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by J. Craig Venter and Mark D. Adams and Eugene W. Myers and Peter W. Li and Richard J. Mural and Granger G. Sutton and Hamilton O. Smith and Mark Yandell and Cheryl A. Evans and Robert A. Holt and Jeannine D. Gocayne and Peter Amanatides and Richard M. Ballew and Daniel H. Huson and Jennifer Russo Wortman and Qing Zhang and Chinnappa D. Kodira and Xiangqun H. Zheng and Lin Chen and Marian Skupski and Gangadharan Subramanian and Paul D. Thomas and Jinghui Zhang and George L. Gabor Miklos and Catherine Nelson and Samuel Broder and Andrew G. Clark and Joe Nadeau and Victor A. McKusick and Norton Zinder and Arnold J. Levine and Richard J. Roberts and Mel Simon and Carolyn Slayman and Michael Hunkapiller and Randall Bolanos and Arthur Delcher and Ian Dew and Daniel Fasulo and Michael Flanigan and Liliana Florea and Aaron Halpern and Sridhar Hannenhalli and Saul Kravitz and Samuel Levy and Clark Mobarry and Knut Reinert and Karin Remington and Jane Abu-Threideh and Ellen Beasley and Kendra Biddick and Vivien Bonazzi and Rhonda Brandon and Michele Cargill and Ishwar Chandramouliswaran and Rosane Charlab and Kabir Chaturvedi and Zuoming Deng and Valentina Di Francesco and Patrick Dunn and Karen Eilbeck and Carlos Evangelista and Andrei E. Gabrielian and Weiniu Gan and Wangmao Ge and Fangcheng Gong and Zhiping Gu and Ping Guan and Thomas J. Heiman and Maureen E. Higgins and Rui-Ru Ji and Zhaoxi Ke and Karen A. Ketchum and Zhongwu Lai and Yiding Lei and Zhenya Li and Jiayin Li and Yong Liang and Xiaoying Lin and Fu Lu and Gennady V. Merkulov and Natalia Milshina and Helen M. Moore and Ashwinikumar K Naik and Vaibhav A. Narayan and Beena Neelam and Deborah Nusskern and Douglas B. Rusch and Steven Salzberg and Wei Shao and Bixiong Shue and Jingtao Sun and Zhen Yuan Wang and Aihui Wang and Xin Wang and Jian Wang and Ming-Hui Wei and Ron Wides and Chunlin Xiao and Chunhua Yan and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 2/2001, Volume 291, Issue 5507, pp. 1304 - 1351
Journal Article
by Richard J. Mural and Mark D. Adams and Eugene W. Myers and Hamilton O. Smith and George L. Gabor Miklos and Ron Wides and Aaron Halpern and Peter W. Li and Granger G. Sutton and Joe Nadeau and Steven L. Salzberg and Robert A. Holt and Chinnappa D. Kodira and Fu Lu and Lin Chen and Zuoming Deng and Carlos C. Evangelista and Weiniu Gan and Thomas J. Heiman and Jiayin Li and Zhenya Li and Gennady V. Merkulov and Natalia V. Milshina and Ashwinikumar K. Naik and Rong Qi and Bixiong Chris Shue and Aihui Wang and Jian Wang and Xin Wang and Xianghe Yan and Jane Ye and Shibu Yooseph and Qi Zhao and Liansheng Zheng and Shiaoping C. Zhu and Kendra Biddick and Randall Bolanos and Arthur L. Delcher and Ian M. Dew and Daniel Fasulo and Michael J. Flanigan and Daniel H. Huson and Saul A. Kravitz and Jason R. Miller and Clark M. Mobarry and Knut Reinert and Karin A. Remington and Qing Zhang and Xiangqun H. Zheng and Deborah R. Nusskern and Zhongwu Lai and Yiding Lei and Wenyan Zhong and Alison Yao and Ping Guan and Rui-Ru Ji and Zhiping Gu and Zhen-Yuan Wang and Fei Zhong and Chunlin Xiao and Chia-Chien Chiang and Mark Yandell and Jennifer R. Wortman and Peter G. Amanatides and Suzanne L. Hladun and Eric C. Pratts and Jeffery E. Johnson and