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by Roncaglioni, Maria Carla and Avanzini, Fausto and Barlera, Simona and Marzona, Irene and Milani, Valentina and Tombesi, Massimo and Caimi, Vittorio and Longoni, Paolo and Silletta, Maria Giuseppina and Tognoni, Gianni and Marchioli, Roberto and Nicolis, E.B and Casola, C and Massa, E and Marrocco, W and Micalella, M and Franzosi, M.G and Geraci, E and Giansiracusa, N and Rocchetti, L and Decarli, A and Satolli, R and Alli, C and Beghi, E and Bertele', V and Volpi, A and Baviera, M and Monesi, L and Pangrazzi, I and Nicolis, E and Clerici, F and Palumbo, A and Sgaroni, G and Pioggiarella, R and Scarano, M and Marfisi, R.M and Flamminio, A and Macino, L and Ferri, B and Pera, C and Polidoro, A and Abbatino, D and Acquati, M and Addorisio, G and Adinolfi, D and Adreani, L and Agistri, M.R and Agneta, A and Agnolio, M.L and Agostini, N and Agostino, G and Airò, A and Alaimo, N and Albano, M and Albano, N and Alecci, G and Alemanno, S and Alexanian, A and Alfarano, M and Alfè, L and Alonzo, N and Alvino, S and Ancora, A and Andiloro, S and Andreatta, E and Angeli, S and Angiari, F and Angilletti, V and Annicchiarico, C and Anzivino, M and Aprea, R and Aprile, A and Aprile, E and Aprile, I and Aprile, L and Armellani, V and Arnetoli, M and Aronica, A and Autiero, V and Bacca, G and Baccalaro, A.M and Bacci, M and Baglio, G and Bagnani, M and Baiano, A and Baldari, A and Ballarini, L and Banchi, G and Bandera, R and Bandini, F and Baratella, M and Barbieri, A and Barbieri Vita, A and Bardi, M and Barlocchi, M and Baron, P and Bartoli, M and Basile, A and Basile, F and Basile, S and ... and The Risk and Prevention Study Collaborative Group and Risk Prevention Study Collaborativ and Risk and Prevention Study Collaborative Group
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 05/2013, Volume 368, Issue 19, pp. 1800 - 1808
Journal Article
Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 2017, Volume 57, Issue 10, p. 102001
Journal Article
by Aaron, F. D and Abramowicz, H and Abt, I and Adamczyk, L and Adamus, M and Al-daya Martin, M and Alexa, C and Aneev, V and Antonelli, S and Antonioli, P and Antonov, A and Antunovic, B and Arneodo, M and Aushev, V and Bachynska, O and Backovic, S and Baghdasaryan, A and Bamberger, A and Barakbaev, A. N and Barbagli, G and Bari, G and Barreiro, F and Barrelet, E and Bartel, W and Bartsch, D and Basile, M and Begzsuren, K and Behnke, O and Behr, J and Behrens, U and Bellagamba, L and Belousov, A and Bertolin, A and Bhaa, S and Bindi, M and Bizot, J. C and Blohm, C and Bold, T and Boos, E. G and Borodin, M and Borras, K and Boscherini, D and Bouy, V and Boutle, S. K and Bozovic-Jelisavcic, I and Bracinik, J and Brandt, G and Brinkmann, M and Brisson, V and Brock, I and Brownson, E and Brugnera, R and Bruemmer, N and Bruncko, D and Bruni, A and Bruni, G and Brzozowska, B and Bunyatyan, A and Buschhorn, G and Bussey, P. J and Butterworth, J. M and Bylsma, B and Bystritskaya, L and Caldwell, A and Campbell, A. J and Cantun Avila, K. B and Capua, M and Carlin, R and Catterall, C. D and Cerny, K and Cerny, V and Chekanov, S and Chekelian, V and Cholewa, A and Chwastowski, J and Ciborowski, J and Ciesielski, R and Cifarelli, L and Cindolo, F and Contin, A and Contreras, J. G and Cooper-Sarkar, A. M and Coppola, N and Corradi, M and Corriveau, F and Costa, M and Coughlan, J. A and Cozzika, G and Cvach, J and D'Agostini, G and Dainton, J. B and Dal Corso, F and Daum, K and Deak, M and de Favereau, J and Delcourt, B and del Peso, J and Delvax, J and Dementiev, R. K and De Pasquale, S and ... and ZEUS Colloboration and H1 Collaboration and H1 and ZEUS collaborations and Lund University and Partikelfysik and Lunds universitet and Particle Physics
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 01/2010, Volume 2010, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 63
Journal Article
by Agostini, M. Physik Department And Excellence Cluster Universe and Allardt, M and Andreotti, E and Bakalyarov, A. M and Balata, M and Barabanov, I and Barros, N and Baudis, L and Bauer, C and Becerici-Schmidt, N and Bellotti, E and Belogurov, S and Belyaev, S. T and Benato, G and Bettini, A and Bezrukov, L and Bode, T and Borowicz, D and Brudanin, V and Brugnera, R and Budjáš, D and Caldwell, A and Cattadori, C and Chernogorov, A and D’andrea, V and Demidova, E. V and Domula, A and Egorov, V and Falkenstein, R and Freund, K and Frodyma, N and Gangapshev, A and Garfagnini, A and Gotti, C and Grabmayr, P and Gurentsov, V and Gusev, K and Hegai, A and Heisel, M and Hemmer, S and Heusser, G and Hofmann, W and Hult, M and Inzhechik, L. V and Ioannucci, L and Janicskó Csáthy, J and Jochum, J and Junker, M and Kazalov, V and Kihm, T and Kirpichnikov, I. V and Kirsch, A and Klimenko, A and Knöpfle, K. T and Kochetov, O and Kornoukhov, V. N and Kuzminov, V. V and Laubenstein, M and Lazzaro, A and Lebedev, V. I and Lehnert, B and Liao, H. Y and Lindner, M and Lippi, I and Lubashevskiy, A and Lubsandorzhiev, B and Lutter, G and Macolino, C and Majorovits, B and Maneschg, W and Misiaszek, M and Nemchenok, I and Nisi, S and O’shaughnessy, C and Palioselitis, D and Pandola, L and Pelczar, K and Pessina, G and Pullia, A and Riboldi, S and Rumyantseva, N and Sada, C and Salathe, M and Schmitt, C and Schreiner, J and Schulz, O and Schütz, A. -K and Schwingenheuer, B and Schönert, S and Shevchik, E and Shirchenko, M and Simgen, H and Smolnikov, A and Stanco, L and Strecker, H and Ur, C. A and Vanhoefer, L and Vasenko, A. A and Von Sturm, K and Wagner, V and ...
