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by Clarke, J. L and Ennis, M. M and Lamborn, K. R and Prados, M. D and Puduvalli, V. K and Penas-Prado, M and Gilbert, M. R and Groves, M. D and Hess, K. R and Levin, V. A and de Groot, J and Colman, H and Conrad, C. A and Loghin, M. E and Hunter, K and Yung, W. K and Chen, C and Damek, D and Liu, A and Gaspar, L. E and Waziri, A and Lillehei, K and Kavanagh, B and Finlay, J. L and Haley, K and Dhall, G and Gardner, S and Allen, J and Cornelius, A and Olshefski, R and Garvin, J and Pradhan, K and Etzl, M and Goldman, S and Atlas, M and Thompson, S and Hirt, A and Hukin, J and Comito, M and Bertolone, S and Torkildson, J and Joyce, M and Moertel, C and Letterio, J and Kennedy, G and Walter, A and Ji, L and Sposto, R and Dorris, K and Wagner, L and Hummel, T and Drissi, R and Miles, L and Leach, J and Chow, L and Turner, R and Gragert, M. N and Pruitt, D and Sutton, M and Breneman, J and Crone, K and Fouladi, M and Friday, B. B and Buckner, J and Anderson, S. K and Giannini, C and Kugler, J and Mazurczac, M and Flynn, P and Gross, H and Pajon, E and Jaeckle, K and Galanis, E and Badruddoja, M. A and Pazzi, M. A and Stea, B and Lefferts, P and Contreras, N and Bishop, M and Seeger, J and Carmody, R and Rance, N and Marsella, M and Schroeder, K and Sanan, A and Swinnen, L. J and Rankin, C and Rushing, E. J and Hutchins, L. F and Damek, D. M and Barger, G. R and Norden, A. D and Lesser, G and Hammond, S. N and Drappatz, J and Fadul, C. E and Batchelor, T. T and Quant, E. C and Beroukhim, R and Ciampa, A and ...
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Journal Article
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 2016, Volume 2016, pp. 1 - 45
Journal Article
by Colunga Blanco, S and Gonzalez Matos, C and Angelis, A and Dinis, P G and Chinali, M and Andreassi, M G and Reid, A B and Shetye, A and Novo, G and De Marchi, S F and Cikes, M and Smarz, K and Peluso, D and Wellnhofer, E and Mandour Ali, M and Azoz, A and Pontone, G and Acar, R and Nucifora, G and Sirtautas, A and Roos, S T and Qasem, M S and Marini, C and Fabiani, I and Gillis, K and Bandera, F and Borowiec, A and Lim, YJ and Chalbia, T E and Zilberszac, R and Farrag, AAM and Palmiero, G and Fasano, D and Ancona, F and Raafat, D M and Marchel, M and Gommans, D H F and Godinho, A R and Mielczarek, M and Cho, J Y and Tarando, F and Lourenco Marmelo, B F and Reis, L and Domingues, K and Krestjyaninov, MV and Ikonomidis, I and King, GJ and Ferrera Duran, C and Sormani, P and Gonzalez Fernandez, O and Tereshina, O and Cambronero Cortinas, E and Kupczynska, K and Shivalkar, B and Aghamohammadzadeh, R and Kuznetsov, VA and Kochanowski, J and Ladeiras-Lopes, R and Karvandi, M and Alonso Salinas, G and Enescu, OA and Liccardo, M and Cameli, M and Ako, E and Lembo, M and Goffredo, C and Enache, R and Wdowiak-Okrojek, K and Nemes, A and Di Salvo, G and Caravaca, P and Maceira Gonzalez, A M and Iriart, X and Jug, B and Garcia Campos, A and Capin Sampedro, E and Corros Vicente, C and Martin Fernandez, M and Leon Arguero, V and Fidalgo Arguelles, A and Velasco Alonso, E and Lopez Iglesias, F and Recio-Mayoral, A and Ioakeimidis, N and Felekos, I and Abdelrasoul, M and Aznaouridis, K and Chrysohoou, C and Rousakis, G and Aggeli, K and Tousoulis, D and Faustino, AC and Paiva, L and Costa, M and Cachulo, MC and Goncalves, L and Emma, F and Esposito, C and Franceschini, A and Raimondi, F and ...
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Journal Article
European heart journal cardiovascular imaging, ISSN 2047-2404, 12/2015, Volume 16, Issue suppl_2, pp. S156 - S182
Journal Article
Terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity, ISSN 0096-8013, 1899
Osteoarthritis and cartilage, ISSN 1063-4584, 04/2019, Volume 27, pp. S57 - S57
Journal Article
by Montoro Lopez, M and Iniesta Manjavacas, A and Mori Junco, R and Pena Conde, L and Pons De Antonio, I and Garcia Blas, S and Lopez Fernandez, T and Moreno Gomez, R and Moreno Yanguela, M and Lopez Sendon, J and Carro, A and Kiotsekoglou, A and Andoh, J and Brown, S and Kaski, J and Imamura, Y and Arai, K and Uematsu, S and Fukushima, K and Hoshi, H and Ashihara, K and Takagi, A and Hagiwara, N and Gillis, K and Bala, G and Roosens, B and Remory, I and Droogmans, S and Van Camp, G and Cosyns, B and Van De Heyning, C and Magne, J and Pierard, L and Bruyere, P and Davin, L and De Maeyer, C and Paelinck, B and Vrints, C and Lancellotti, P and Borowiec, A and Dabrowski, R and Kowalik, I and Firek, B and Chwyczko, T and Janas, J and Szwed, H and Tufaro, V and Fragasso, G and Ingallina, G and Marini, C and Fisicaro, A and Loiacono, F and Margonato, A and Agricola, E and Ferreira, F and Pereira, T and Abreu, J and Labandeiro, J and Fiarresga, A and Ferreira, A and Galrinho, A and Branco, L and Timoteo, A and Ferreira, R and Marmol, R and Gomez, M and Garcia, K and Sanmiguel, D and Cabades, C and Monteagudo, M and Nunez, C and Fernandez, C and Diez, J and Roldan, I and Kolesnyk, M and Ancona, M and Oppizzi, M and Krestjyaninov, M and Razin, V and Gimaev, R and Carminati, M and Piazzese, C and Tsang, W and Lang, R and Caiani, E and Goncalves, S and Ramalho, A and Placido, R and Marta, L and Cortez Dias, N and Magalhaes, A and Menezes, M and Martins, S and Almeida, A and Nunes Diogo, A and Stokke, T. M and Ruddox, V and Sarvari, S. I and Otterstad, J. E and Aune, E and ...
European heart journal cardiovascular imaging, ISSN 2047-2404, 12/2013, Volume 14, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii57 - ii63
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article