Kristina L. Dodson and Kerry J. Woodford and Cheryl A. Evans and Barry Gropman and Douglas B. Rusch and Eli Venter and Mei Wang and Thomas J. Smith and Jarrett T. Houck and Donald E. Tompkins and Charles Haynes and Debbie Jacob and Soo H. Chin and David R. Allen and Carl E. Dahlke and Robert Sanders and Kelvin Li and Xiangjun Liu and Alexander A. Levitsky and William H. Majoros and Quan Chen and Ashley C. Xia and John R. Lopez and Michael T. Donnelly and Matthew H. Newman and Anna Glodek and Cheryl L. Kraft and Marc Nodell and Feroze Ali and Hui-Jin An and Danita Baldwin-Pitts and Karen Y. Beeson and Shuang Cai and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 5/2002, Volume 296, Issue 5573, pp. 1661 - 1671
Journal Article
by Mark D. Adams and Susan E. Celniker and Robert A. Holt and Cheryl A. Evans and Jeannine D. Gocayne and Peter G. Amanatides and Steven E. Scherer and Peter W. Li and Roger A. Hoskins and Richard F. Galle and Reed A. George and Suzanna E. Lewis and Stephen Richards and Michael Ashburner and Scott N. Henderson and Granger G. Sutton and Jennifer R. Wortman and Mark D. Yandell and Qing Zhang and Lin X. Chen and Rhonda C. Brandon and Yu-Hui C. Rogers and Robert G. Blazej and Mark Champe and Barret D. Pfeiffer and Kenneth H. Wan and Clare Doyle and Evan G. Baxter and Gregg Helt and Catherine R. Nelson and George L. Gabor Miklos and Josep F. Abril and Anna Agbayani and Hui-Jin An and Cynthia Andrews-Pfannkoch and Danita Baldwin and Richard M. Ballew and Anand Basu and James Baxendale and Leyla Bayraktaroglu and Ellen M. Beasley and Karen Y. Beeson and P. V. Benos and Benjamin P. Berman and Deepali Bhandari and Slava Bolshakov and Dana Borkova and Michael R. Botchan and John Bouck and Peter Brokstein and Phillipe Brottier and Kenneth C. Burtis and Dana A. Busam and Heather Butler and Edouard Cadieu and Angela Center and Ishwar Chandra and J. Michael Cherry and Simon Cawley and Carl Dahlke and Lionel B. Davenport and Peter Davies and Beatriz de Pablos and Arthur Delcher and Zuoming Deng and Anne Deslattes Mays and Ian Dew and Suzanne M. Dietz and Kristina Dodson and Lisa E. Doup and Michael Downes and Shannon Dugan-Rocha and Boris C. Dunkov and Patrick Dunn and Kenneth J. Durbin and Carlos C. Evangelista and Concepcion Ferraz and Steven Ferriera and Wolfgang Fleischmann and Carl Fosler and Andrei E. Gabrielian and Neha S. Garg and William M. Gelbart and Ken Glasser and Anna Glodek and Fangcheng Gong and J. Harley Gorrell and Zhiping Gu and Ping Guan and Michael Harris and Nomi L. Harris and Damon Harvey and Thomas J. Heiman and Judith R. Hernandez and Jarrett Houck and Damon Hostin and Kathryn A. Houston and Timothy J. Howland and Ming-Hui Wei and Chinyere Ibegwam and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 3/2000, Volume 287, Issue 5461, pp. 2185 - 2195
Journal Article
