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SAE technical paper series, Volume 740083.
by Abbas, Y and Abdelkader, M and Adams, M and Addison, A and Advani, R and Ahmed, T and Alexander, V and Alexander, V and Alli, B and Alvi, S and Amiraraghi, N and Ashman, A and Balakumar, R and Bewick, J and Bhasker, D and Bola, S and Bowles, P and Campbell, N and Can Guru Naidu, N and Caton, N and Chapman, J and Chawdhary, G and Cherko, M and Coates, M and Conroy, K and Coyle, P and Cozar, O and Cresswell, M and Dalton, L and Danino, J and Daultrey, C and Davies, K and Davies, K and Dick, D and Dimitriadis, P. A and Doddi, N and Dowling, M and Easto, R and Edmiston, R and Ellul, D and Erskine, S and Evans, A and Farboud, A and Forde, C and Fussey, J and Gaunt, A and Gilchrist, J and Gohil, R and Gosnell, E and Grech Marguerat, D and Green, R and Grounds, R and Hall, A and Hardman, J and Harris, A and Harrison, L and Hone, R and Hoskison, E and Howard, J and Ioannidis, D and Iqbal, I and Janjua, N and Jolly, K and Kamal, S and Kanzara, T and Keates, N and Kelly, A and Khan, H and Korampalli, T and Kuet, M and Kul‐loo, P and Lakhani, R and Lambert, A and Lancer, H and Leonard, C and Lloyd, G and Lowe, E and Mair, J and Maughan, E and Gao, C and Mayberry, T and McCadden, L and McClenaghan, F and McKenzie, G and Mcleod, R and Meghji, S and Mian, M and Millington, A and Mirza, O and Mistry, S and Molena, E and Morris, J and Myuran, T and Navaratnam, A and Noon, E and Okonkwo, O and Oremule, B and Pabla, L and Papesch, E and Puranik, V and ... and INTEGRATE UK ENT Trainee Res and INTEGRATE (The UK ENT Trainee Research Network)
Clinical otolaryngology, ISSN 1749-4478, 09/2020, Volume 45, Issue 5, pp. 659 - 666
Journal Article
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