ISSN 1434-6044, 10/2015, Volume 75, Issue 2
Journal Article
by M Agostini and M Allardt and E Andreotti and A M Bakalyarov and M Balata and I Barabanov and N Barros and L Baudis and C Bauer and N Becerici-Schmidt and E Bellotti and S Belogurov and S T Belyaev and G Benato and A Bettini and L Bezrukov and T Bode and D Borowicz and V Brudanin and R Brugnera and D Budjás and A Caldwell and C Cattadori and A Chernogorov and V D'Andrea and E V Demidova and A Domula and V Egorov and R Falkenstein and K Freund and N Frodyma and A Gangapshev and A Garfagnini and C Gotti and P Grabmayr and V Gurentsov and K Gusev and A Hegai and M Heisel and S Hemmer and G Heusser and W Hofmann and M Hult and L V Inzhechik and L Ioannucci and J Janicskó Csáthy and J Jochum and M Junker and V Kazalov and T Kihm and I V Kirpichnikov and A Kirsch and A Klimenko and K T Knöpfle and O Kochetov and V N Kornoukhov and V V Kuzminov and M Laubenstein and A Lazzaro and V I Lebedev and B Lehnert and H Y Liao and M Lindner and I Lippi and A Lubashevskiy and B Lubsandorzhiev and G Lutter and C Macolino and B Majorovits and W Maneschg and M Misiaszek and I Nemchenok and S Nisi and C O'Shaughnessy and D Palioselitis and L Pandola and K Pelczar and G Pessina and A Pullia and S Riboldi and N Rumyantseva and C Sada and M Salathe and C Schmitt and J Schreiner and O Schulz and A -K Schütz and B Schwingenheuer and S Schönert and E Shevchik and M Shirchenko and H Simgen and A Smolnikov and L Stanco and H Strecker and C A Ur and L Vanhoefer and A A Vasenko and K von Sturm and V Wagner and ...
The European Physical Journal. C, Particles and Fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 02/2015, Volume 75, Issue 2, p. 1
  (ProQuest: ... denotes formulae and/or non-USASCII text omitted; see image) The GERmanium Detector Array (Gerda) at the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory... 
Journal Article
by Toigo, V and Piovan, R and Bello, S Dal and Gaio, E and Luchetta, A and Pasqualotto, R and Zaccaria, P and Bigi, M and Chitarin, G and Marcuzzi, D and Pomaro, N and Serianni, G and Agostinetti, P and Agostini, M and Antoni, V and Aprile, D and Baltador, C and Barbisan, M and Battistella, M and Boldrin, M and Brombin, M and Palma, M Dalla and De Lorenzi, A and Delogu, R and De Muri, M and Fellin, F and Ferro, A and Fiorentin, A and Gambetta, G and Gnesotto, F and Grando, L and Jain, P and Maistrello, A and Manduchi, G and Marconato, N and Moresco, M and Ocello, E and Pavei, M and Peruzzo, S and Pilan, N and Pimazzoni, A and Recchia, M and Rizzolo, A and Rostagni, G and Sartori, E and Siragusa, M and Sonato, P and Sottocornola, A and Spada, E and Spagnolo, S and Spolaore, M and Taliercio, C and Valente, M and Veltri, P and Zamengo, A and Zaniol, B and Zanotto, L and Zaupa, M and Boilson, D and Graceffa, J and Svensson, L and Schunke, B and Decamps, H and Urbani, M and Kushwah, M and Chareyre, J and Singh, M and Bonicelli, T and Agarici, G and Garbuglia, A and Masiello, A and Paolucci, F and Simon, M and Bailly-Maitre, L and Bragulat, E and Gomez, G and Gutierrez, D and Mico, G and Moreno, J.-F and Pilard, V and Kashiwagi, M and Hanada, M and Tobari, H and Watanabe, K and Maejima, T and Kojima, A and Umeda, N and Yamanaka, H and Chakraborty, A and Baruah, U and Rotti, C and Patel, H and Nagaraju, M.V and Singh, N.P and Patel, A and Dhola, H and Raval, B and Fantz, U and Heinemann, B and Kraus, W and ...
New Journal of Physics, ISSN 1367-2630, 08/2017, Volume 19, Issue 8, p. 85004
The ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility (NBTF), called PRIMA (Padova Research on ITER Megavolt Accelerator), is hosted in Padova, Italy and includes two... 
Journal Article
European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 2015, Volume 36, Issue 26, pp. 1689 - 1696
Journal Article