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acute appendicitis; antibiotics; diagnosis; management; surgery; acute disease; adult; appendectomy; appendicitis; chi-square distribution; female; hospitalization; humans; laparoscopy; length of stay; logistic models; male; prospective studies; tomography, x-ray computed; treatment outcome; surgery; emergency medicine (1) 1
acute appendicitis; antibiotics; diagnosis; management; surgery; surgery; emergency medicine (1) 1
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acute peritonitis (1) 1
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by Sartelli, Massimo and Baiocchi, Gian L and Di Saverio, Salomone and Ferrara, Francesco and Labricciosa, Francesco M and Ansaloni, Luca and Coccolini, Federico and Vijayan, Deepak and Abbas, Ashraf and Abongwa, Hariscine K and Agboola, John and Ahmed, Adamu and Akhmeteli, Lali and Akkapulu, Nezih and Akkucuk, Seckin and Altintoprak, Fatih and Andreiev, Aurelia L and Anyfantakis, Dimitrios and Atanasov, Boiko and Bala, Miklosh and Balalis, Dimitrios and Baraket, Oussama and Bellanova, Giovanni and Beltran, Marcelo and Melo, Renato Bessa and Bini, Roberto and Bouliaris, Konstantinos and Brunelli, Daniele and Castillo, Adrian and Catani, Marco and Che Jusoh, Asri and Chichom-Mefire, Alain and Cocorullo, Gianfranco and Coimbra, Raul and Colak, Elif and Costa, Silvia and Das, Koray and Delibegovic, Samir and Demetrashvili, Zaza and Di Carlo, Isidoro and Kiseleva, Nadezda and El Zalabany, Tamer and Faro, Mario and Ferreira, Margarida and Fraga, Gustavo P and Gachabayov, Mahir and Ghnnam, Wagih M and Giménez Maurel, Teresa and Gkiokas, Georgios and Gomes, Carlos A and Griffiths, Ewen and Guner, Ali and Gupta, Sanjay and Hecker, Andreas and Hirano, Elcio S and Hodonou, Adrien and Hutan, Martin and Ioannidis, Orestis and Isik, Arda and Ivakhov, Georgy and Jain, Sumita and Jokubauskas, Mantas and Karamarkovic, Aleksandar and Kauhanen, Saila and Kaushik, Robin and Kavalakat, Alfie and Kenig, Jakub and Khokha, Vladimir and Khor, Desmond and Kim, Dennis and Kim, Jae I and Kong, Victor and Lasithiotakis, Konstantinos and Leão, Pedro and Leon, Miguel and Litvin, Andrey and Lohsiriwat, Varut and López-Tomassetti Fernandez, Eudaldo and Lostoridis, Eftychios and Maciel, James and Major, Piotr and Dimova, Ana and Manatakis, Dimitrios and Marinis, Athanasio and Martinez-Perez, Aleix and Marwah, Sanjay and McFarlane, Michael and Mesina, Cristian and Pȩdziwiatr, Michał and Michalopoulos, Nickos and Misiakos, Evangelos and Mohamedahmed, Ali and Moldovanu, Radu and Montori, Giulia and Mysore Narayana, Raghuveer and Negoi, Ionut and Nikolopoulos, Ioannis and Novelli, Giuseppe and Novikovs, Viktors and Olaoye, Iyiade and ...
World Journal of Emergency Surgery, ISSN 1749-7922, 04/2018, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp. 19 - 10
Journal Article
by Sartelli, M and Abu-Zidan, FM and Labricciosa, FM and Kluger, Y and Coccolini, F and Ansaloni, L and Leppaniemi, A and Kirkpatrick, AW and Tolonen, M and Trana, C and Regimbeau, JM and Hardcastle, T and Koshy, RM and Abbas, A and Aday, U and Adesunkanmi, ARK and Ajibade, A and Akhmeteli, L and Akin, E and Akkapulu, N and Alotaibi, A and Altintoprak, F and Anyfantakis, D and Atanasov, B and Augustin, G and Azevedo, C and Bala, M and Balalis, D and Baraket, O and Baral, S and Barkai, O and Beltran, M and Bini, R and Bouliaris, K and Caballero, AB and Calu, V and Catani, M and Ceresoli, M and Charalampakis, V and Jusoh, AC and Chiarugi, M and Cillara, N and Cuesta, RC and Cobuccio, L and Cocorullo, G and Colak, E and Conti, L and Cui, YF and De Simone, B and Delibegovic, S and Demetrashvili, Z and Demetriades, D and Dimova, A and Dogjani, A and Enani, M and Farina, F and Ferrara, F and Foghetti, D and Fontana, T and Fraga, GP and Gachabayov, M and Gerard, G and Ghnnam, W and Maurel, TG and Gkiokas, G and Gomes, CA and Guner, A and Gupta, S and Hecker, A and Hirano, ES and Hodonou, A and Hutan, M and Ilaschuk, I and Ioannidis, O and Isik, A and Ivakhov, G and Jain, S and Jokubauskas, M and Karamarkovic, A and Kaushik, R and Kenig, J and Khokha, V and Khokha, D and Kim, JI and Kong, V and Korkolis, D and Kruger, VF and Kshirsagar, A and Simoes, RL and Lanaia, A and Lasithiotakis, K and Leao, P and Arellano, ML and Listle, H and Litvin, A and Perez, AL and Fernandez, ELT and Lostoridis, E and Luppi, D and Machain, VGM and ...
WORLD JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY SURGERY, ISSN 1749-7922, 07/2019, Volume 14, Issue 1, p. 34
BackgroundTiming and adequacy of peritoneal source control are the most important pillars in the management of patients with acute peritonitis. Therefore,... 
Acute peritonitis | SURGERY | Early warning score | Source control | EMERGENCY MEDICINE | Emergency surgery | Physiological aspects | Lactates | Prognosis | Chronic kidney failure | Health aspects | Mortality | Intervention | Heart | Bacterial infections | Laboratories | Infections | Family medical history | Abdomen | Ethics | Hospitals | Pain | Surgery | Sepsis | Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease | Cardiology
Journal Article
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