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materials science (3) 3
[ phys.cond.cm-ms ] physics [physics]/condensed matter [cond-mat]/materials science [cond-mat.mtrl-sci] (2) 2
[phys.cond.cm-ms]physics [physics]/condensed matter [cond-mat]/materials science [cond-mat.mtrl-sci] (2) 2
behavior (2) 2
birth weight (2) 2
caesarean (2) 2
condensed matter (2) 2
coxfe3-xo4 (2) 2
fetal weight estimation (2) 2
fourier transforms (2) 2
iron compounds (2) 2
nanoparticles (2) 2
physics (2) 2
solvents (2) 2
spinel (2) 2
temperature (2) 2
transmission electron microscopy (2) 2
ultrasound (2) 2
weight at birth (2) 2
81.07.wx; 81.10.dn; 68.37.nq (1) 1
a. oxides (1) 1
a1. transmission electron microscopy (1) 1
acetylacetonat (1) 1
acoustics (1) 1
alterung (1) 1
amniotic-fluid index (1) 1
analysis (1) 1
anisotropie (1) 1
anisotropy (1) 1
aqueous-solutions (1) 1
b. magnetic properties (1) 1
b. solvothermal (1) 1
b1. co (1) 1
b1. co xfe 3− xo 4 (1) 1
b1. nanomaterials (1) 1
benzene (1) 1
benzol (1) 1
body (1) 1
c. impedance spectroscopy (1) 1
case series (1) 1
catalysts (1) 1
catalytic-activity (1) 1
cation distribution (1) 1
cesarean delivery (1) 1
chemistry (1) 1
chemistry, physical (1) 1
chloride (1) 1
clinical competence - statistics & numerical data (1) 1
co-nonsolvency (1) 1
cobalt (1) 1
cobalt ferrites (1) 1
cobaltferrit (1) 1
cofe2o4 nanoparticles (1) 1
condensed matter physics (1) 1
conductivity (1) 1
constants (1) 1
coprecipitation method (1) 1
crystallization (1) 1
crystallography (1) 1
d. transmission electron microscopy (1) 1
decomposition (1) 1
deviation (1) 1
diffraction (1) 1
dilute-solutions (1) 1
electric power transmission (1) 1
electrodes (1) 1
electrolytes (1) 1
elektrischer strom (1) 1
emergency medical services - statistics & numerical data (1) 1
energieluecke (1) 1
energiespektrum (1) 1
engineering, electrical & electronic (1) 1
estimated fetal weight (1) 1
ethyl-acetate (1) 1
ethylacetat (1) 1
excluded-volume (1) 1
fe (1) 1
fehler (1) 1
female (1) 1
fetal weight (1) 1
gallium-aluminium-arsenid (1) 1
gases (1) 1
geochemistry (1) 1
gitterfehler (1) 1
grunberg-nissan constant (1) 1
grunberg-nissan constant d (1) 1
grunberg–nissan constant (1) 1
humans (1) 1
hydrothermal synthesis (1) 1
image interpretation, computer-assisted - methods (1) 1
impedance spectroscopy (1) 1
impedanzspektrometrie (1) 1
impurities (1) 1
impurity effects (1) 1
index medicus (1) 1
industrial chemistry/chemical engineering (1) 1
inorganic chemistry (1) 1
intermolecular interaction (1) 1
kathodenlumineszenz (1) 1
kation (1) 1
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by Abdallah, Meya and Abdelaziz, A and Abdelaziz, O and Abdelhedi, Nour and Abdelkbir, Amina and Abdelkefi, Med and Abdelmoula, Leila and Abdennacir, S and Abdennadher, Mahdi and Abidi, H and Abir Hakiri, Abir and Abou El Makarim, Sana and Abouda, M and Achour, Wafa and Aichaouia, C and Aissa, Amina and Aissa, Yosra and Aissi, W and Ajroudi, Meriem and Allouche, Emna and Aloui, Haithem and Aloui, D and Amdouni, Feten and Ammar, Y and Ammara, Y and Ammari, S and Ammous, A and Amous, A and Amri, Adel and Amri, Mohamed and Amri, R and Annabi, H and Antit, Saoussen and Aouadi, Samira and Arfaoui, A and Assadi, Assia and Attia, Lilia and Attia, Moez and Attia, Leila and Ayadi, I and Ayadi Dahmane, Imene and Ayari, Ayari and Azzabi, S and Azzouz, Heifa and B Mefteh, N and B Salah, C and Baccar, Hedi and Bachali, Asma and Bahlouli, M and Bahri, Gada and Baïli, Hassène and Bani, Mejda and Bani, W and Bani, Mohamed Amine and Bassalah, E and Bawandi, R and Bayar, M and Bchir, Najla and Bechraoui, R and Béji, Maher and Beji, Rami and Bel Haj Yahia, D and Belakhel, Syrine and Belfkih, Houda and Belgacem, Olfa and Belgacem, Nesrine and Belhadj, Ahlem and Beltaief, Najeh and Beltaief, N and Ben Abbes, M and Ben Abdelaziz, Ahmed and Ben Ahmed, Imen and Ben Aissia, Nizar and Ben Ali, M and Ben Ammar, Hanen and Ben Ammou, Boutheina and Ben Amor, Anissa and Ben Amor, Mohamed and Benatta, M and Ben Ayed, Nahla and Ben Ayoub, Wided and Ben Charrada, Nejla and Ben Cheikh, Mamoun and Ben Dahmen, Fatma and Ben Dhia, M and Ben Fadhel, Sinda and Ben Farhat, Leila and Ben Fredj Ismail, F and Ben Hamida, Emira and Ben Hamida Nouaili, E and Ben Hammamia, M and Ben Hamouda, Abir and Ben Hassine, L and Ben Hassouna, Ahmed and Ben Hasssen, Asma and Ben Hlima, Manel and Ben Kaab, Badreddine and Ben Mami, Nabyl and Ben Mbarka, Fatma and Ben Mefteh, N and ...
