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medicin och hälsovetenskap (16) 16
folkhälsovetenskap, global hälsa, socialmedicin och epidemiologi (15) 15
health sciences (15) 15
medical and health sciences (15) 15
public health, global health, social medicine and epidemiology (15) 15
hälsovetenskaper (11) 11
humans (10) 10
abridged index medicus (9) 9
mortality (8) 8
general & internal medicine (7) 7
global health (7) 7
life sciences & biomedicine (7) 7
science & technology (7) 7
female (6) 6
global health - trends (6) 6
medicine, general & internal (6) 6
charities (5) 5
global health - statistics & numerical data (5) 5
male (5) 5
trends (5) 5
adult (4) 4
chair nutrition and disease (4) 4
clinical medicine (4) 4
demographics (4) 4
epidemiology (4) 4
estimates (4) 4
hne nutrition and disease (4) 4
hne voeding en ziekte (4) 4
hälsovetenskap (4) 4
infant (4) 4
internal medicine (4) 4
klinisk medicin (4) 4
malaria (4) 4
medical research (4) 4
mortality - trends (4) 4
nutrition and disease (4) 4
risk factors (4) 4
vlag (4) 4
voeding en ziekte (4) 4
young adult (4) 4
acquired immune deficiency syndrome--aids (3) 3
adolescent (3) 3
age (3) 3
age distribution (3) 3
aged (3) 3
cause of death (3) 3
child (3) 3
child mortality (3) 3
child, preschool (3) 3
health risks (3) 3
human immunodeficiency virus--hiv (3) 3
infant, newborn (3) 3
infectious diseases (3) 3
infectious medicine (3) 3
infektionsmedicin (3) 3
life expectancy (3) 3
medicine (3) 3
medicine, experimental (3) 3
middle aged (3) 3
population (3) 3
projection package (3) 3
risk analysis (3) 3
sex (3) 3
sex distribution (3) 3
3121 internal medicine (2) 2
active antiretroviral therapy (2) 2
aged, 80 and over (2) 2
analysis (2) 2
biological and medical sciences (2) 2
birth (2) 2
cause of death - trends (2) 2
census (2) 2
census of population (2) 2
child mortality - trends (2) 2
children (2) 2
communicable diseases (2) 2
cost-effectiveness (2) 2
data processing (2) 2
developing countries--ldcs (2) 2
environmental health and occupational health (2) 2
fatalities (2) 2
female sex workers (2) 2
fertility (2) 2
gaussian process (2) 2
general & internal (2) 2
general aspects (2) 2
global burden of disease (2) 2
global burden of disease - statistics & numerical data (2) 2
growth rate (2) 2
hiv infections (2) 2
hiv infections - epidemiology (2) 2
hiv infections - mortality (2) 2
incidence (2) 2
income (2) 2
life tables (2) 2
males (2) 2
medical economics (2) 2
medical geography (2) 2
medical sciences (2) 2
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The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 01/2015, Volume 385, Issue 9963, pp. 117 - 171
Journal Article
by Abbastabar, Hedayat and Abd-Allah, Foad and Abdela, Jemal and Abdel-Rahman, Omar and Abdurahman, Ahmed Abdulahi and Abebe, Haftom Temesgen and Abebe, Zegeye and Abebo, Teshome Abuka and Abrham, Aklilu Roba and Abu-Raddad, Laith Jamal and Adedoyin, Rufus Adesoji and Adetokunboh, Olatunji O and Adhena, Beyene Meressa and Adhikari, Tara Ballav and Afarideh, Mohsen and Agarwal, Gina and Agrawal, Sutapa and Agrawal, Anurag and Ahmadi, Alireza and Ahmed, Sayem and Akinyemi, Rufus Olusola and Akinyemiju, Tomi and Akseer, Nadia and Alahdab, Fares and Alebel, Animut and Alene, Kefyalew Addis and Ali, Raghib and Alla, François and Allebeck, Peter and Alonso, Jordi and Al-Raddadi, Rajaa M and Alvis-Guzman, Nelson and Andrei, Catalina Liliana and Animut, Megbaru Debalkie and Ansari, Hossein and Ansariadi, Ansariadi and Ansha, Mustafa Geleto and Appiah, Seth Christopher Yaw and Ärnlöv, Johan and Arora, Megha and Artaman, Al and Asadi-Lari, Mohsen