by Holt, R.A and Mani Subramanian, G and Halpern, A and Sutton, G.G and Charlab, R and Nusskern, D.R and Wincker, P and Clark, A.G and Ribeiro, J.M.C and Wides, R and Salzberg, S.L and Loftus, B and Yandell, M and Majoros, W.H and Rusch, D.B and Lai, Z and Kraft, C.L and Abril, J.F and Anthouard, V and Arensburger, P and Atkinson, P.W and Baden, H and de Berardinis, V and Baldwin, D and Benes, V and Biedler, J and Blass, C and Bolanos, R and Boscus, D and Barnstead, M and Cai, S and Center, A and Chatuverdi, K and Christophides, G.K and Chrystal, M.A and Clamp, M and Cravchik, A and Curwen, V and Dana, A and Delcher, A and Dew, I and Evans, C.A and Flanigan, M and Grundschober-Freimoser, A and Friedli, L and Gu, Z and Guan, P and Guigo, R and Hillenmeyer, M.E and Hladun, S.L and Hogan, J.R and Hong, Y.S and Hoover, J and Jaillon, O and Ke, Z and Kodira, C and Kokoza, E and Koutsos, A and Letunic, I and Levitsky, A and Liang, Y and Lin, J.-J and Lobo, N.F and Lopez, J.R and Malek, J.A and McIntosh, T.C and Meister, S and Miller, J and Mobarry, C and Mongin, E and Murphy, S.D and O'Brochta, D.A and Pfannkoch, C and Qi, R and Regier, M.A and Remington, K and Shao, H and Sharakhova, M.V and Sitter, C.D and Shetty, J and Smith, T.J and Strong, R and Sun, J and Thomasova, D and Ton, L.Q and Topalis, P and Tu, Z and Unger, M.F and Walenz, B and Wang, A and Wang, J and Wang, M and Wang, X and Woodford, K.J and Wortman, J.R and Wu, M and Yao, A and Zdobnov, E.M and Zhang, H and Zhao, Q and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2002, Volume 298, Issue 5591, pp. 129 - 149
Anopheles gambiae is the principal vector of malaria, a disease that afflicts more than 500 million people and causes more than 1 million deaths each year.... 
EVOLUTION | DROSOPHILA-MELANOGASTER | FAMILIES | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | TRANSPOSABLE ELEMENTS | RESISTANCE | INCIPIENT SPECIATION | LOCI | DIFFERENTIATION | IDENTIFICATION | REFRACTORINESS | Enzymes - chemistry | Haplotypes | Transcription Factors - chemistry | Species Specificity | Anopheles - genetics | Humans | Molecular Sequence Data | Chromosome Inversion | Drosophila melanogaster - genetics | Mosquito Control | Blood | Genetic Variation | Malaria, Falciparum - transmission | Enzymes - genetics | Chromosomes, Artificial, Bacterial | Enzymes - metabolism | Expressed Sequence Tags | Genes, Insect | Transcription Factors - physiology | Insect Proteins - physiology | Anopheles - parasitology | Physical Chromosome Mapping | Computational Biology | Gene Expression Regulation | Insect Proteins - genetics | Feeding Behavior | Proteome | Digestion | Transcription Factors - genetics | Sequence Analysis, DNA | Anopheles - physiology | DNA Transposable Elements | Anopheles - classification | Biological Evolution | Animals | Insect Vectors - genetics | Insect Vectors - physiology | Insect Proteins - chemistry | Insect Vectors - parasitology | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide | Plasmodium falciparum - growth & development | Genome | Anopheles | Genomes | Genetic aspects | Research | Malaria | Mosquitoes | Disease control | Genomics
Journal Article
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, ISSN 0148-0227, 03/2012, Volume 117, Issue D5, p. n/a
As the highest plateau in the world, the Tibetan Plateau (TP) strongly affects regional weather and climate as well as global atmospheric circulations. Here... 
Tibetan Plateau | comparison | reanalysis | observation | VARIABILITY | NCEP/NCAR | REANALYSIS | ENERGY | SPRING SNOW | CIRCULATION | SURFACE TURBULENT FLUXES | ERA-40 | ASIAN SUMMER MONSOON | RAINFALL | METEOROLOGY & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES | Atmospheric sciences | Hydrology | Precipitation
Journal Article