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Journal of Coloproctology, ISSN 2237-9363, 10/2017, Volume 37, p. 20
Journal Article
Journal of Coloproctology, ISSN 2237-9363, 10/2017, Volume 37, pp. 20 - 20
Journal Article
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira, ISSN 0102-8650, 06/2016, Volume 31, Issue 6, pp. 377 - 381
PURPOSE: To evaluate the efficacy of ethyl-cyanoacrylate in the treatment of fistula-in-ano in rats with and without prior seton placement. METHODS: Thirty... 
Rats | Cyanoacrylates | Therapeutic uses | Anus diseases | SURGERY | ANAL FISTULAS | MANAGEMENT | Therapeutic Uses | Anus Diseases
Journal Article
by Santos, Paloma Marques and Bocchiglieri, Adriana and Chiarello, Adriano Garcia and Paglia, Adriano Pereira and Moreira, Adryelle and Souza, Agnis Cristiane and Abba, Agustin Manuel and Paviolo, Agustin and Gatica, Ailin and Medeiro, Akyllan Zoppi and Costa, Alan Nilo and Gallina, Alberto Gonzalez and Yanosky, Alberto A and Jesus, Alejandro and Bertassoni, Alessandra and Rocha, Alessandro and Bovo, Alex Augusto Abreu and Bager, Alex and Mol, Alexandra Cravino and Martensen, Alexandre Camargo and Faustino, Alexandre Casagrande and Lopes, Alexandre Martins Costa and Percequillo, Alexandre Reis and Vogliotti, Alexandre and Keuroghlian, Alexine and Colina, María Alicia and Devlin, Allison L and García‐Olaechea, Alvaro and Sánchez, Amadeo and Srbek‐Araujo, Ana Carolina and Ochoa, Ana Cecilia and Oliveira, Ana Cristina Mendes and Lacerda, Ana Cristyna Reis and Campelo, Ana Kellen Nogueira and Oliveira Paschoal, Ana Maria and Costa, Ana Raíssa Cunha and Meiga, Ana Yoko Ykeuti and Jesus, Anamélia Souza and Feijó, Anderson and Hirsch, André and Silva, André Luiz Ferreira and Botelho, André Luis Moura and Regolin, André Luis and Lanna, André Monnerat and Nunes, André Valle and Kindel, Andreas and Moraes, Andreia Magro and Gatti, Andressa and Noss, Andrew J and Nobre, Andrezza Bellotto and Montanarin, Anelise and Deffaci, Ângela Camila and Albuquerque, Anna Carolina Figueiredo and Oliveira, Anne Karoline and Mangione, Antonio Marcelo and Pontes, Antonio Rossano Mendes and Bertoldi, Ariane Teixeira and Calouro, Armando Muniz and Desbiez, Arnaud L. J and Fernandes, Arthur and Ferreguetti, Atilla Colombo and Silva, Maria Augusta Andrade and Zimbres, Barbara and Luciano, Beatriz Fernandes Lima and Thoisy, Benoit and Niebuhr, Bernardo Brandão S and Papi, Bernardo and Gómez‐Valencia, Bibiana and Santos, Bráulio A and Lima, Breno Campelo and Oliveira, Bruna Gomes and Santos, Bruna Silva and Campos, Bruno Augusto Torres Parahyba and Leles, Bruno and Albuquerque França, Bruno Rodrigo and Lim, Burton and Oliveira, Caetano Troncoso and Cantagallo, Camila and Lara, Camila Clozato and Lima, Camila Silveira and Gestich, Carla Cristina and Melo‐Soares, Carla Danielle and Peres, Carlos A and Kasper, Carlos Benhur and Candia‐Gallardo, Carlos and De Angelo, Carlos and Fragoso, Carlos Eduardo and Freitas, Carlos Henrique and Salvador, Carlos Henrique and Brocardo, Carlos R and Melo, Carolina Depolito and Leuchtenberger, Caroline and Braga, Caryne and Sánchez‐Lalinde, Catalina and Bueno, Cecília and Luna, Cecília Licarião and Rojano, Cesar and Hurtado, Cindy Meliza and Santos, Cinthya Chiva and Tellaeche, Cintia and ...