and Asayesh, Hamid and Asfaw, Ephrem Tsegay and Assadi, Reza and Atique, Suleman and Atre, Sachin R and Attia, Engi F and Avokpaho, Euripide F G A and Ayele, Henok Tadesse and Ayele, Yohanes and Ayuk, Tambe B and Azzopardi, Peter S and Balakrishnan, Kalpana and Bali, Ayele Geleto and Barac, Aleksandra and Basaleem, Huda and Bassat, Quique and Basu, Arindam and Baune, Bernhard T and Bedi, Neeraj and Bekele, Bayu Begashaw and Belachew, Abate Bekele and Belay, Saba Abraham and Belay, Yihalem Abebe and Bell, Michelle L and Bensenor, Isabela M and Berhane, Adugnaw and Berman, Adam E and Bernabe, Eduardo and Bernstein, Robert S and Bertolacci, Gregory J and Beuran, Mircea and Bhala, Neeraj and Bhatia, Eesh and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Biadgo, Belete and Bikbov, Boris and Bin Sayeed, Muhammad Shahdaat and Bisanzio, Donal and Bose, Dipan and Bosetti, Cristina and Bourne, Rupert and Britton, Gabrielle and Cahuana-Hurtado, Lucero and Callender, Charlton S K H and Campos-Nonato, Ismael R and Cano, Jorge and Cárdenas, Rosario and Castañeda-Orjuela, Carlos A and Çavlin, Alanur and Chaiah, Yazan and Champs, Ana Paula and Chang, Hsing-Yi and Chattopadhyay, Aparajita and Chaturvedi, Pankaj and Chimed-Ochir, Odgerel and Chitheer, Abdulaal and Christensen, Hanne and Cirillo, Massimo and ... and GBD 2017 Mortality Collaborators and Medicinska fakulteten and Umeå universitet and Institutionen för omvårdnad
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 11/2018, Volume 392, Issue 10159, pp. 1684 - 1735
Journal Article
by Wang, Haidong and Coates, Matthew M and Coggeshall, Megan and Dandona, Lalit and Diallo, Khassoum and Franca, Elisabeth Barboza and Fraser, Maya and Fullman, Nancy and Gething, Peter W and Hay, Simon I and Kinfu, Yohannes and Kita, Maaya and Kulikoff, Xie Rachel and Larson, Heidi J and Liang, Juan and Liang, Xiaofeng and Lim, Stephen S and Lind, Margaret and Mensah, George A and Mikesell, Joseph B and Mokdad, Ali H and Mooney, Meghan D and Naghavi, Mohsen and Nguyen, Grant and Rakovac, Ivo and Silpakit, Naris and Vos, Theo and Zhu, Jun and Abajobir, Amanuel Alemu and Abate, Kalkidan Hassen and Abbas, Kaja M and Abd-Allah, Foad and Abdulle, Abdishakur M and Abera, Semaw Ferede and Aboyans, Victor and Abraham, Biju and Abubakar, Ibrahim and Abu-Raddad, Laith J and Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen M E and Abyu, Gebre Yitayih and Achoki, Tom and Adebiyi, Akindele Olupelumi and Adelekan, Ademola Lukman and Adou, Arsène Kouablan and Agarwal, Arnav and Ajala, Oluremi N and Akinyemiju, Tomi F and Akseer, Nadia and Alam, Khurshid and Alasfoor, Deena and Aldridge, Robert William and Alegretti, Miguel Angel and Alemu, Zewdie Aderaw and Ali, Raghib and Alkerwi, Ala'a and Alla, François and Al-Raddadi, Rajaa and Alsharif, Ubai and Altirkawi, Khalid A and Martin, Elena Alvarez and Alvis-Guzman, Nelson and Amare, Azmeraw T and Amberbir, Alemayehu and Amegah, Adeladza Kofi and Ameh, Emmanuel A and Ammar, Walid and Amrock, Stephen Marc and Andersen, Hjalte H and Anderson, Gregory M and Antonio, Carl Abelardo T and Ärnlöv, Johan and Artaman, Al and Asghar, Rana Jawad and Assadi, Reza and Atique, Suleman and Avokpaho, Euripide Frinel G Arthur and Awasthi, Ashish and Quintanilla, Beatriz Paulina Ayala and Bacha, Umar and Badawi, Alaa and Balakrishnan, Kalpana and Banerjee, Amitava and Banigbe, Bolanle F and Barber, Ryan M and Barker-Collo, Suzanne L and Bärnighausen, Till and Barrero, Lope H and Bayou, Tigist Assefa and Bayou, Yibeltal Tebekaw and Bazargan-Hejazi, Shahrzad and Beardsley, Justin and Bedi, Neeraj