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by Walters, Raymond K and Polimanti, Renato and Johnson, Emma C and McClintick, Jeanette N and Adams, Mark J and Adkins, Amy E and Aliev, Fazil and Bacanu, Silviu Alin and Batzler, Anthony and Bertelsen, Sarah and Biernacka, Joanna M and Bigdeli, Tim B and Chen, Li Shiun and Clarke, Toni Kim and Chou, Yi Ling and Degenhardt, Franziska and Docherty, Anna R and Edwards, Alexis C and Fontanillas, Pierre and Foo, Jerome C and Fox, Louis and Frank, Josef and Giegling, Ina and Gordon, Scott and Hack, Laura M and Hartmann, Annette M and Hartz, Sarah M and Heilmann-Heimbach, Stefanie and Herms, Stefan and Hodgkinson, Colin and Hoffmann, Per and Jan Hottenga, Jouke and Kennedy, Martin A and Alanne-Kinnunen, Mervi and Konte, Bettina and Lahti, Jari and Lahti-Pulkkinen, Marius and Lai, Dongbing and Ligthart, Lannie and Loukola, Anu and Maher, Brion S and Mbarek, Hamdi and McIntosh, Anew M and McQueen, Matthew B and Meyers, Jacquelyn L and Milaneschi, Yuri and Palviainen, Teemu and Pearson, John F and Peterson, Roseann E and Ripatti, Samuli and Ryu, Euijung and Saccone, Nancy L and Salvatore, Jessica E and Sanchez-Roige, Sana and Schwandt, Melanie and Sherva, Richard and Streit, Fabian and Strohmaier, Jana and Thomas, Nathaniel and Wang, Jen Chyong and Webb, Bradley T and Wedow, Robbee and Wetherill, Leah and Wills, Amanda G and Agee, Michelle and Alipanahi, Babak and Auton, Adam and Bell, Robert K and Bryc, Katarzyna and Elson, Sarah L and Furlotte, Nicholas A and Hinds, David A and Huber, Karen E and Kleinman, Aaron and Litterman, Nadia K and McCreight, Jennifer C and McIntyre, Matthew H and Mountain, Joanna L and Noblin, Elizabeth S and Northover, Carrie A.M and Pitts, Steven J and Sathirapongsasuti, J. Fah and Sazonova, Olga V and Shelton, Janie F and Shringarpure, Suyash and Tian, Chao and Tung, Joyce Y and Vacic, Vladimir and Wilson, Catherine H and Boardman, Jason D and Chen, Danfeng and Choi, Doo Sup and Copeland, William E and Culverhouse, Robert C and Dahmen, Norbert and Degenhardt, Louisa and Domingue, Benjamin W and Frye, Mark A and Gäbel, Wolfgang and Hayward, Caroline and ... and 23Andme Res Team and 23andMe Research Team
Nature Neuroscience, ISSN 1097-6256, 11/2018, Volume 21, Issue 12, pp. 1656 - 1669
Journal Article
Materials Science and Engineering A, ISSN 0921-5093, 03/2015, Volume 628, pp. 188 - 197
AlSi10Mg cellular lattice structures have been fabricated by selective laser melting (SLM) using a range of laser scanning speeds and powers. The as-fabricated... 
