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review (21) 21
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development and progression (20) 20
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by Ahmad, N and Anguelov, V and Aronsson, T and Pedrosa, F. Baltasar Dos Santos and Bertens, R. A and Berzano, D and Bianchi, N and Bielcikova, J and Boccioli, M and Boldizsar, L and Buncic, P and Cherney, M and Christensen, C. H and Crochet, P and Das, K and De, S and de Cataldo, G and De Marco, N and Di Liberto, S and Di Mauro, A and Evans, D and Eyyubova, G and Felea, D and Tellez, A. Fernandez and Fokin, S and Girard, M. Fusco and Garabatos, C and Goswami, A and Grossiord, J. -Y and Harton, A and Herghelegiu, A and Hess, B. A and Irfan, M and Janik, M. A and Jayarathna, P. H. S. Y and Kalcher, S and Kalliokoski, T and Keidel, R and Khan, M. M and Kileng, B and Klein, J and Kox, S and Kucera, V and Kugathasan, T and Kulakov, I and La Rocca, P and Lindal, S and Lisa, M. A and Maevskaya, A and Mares, J and Mcddi, F and Munhoz, M. G and Nattrass, C and Niida, T and Oeschler, H and Da Silva, A. C. Oliveira and Padilla, F and Palaha, A and Petta, C and Pitz, N and Porteboeuf-Houssais, S and Rascanu, B. T and Rettig, F and Revol, J. -P and Reygers, K and Riccati, L and Ricci, R. A and Riggi, F and Manso, A. Rodriguez and Rosnet, P and Sakata, D and Sano, M and Sarkamo, J and Schiaua, C and Schmidt, C and Senyukov, S and Seo, J and Sharma, S and Simonetti, G and Snellings, R. J. M and Srivastava, B. K and Stefanek, G and Sumbera, M and Tangaro, M. A and Thomas, D and Toia, A and Torii, H and Ulery, J and Vyvre, P. Vande and Varma, R and Vasileiou, M and Vercellin, E and Vilakazi, Z and Wang, Y and Watanabe, K and Yang, P and Zaccolo, V and Zach, C and Zichichi, A and Zimmermann, A and ALICE Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 10/2013, Volume 111, Issue 16
Journal Article
by Ahmad, N and Andronic, A and Augustinus, A and Bach, M and Baek, Y. W and Basile, M and Belmont-Moreno, E and Berceanu, I and Berenyi, D and Bilandzic, A and Brun, R and Budnikov, D and Romeo, G. Cara and Chattopadhyay, S and Christensen, C. H and Colamaria, F and Collu, A and Balbastre, G. Conesa and Connors, M. E and Alaniz, E. Cruz and Czopowicz, T. R and de Cataldo, G and Di Nezza, P and Espagnon, B and Fantoni, A and Festanti, A and Fokin, S and Furget, C and Girard, M. Fusco and Ghosh, P and Giubellino, P and Gomez, R and Graczykowski, L. K and Grigoras, C and Grigoriev, V and Guernane, R and Herghelegiu, A and Hwang, D. S and Ippolitov, M and Janik, M. A and Jayarathna, P. H. S. Y and Kalcher, S and Kalliokoski, T and Kileng, B and Kim, J. S and Kim, M and Koehler, M. K and Kramer, F and Kucera, V and Kumar, J and Kweon, M. J and Loggins, V. R and Lohner, D and Mahapatra, D. P and Markert, C and Mas, A and Mazer, J and Meddi, F and Perez, J. Mercado and Mudnic, E and Munhoz, M. G and Nikulin, V and Oeschler, H and Oppedisano, C and Pachr, M and Pagano, P and Pajares, C and Pawlak, T and Da Costa, H. Pereira and Petris, M and Pinsky, L and Pluta, J and Punin, V and Ramello, L and Rehman, A and Richter, M and Rui, R and Sahu, P. K and Samsonov, V and Scarlassara, F and Scott, P. A and Serradilla, E and Sharma, S and Rohni, S and Simonetti, G and Skaali, T. B and Srivastava, B. K and Stenlund, E and Sultanov, R and Takahashi, J and Thaeder, J and Urciuoli, G. M and van Leeuwen, M and Vrlakova, J and Wikne, J and Xiang, C and Yoon, J and Zhang, F and Zhou, Y and Zichichi, A and ALICE Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 12/2013, Volume 111, Issue 23
Journal Article
by Ajaz, M
Clinical oncology (Royal College of Radiologists (Great Britain)), ISSN 0936-6555, 04/2020, Volume 32, Issue 4, pp. 277 - 277
Journal Article
by Adam, J and Aglieri Rinella, G and Agostinelli, A and Ahammed, Z and Baek, Y. W and Baltasar Dos Santos Peosa, F and Barbera, R and Barnaföldi, G. G and Basu, S and Bathen, B and Berdnikov, Y and Berger, M. E and Bertens, R. A and Caffarri, D and Chojnacki, M and Collu, A and Cunqueiro, L and Das, D and Feldkamp, L and Frankenfeld, U and Gagliardi, M and Gao, C and Gheata, A and González-Zamora, P and Grigoras, A and Guilbaud, M and Gupta, A and Hamar, G and Hansen, A and Heckel, S. T and Hetland, K. F and Hutter, D and Inaba, M and Ivanov, V and Jahnke, C and Jayarathna, P. H S Y and Kalcher, S and Kar, S and Keidel, R and Kileng, B and Kim, T and Klay, J. L and Kral, J and Krelina, M and Krivda, M and Kuryakin, A and La Pointe, S. L and Lenti, V and Leogrande, E and Loenne, P. I and Marquard, M and Menchaca-Rocha, A and Meninno, E and Meres, M and Mohanty, B and Moretto, S and Mühlheim, D and Munhoz, M. G and Musa, L and Nooren, G and Oh, S and Peresunko, D and Pestov, Y and Pikna, M and Poghosyan, M. G and Pop, A and Pruneau, C. A and Puddu, G and Raha, S and Rakotozafinabe, A and Räsänen, S. S and Reolon, A. R and Sahlmuller, B and Sahoo, R and Sambyal, S and Scapparone, E and Schmidt, H. R and Schuchmann, S and Scott, R and Segato, G and Selyuzhenkov, I and Simatovic, G and Søgaard, C and Song, J and Soramel, F and Szabo, A and Szarka, I and Szymanski, M and Takahashi, J and Tarantola Peloni, A and Toia, A and Tumkin, A and Vallero, S and Vasileiou, M and Wagner, V and Wang, Y and Zhang, Y and Zhigareva, N and Zhou, F and Zichichi, A
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 12/2014, Volume 113, Issue 23
Journal Article
by Ajaz, M and Maryam
Modern physics letters A, ISSN 0217-7323, 06/2019, Volume 34, Issue 19, p. 1950148
Journal Article