and Bekele, Tolesa and Bell, Michelle L and Bello, Aminu K and Bennett, Derrick A and Bensenor, Isabela M and Berhane, Adugnaw and Bernabé, Eduardo and Beyene, Addisu Shunu and ... and GBD 2015 Child Mortality Collaborators and GBD 2015 Child Mortality Collabora and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för samhällsmedicin och folkhälsa, enheten för hälsometri and Institute of Medicine, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Health Metrics and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska Academy
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 10/2016, Volume 388, Issue 10053, pp. 1725 - 1774
Journal Article
by Kassebaum, Nicholas J, Dr and Bertozzi-Villa, Amelia, BA and Coggeshall, Megan S, BA and Shackelford, Katya A, BA and Steiner, Caitlyn, MPH and Heuton, Kyle R, BS and Gonzalez-Medina, Diego, BA and Barber, Ryan, BS and Huynh, Chantal, BA and Dicker, Daniel, BS and Templin, Tara, BA and Wolock, Timothy M, BA and Ozgoren, Ayse Abbasoglu, MA and Abd-Allah, Foad, Prof and Abera, Semaw Ferede, MSc and Abubakar, Ibrahim, Prof and Achoki, Tom, PhD and Adelekan, Ademola, PhD and Ademi, Zanfina, PhD and Adou, Arsène Kouablan, MD and Adsuar, José C, Prof and Agardh, Emilie E, PhD and Akena, Dickens, PhD and Alasfoor, Deena, MSc and Alemu, Zewdie Aderaw, MPH and Alfonso-Cristancho, Rafael, PhD and Alhabib, Samia, PhD and Ali, Raghib, MSc and Al Kahbouri, Mazin J, PhD and Alla, François, Prof and Allen, Peter J, MPH and AlMazroa, Mohammad A, MD and Alsharif, Ubai, DMD and Alvarez, Elena, PhD and Alvis-Guzmán, Nelson, Prof and Amankwaa, Adansi A, Prof and Amare, Azmeraw T, MPH and Amini, Hassan, MSPH and Ammar, Walid, PhD and Antonio, Carl A T, MD and Anwari, Palwasha, MSc and Ärnlöv, Johan, PhD and Arsenijevic, Valentina S Arsic, Prof and Artaman, Ali, PhD and Asad, Majed Masoud, PhD and Asghar, Rana J, MD and Assadi, Reza, MD and Atkins, Lydia S, MPH and Badawi, Alaa, PhD and Balakrishnan, Kalpana, PhD and Basu, Arindam, PhD and Basu, Sanjay, PhD and Beardsley, Justin, MBChB and Bedi, Neeraj, MD and Bekele, Tolesa, MPH and Bell, Michelle L, Prof and Bernabe, Eduardo, PhD and Beyene, Tariku J, MSC and Bhutta, Zulfiqar, Prof and Bin Abdulhak, Aref, MD and Blore, Jed D, PhD and Basara, Berrak Bora, PhD and Bose, Dipan, PhD and Breitborde, Nicholas, Prof and Cárdenas, Rosario, ScD and Castañeda-Orjuela, Carlos A, MSc and Castro, Ruben Estanislao, PhD and Catalá-López, Ferrán, PhD and Cavlin, Alanur, PhD and Chang, Jung-Chen, Prof and Che, Xuan, PhD and Christophi, Costas A, PhD and Chugh, Sumeet S, Prof and Cirillo, Massimo, Prof and Colquhoun, Samantha M, PhD and Cooper, Leslie Trumbull, MD and Cooper, Cyrus, Prof and da Costa Leite, Iuri, PhD and Dandona, Lalit, Prof and Dandona, Rakhi, PhD and Davis, Adrian, Prof and Dayama, Anand, MD and Degenhardt, Louisa, Prof and De Leo, Diego, Prof and del Pozo-Cruz, Borja, PhD and Deribe, Kebede, MPH and Dessalegn, Muluken, MPH and deVeber, Gabrielle A, MD and Dharmaratne, Samath D, MD and Dilmen, Uğur, MD and Ding, Eric L, ScD and Dorrington, Rob E, MPhil and Driscoll, Tim R, PhD and Ermakov, Sergei Petrovich, Prof and Esteghamati, Alireza, Prof and Faraon, Emerito Jose A, MD and Farzadfar, Farshad, MD and Felicio, Manuela Mendonca, MD and Fereshtehnejad, Seyed-Mohammad, MD and de Lima, Graça Maria Ferreira, BSC and ... and Akademistatistik and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Centre for Applied Biostatistics and Sahlgrenska Academy
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2014, Volume 384, Issue 9947, pp. 980 - 1004
Journal Article