3D quantification | Aluminium | Additive manufacturing | Cellular lattice structures | Selective laser melting | Compression behaviour | BEHAVIOR | MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | METALLURGY & METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING | NANOSCIENCE & NANOTECHNOLOGY | TITANIUM | GROWTH | GEOMETRY | Cellular | Compressive properties | Melt pools | Lasers | Lattices | Struts | Porosity | Laser beam melting
Journal Article
by van den Berg, Stéphanie M and de Moor, Marleen H. M and Verweij, Karin J. H and Krueger, Robert F and Luciano, Michelle and Arias Vasquez, Alejano and Matteson, Lindsay K and Derringer, Jaime and Esko, T. nu and Amin, Najaf and Gordon, Scott D and Hansell, Narelle K and Hart, Amy B and Seppälä, Ilkka and Huffman, Jennifer E and Konte, Bettina and Lahti, Jari and Lee, Minyoung and Miller, Mike and Nutile, Teresa and Tanaka, Toshiko and Teumer, Alexander and Viktorin, Alexander and Wedenoja, Juho and Abdellaoui, Abdel and Abecasis, Goncalo R and Adkins, Daniel E and Agrawal, Arpana and Allik, J. ri and Appel, Katja and Bigdeli, Timothy B and Busonero, Fabio and Campbell, Harry and Costa, Paul T and Smith, George Davey and Davies, Gail and de Wit, Harriet and Ding, Jun and Engelhardt, Barbara E and Eriksson, Johan G and Fedko, Iryna O and Ferrucci, Luigi and Franke, Barbara and Giegling, Ina and Grucza, Richard and Hartmann, Annette M and Heath, Anew C and Heinonen, Kati and Henders, Anjali K and Homuth, Georg and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Iacono, William G and Janzing, Joost and Jokela, Markus and Karlsson, Robert and Kemp, John P and Kirkpatrick, Matthew G and Latvala, Antti and Lehtimäki, Terho and Liewald, David C and Madden, Pamela A. F and Magri, Chiara and Magnusson, Patrik K. E and Marten, Jonathan and Maschio, Anea and Mbarek, Hamdi and Medland, Sarah E and Mihailov, Evelin and Milaneschi, Yuri and Montgomery, Grant W and Nauck, Matthias and Nivard, Michel G and Ouwens, Klaasjan G and Palotie, Aarno and Pettersson, Erik and Polasek, Ozren and Qian, Yong and Pulkki-Råback, Laura and Raitakari, Olli T and Realo, Anu and Rose, Richard J and Ruggiero, Daniela and Schmidt, Carsten O and Slutske, Wendy S and Sorice, Rossella and Starr, John M and St Pourcain, Beate and Sutin, Angelina R and Timpson, Nicholas J and Trochet, Holly and Vermeulen, Sita and Vuoksimaa, Eero and Widen, Elisabeth and Wouda, Jasper and Wright, Margaret J and Zgaga, Lina and Generation Scotland and Porteous, David and Minelli, Alessana and Palmer, Abraham A and ... and Generation Scotland
Behavior genetics, ISSN 0001-8244, 2016, Volume 46, Issue 2, pp. 170 - 182
Journal Article
Acta Materialia, ISSN 1359-6454, 01/2016, Volume 103, pp. 382 - 395
Invar 36 samples have been fabricated by selective laser melting at a constant laser power but with varied laser scanning speeds. Some samples were further... 
Thermal expansion | Invar 36 | Tensile behaviour | Selective laser melting | Microstructure | POROSITY | BEHAVIOR | MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | METALLURGY & METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING | TI-6AL-4V | Grain boundaries | Heat resistant alloys | Mechanical properties | Porosity | Precipitation | Lasers | Ferrous alloys | Low expansion alloys | Precipitates | Texture
Journal Article