La Tunisie medicale, ISSN 0041-4131, 11/2017, Volume 95, Issue 11, p. 1002
Journal Article
by Abassi, O and Abaza, H and Abdelaali, I and Abdelhedi, C and Abdelhedi, H and Abdelmoula, L and Abdennour, A and Abid, A and Abouda, H and Abouda, M and Abroug, F and Adhieb, A and Adouni, O and Aissa, A and Aissaoui, F and Ajroudi, M and Alia, Z and Allouche, E and Amari, S and Amdouni, B N E and Amdouni, F and Ammar, Y and Amri, H and Amri, R and Amrouch, C and Aounallah Skhiri, H and Assidi, M and Atef, Y and Atri, S and Attia, L and Ayachi, A and Ayadi, A and Ayadi, M and Ayadi Dahmane, I and Ayari, F and Ayari, Y and Ayed, H and Azzabi, S and Baccar, H and Bacha, N and Bachali, A and Badri, I and Bahlous, A and Bahri, S and Bahrini, A and Bahrini, E and Baili, H and Bakir, M A and Baklouti, R and Bani, M and Bazdeh, L and Bchir, N and Bejar, D and Beji, M and Belagha, J and Belaid, R and Belgacem, N and BelHadj, N and Belhadj Hassen, H and Bellakhal, S and Bellil, K and Ben Abdallah, S and Ben Abdallah, F and Ben Abdallah, N and Ben Abdallah, T and Ben Achour, B and Ben Achour, T and Ben Achour, W and Ben Ahmed, I and Ben Ahmed, H and Ben Aissia, N and Ben Alaya, H and Ben Alaya, N and Ben Ammar, A and Ben Ammar, H and Ben Ammou, B and Ben Amor, A and Ben Amor, N and Ben Amor, S and Ben Bader, M and Ben Becher, S and Ben Brahim, E and Ben Brahim, I and Ben Braiek, D and Ben ChaaBen, A and Smari, N and Ben Charrada, N and Ben Cheick, M and Ben Cheikh, M and Ben Dahmen, F and Ben Ghachem, D and Ben Ghezala, H and Ben Hamida, E and Ben Hamida, J and Ben Hamouda, S and Ben Hassine, L and Ben Hmid, R and Ben Hmida, W and Ben Jeddi, H and Ben Jemaa, H and ...
La Tunisie medicale, ISSN 0041-4131, 11/2016, Volume 94, Issue 11, p. 705
Journal Article
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part B, ISSN 0022-2348, 08/2015, Volume 54, Issue 8, pp. 938 - 946
A novel interpretation of the viscosity of a polymer in mixed solvents in the dilute concentration regime is presented. The ternary system polymer/solvent... 
Journal Article
Semiconductor Science and Technology, ISSN 0268-1242, 08/1991, Volume 6, Issue 8, pp. 810 - 814
Spatially resolved photoluminescence measurements with a resolution of 4-mu-m, have been carried out in the active p-region of n-p GaAlAs light-emitting single... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Crystal Growth, ISSN 0022-0248, 2010, Volume 312, Issue 16, pp. 2465 - 2471
Journal Article
Pan African Medical Journal, ISSN 1937-8688, 2016, Volume 25
L’échographie est un précieux outil utilisé quotidiennement en salle de travail. Ses applications sont multiples. L’objectif est d’évaluer si le recours... 
Journal Article
Sensors & Transducers, ISSN 2306-8515, 05/2014, Volume 27, Issue 5, p. 239
The electrical response of cobalt ferrites Co^sub x^Fe^sub 3-x^O^sub 4^ nanopowders was tested in presence of ammonia. The morphology, shape and chemical... 
Outdoor air quality | Studies | Electrodes | Gases | Temperature | Fourier transforms | Conductivity | Sensors | Behavior
Journal Article
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