois and Keely, Erin and McManus, Ruth and Hutton, Eileen K and Meek, Claire L and Stewart, Zoe A and Wysocki, Tim and O'Brien, Robert and Ruedy, Katrina and Kollman, Craig and Tomlinson, George and Murphy, Helen R and Grisoni, Jeannie and Byrne, Carolyn and Davenport, Katy and Neoh, Sandra and Gougeon, Claire and Oldford, Carolyn and Young, Catherine and Green, Louisa and Rossi, Benedetta and Rogers, Helen and Cleave, Barbara and Strom, Michelle and Adelantado, Juan María and Isabel Chico, Ana and Tundidor, Diana and Malcolm, Janine and Henry, Kathy and Morris, Damian and Rayman, Gerry and Fowler, Duncan and Mitchell, Susan and Rosier, Josephine and Temple, Rosemary and Turner, Jeremy and Canciani, Gioia and Hewapathirana, Niranjala and Piper, Leanne and Kudirka, Anne and Watson, Margaret and Bonomo, Matteo and Pintaudi, Basilio and Bertuzzi, Federico and Daniela, Giuseppina and Mion, Elena and Lowe, Julia and Halperin, Ilana and Rogowsky, Anna and Adib, Sapida and Lindsay, Robert and Carty, David and Crawford, Isobel and Mackenzie, Fiona and McSorley, Therese and Booth, John and McInnes, Natalia and Smith, Ada and Stanton, Irene and Tazzeo, Tracy and Weisnagel, John and Mansell, Peter and Jones, Nia and Babington, Gayna and Spick, Dawn and MacDougall, Malcolm and Chilton, Sharon and Cutts, Terri and Perkins, Michelle and Scott, Eleanor and Endersby, Del and Dover, Anna and Dougherty, Frances and Johnston, Susan and Heller, Simon and Novodorsky, Peter and Hudson, Sue and Nisbet, Chloe and Ransom, Thomas and Coolen, Jill and Baxendale, Darlene and Holt, Richard and Forbes, Jane and Martin, Nicki and Walbridge, Fiona and Dunne, Fidelma and Conway, Sharon and Egan, Aoife and Kirwin, Collette and ... and CONCEPTT Collaborative Group and CONCEPTT Collaborative Grp
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 11/2017, Volume 390, Issue 10110, pp. 2347 - 2359
Journal Article
Canadian Journal of Diabetes, ISSN 1499-2671, 10/2019, Volume 43, Issue 7, pp. S25 - S25
Journal Article
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