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by Avanzini, F and Barlera, S and Caimi, V and Longoni, P and Marchioli, R and Roncaglioni, MC and Silletta, MG and Tognoni, G and Tombesi, M and Massa, E and Marrocco, W and Micalella, M and Aprile, L and Franzosi, MG and Geraci, E and Giansiracusa, N and Rocchetti, L and Decarli, A and Satolli, R and Alli, C and Beghi, E and Volpi, VBA and Monesi, L and Marzona, I and Baviera, M and Milani, V and Nicolis, E and Casola, C and Clerici, F and Palumbo, A and Sgaroni, G and Pioggiarella, R and Scarano, M and Marfisi, RM and Flamminio, A and Mancino, L and Ferri, B and Pera, C and Polidoro, A and Abbatino, D and Acquati, M and Addorisio, G and Adinolfi, D and Adreani, L and Agistri, MR and Agneta, A and Agnolio, ML and Agostini, N and Agostino, G and Airo, A and Alaimo, N and Albano, M and Albano, N and Alecci, G and Alemanno, S and Alexanian, A and Alfarano, M and Alfe, L and Alonzo, N and Alvino, S and Ancora, A and Andiloro, S and Andreatta, E and Angeli, S and Angiari, F and Angilletti, V and Annicchiarico, C and Anzivino, M and Aprea, R and Aprile, A and Aprile, E and Aprile, I and Armellani, V and Arnetoli, M and Aronica, A and Autiero, V and Bacca, G and Baccalaro, AM and Bacci, M and Baglio, G and Bagnani, M and Baiano, A and Baldari, A and Ballarini, L and Banchi, G and Bandera, R and Bandini, F and Baratella, M and Barbieri, A and Vita, AB and Bardi, M and Barlocchi, M and Baron, P and Bartoli, M and Basile, A and Basile, F and Basile, S and Battaggia, A and Battaglia, A and Bau, A and ... and Rischio Prevenzione Investigators and Rischio and Prevenzione Investigators
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 05/2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 68 - 68
Journal Article
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