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 07/2019, Volume 100, Issue 7, pp. e02663 - n/a
Xenarthrans—anteaters, sloths, and armadillos—have essential functions for ecosystem maintenance, such as insect control and nutrient cycling, playing key... 
habitat loss | neotropical region | pilosa | biodiversity hotspot | forest fragmentation | neotropical mammals | cingulata | xenarthra | ECOLOGY | Carnivores | Hunting | Pressure effects | Climate effects | Ecosystems | Habitat changes | New records | Environmental changes | Pressure | Fragmentation | Datasets | Climate change | Invasive species | Nutrient loss | Threatened species | Insects | Cascades | Data sets | Insect control | Nutrient cycles
Journal Article
by Klionsky, Daniel J and Abdelmohsen, Kotb and Abe, Akihisa and Abedin, Md Joynal and Abeliovich, Hagai and Acevedo Arozena, Abraham and Adachi, Hiroaki and Adams, Christopher M and Adams, Peter D and Adeli, Khosrow and Adhihetty, Peter J and Adler, Sharon G and Agam, Galila and Agarwal, Rajesh and Aghi, Manish K and Agnello, Maria and Agostinis, Patrizia and Aguilar, Patricia V and Aguirre-Ghiso, Julio and Airoldi, Edoardo M and Ait-Si-Ali, Slimane and Akematsu, Takahiko and Akporiaye, Emmanuel T and Al-Rubeai, Mohamed and Albaiceta, Guillermo M and Albanese, Chris and Albani, Diego and Albert, Matthew L and Aldudo, Jesus and Algül, Hana and Alirezaei, Mehrdad and Alloza, Iraide and Almasan, Alexandru and Almonte-Beceril, Maylin and Alnemri, Emad S and Alonso, Covadonga and Altan-Bonnet, Nihal and Altieri, Dario C and Alvarez, Silvia and Alvarez-Erviti, Lydia and Alves, Sandro and Amadoro, Giuseppina and Amano, Atsuo and Amantini, Consuelo and Ambrosio, Santiago and Amelio, Ivano and Amer, Amal O and Amessou, Mohamed and Amon, Angelika and An, Zhenyi and Anania, Frank A and Andersen, Stig U and Andley, Usha P and Andreadi, Catherine K and Andrieu-Abadie, Nathalie and Anel, Alberto and Ann, David K and Anoopkumar-Dukie, Shailendra and Antonioli, Manuela and Aoki, Hiroshi and Apostolova, Nadezda and Aquila, Saveria and Aquilano, Katia and Araki, Koichi and Arama, Eli and Aranda, Agustin and Araya, Jun and Arcaro, Alexandre and Arias, Esperanza and Arimoto, Hirokazu and Ariosa, Aileen R and Armstrong, Jane L and Arnould, Thierry and Arsov, Ivica and Asanuma, Katsuhiko and Askanas, Valerie and Asselin, Eric and Atarashi, Ryuichiro and Atherton, Sally S and Atkin, Julie D and Attardi, Laura D and Auberger, Patrick and Auburger, Georg and Aurelian, Laure and Autelli, Riccardo and Avagliano, Laura and Avantaggiati, Maria Laura and Avrahami, Limor and Awale, Suresh and Azad, Neelam and Bachetti, Tiziana and Backer, Jonathan M and Bae, Dong-Hun and Bae, Jae-sung and Bae, Ok-Nam and Bae, Soo Han and Baehrecke, Eric H and Baek, Seung-Hoon and Baghdiguian, Stephen and Bagniewska-Zadworna, Agnieszka and ... and Medicinska fakulteten and Region Östergötland and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Diagnostikcentrum and Klinisk patologi och klinisk genetik and Institutionen för medicin och hälsa and Avdelningen för läkemedelsforskning and Avdelningen för cellbiologi
Autophagy, ISSN 1554-8627, 01/2016, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 222
Journal Article
The European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields, ISSN 1434-6052, 2017, Volume 77, Issue 5, pp. 1 - 53
During 2015 the ATLAS experiment recorded $$3.8\,{\mathrm{fb}}^{-1}$$ 3.8 fb - 1 of proton–proton collision data at a centre-of-mass energy of... 
PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Collisions (Nuclear physics) | Protons | Data acquisition systems | Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment | High Energy Physics - Phenomenology | Physics | PARTICLE ACCELERATORS | Regular - Experimental Physics | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
The European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields, ISSN 1434-6052, 2017, Volume 77, Issue 6, pp. 1 - 62
Journal Article