by Cheng, Ching-Yu and Schache, Maria and Ikram, M. Kamran and Young, Terri L and Guggenheim, Jeremy A and Vitart, Veronique and MacGregor, Stuart and Verhoeven, Virginie J.M and Barathi, Veluchamy A and Liao, Jiemin and Hysi, Pirro G and Bailey-Wilson, Joan E and St. Pourcain, Beate and Kemp, John P and McMahon, George and Timpson, Nicholas J and Evans, David M and Montgomery, Grant W and Mishra, Aniket and Wang, Ya Xing and Wang, Jie Jin and Rochtchina, Elena and Polasek, Ozren and Wright, Alan F and Amin, Najaf and van Leeuwen, Elisabeth M and Wilson, James F and Pennell, Craig E and van Duijn, Cornelia M and de Jong, Paulus T.V.M and Vingerling, Johannes R and Zhou, Xin and Chen, Peng and Li, Ruoying and Tay, Wan-Ting and Zheng, Yingfeng and Chew, Merwyn and Rahi, Jugnoo S and Hysi, Pirro G and Yoshimura, Nagahisa and Yamashiro, Kenji and Miyake, Masahiro and Delcourt, Cécile and Maubaret, Cecilia and Williams, Cathy and Guggenheim, Jeremy A and Northstone, Kate and Ring, Susan M and Davey-Smith, George and Craig, Jamie E and Burdon, Kathryn P and Fogarty, Rhys D and Iyengar, Sudha K and Igo, Robert P and Chew, Emily and Janmahasathian, Sarayut and Stambolian, Dwight and Wilson, Joan E. Bailey and MacGregor, Stuart and Lu, Yi and Jonas, Jost B and Xu, Liang and Saw, Seang-Mei and Baird, Paul N and Rochtchina, Elena and Mitchell, Paul and Wang, Jie Jin and Nangia, Vinay and Hayward, Caroline and Wright, Alan F and Vitart, Veronique and Polasek, Ozren and Campbell, Harry and Rudan, Igor and Vatavuk, Zoran and Paterson, Andrew D and Hosseini, S. Mohsen and Fondran, Jeremy R and Young, Terri L and Feng, Sheng and Verhoeven, Virginie J.M and Klaver, Caroline C and van Duijn, Cornelia M and Metspalu, Andres and Haller, Toomas and Mihailov, Evelin and Pärssinen, Olavi and Wedenoja, Juho and Wojciechowski, Robert and Schache, Maria and Pfeiffer, Norbert and Höhn, René and Pang, Chi Pui and Chen, Peng and Meitinger, Thomas and Oexle, Konrad and Wegner, Aharon and Yip, Shea Ping and Ho, Daniel W.H and Pirastu, Mario and ... and Molecular Risk Factors Program Project and BMES and CROATIA-Vis and Duke Myopia Study and DNA, Genotyping, Data QC and Informatics Group and Epigenetics and Central ECG Reading Unit and GEMT and Consortium for Refractive Error and Myopia and AREDS1c and FITSA and Computed Tomography Reading Center and Estonian Genome Project / EGCUT and WESDR and Central Fundus Photograph Reading Center and Utah Timorese and Penn Family Studies and ALIENOR and Beijing Eye Study and Data and Analysis Group and TwinsUK and Wenzhou and EDIC Publications and Erasmus Rucphen Family Study and DCCT and Yokohama Study and ANZRAG and Members and CROATIA-Split and CIEMS and SCES and LIKI and External Evaluation Committee and 1958 British Birth Cohort and TEST and Gutenberg Health Study and Central Carotid Ultrasound Unit and SCORM and The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions, and Complications Research Group and Central Biochemistry Laboratory and Myopia Genomics Study (Hong Kong HTI) and Central Neuropsychological Coding Unit and Framingham Eye Study and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease Program Office and Genetic Studies Group and Ogliastra Genetic Park Study and CROATIA-Korčula and AREDS1a and BATS and Young Finns Study and Management Committee and Kyoto high myopia and Central ANS Reading Unit and SP2 and Publications Committee and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2 and Rotterdam Study and Aichi cohort and Data Coordinating Center and SIMES and ORCADES and SINDI and The Fuchs’ Genetics Multi-Center Study Group and Study Chairmen and RAINE and STARS and Clinical Coordinating Center and Hong Kong cohort study and AREDS1b and Duke FECD Fuchs Dystrophy GWAS and ALSPAC and KORA and Consortium Refractive Error Myopia and Fuchs Genetics Multictr Study Grp and Diabet Control Complications Trial and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consor and Fuchs' Genetics Multi-Center Study Group and Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions, and Complications Research Group
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 08/2013, Volume 93, Issue 2, pp. 264 - 277
Journal Article